In Which I Ask, Do I Qualify for Aniblog Citizenship Now?

Tsk, looks like it's that time of year to do this post again.

Tsk, looks like it’s that time of year to do this post again.

So it’s that time of year again where I am legally obligated to point out how long this particular blog has lasted. It’s now reached the point where in many nations I would now be qualified for citizenship for simply being able to hold down a job and not commit any crimes that would see me deported. The caveat to that being that I’m working in the aniblog fast food joint washing dishes while others who emigrated with me are now captains of industry.* That’s enough for the depressing bits in this post (and the many other drafts that are far worse than that you will not see). Instead, I’m going to keep things simple with five things I’ve learned since this blog started.

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The Return of the Recap 27

I'm not angry, just disappointed in you Maoyuu.

I’m not angry, just disappointed in you Maoyuu.

I was doing some cleaning this week post-Valentine’s Day and all, when I came across one of them myself. I can’t say it was entirely meaningless, but rather it ends up feeling more like a sign that I still haven’t paid this person back. That’s probably a personality flaw on my part that I keep a running tally on debts or favors owed even if the other person was not expecting anything back. I also found some other strange items along the way, but the most tragic were the Canadian pennies. RIP.

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The Enthusiasm Gap Part 1

Yes, this is somehow relevant

This little (or large depending on how long it takes) series is going to be almost entirely meta, so if you want analysis of a particular show this probably isn’t the place for you. After the comments in the most recent Giant Killing post, which made it seem like I dispassionately write episodic posts without any sort of detail about how I feel about it all. Not very interesting I know (really I do know). So I try to get to the bottom of this problem and it begins with a simple choice.

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