A Story of Unrequited Passion

Having spent a couple of weeks on this here blog and only getting comments whenever I do trackbacks, I figured I should share a story of early mornings and radio.

The winter of 2002-03 wasn’t really all that memorable, mainly just staying out of people’s way, pushing shotgunned beer cans out of the way in the dorm showers, having Scousers show up out of the blue, and guys at a college radio station in Edinburgh talk about a car my roommate used to own being called “the biggest car in the world.” Actually, maybe it was memorable in a way, but I digress.

One day, a friend of mine tells me that someone from his high school has a show on a college radio station at the University of Minnesota-Morris devoted to playing anime music. Of course it aired at the very college friendly time of 6-8 AM on Saturday. Every other weekend I’d catch the web stream before going off to work a job that is too graphic in this space.

The format of the show was this: 90 minutes of 90s anime songs with the occasional non-anime Japanese song thrown in a break for ads and news, then because he was required to play some normal music he queued up ten random songs and left for the next show.

Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only listener. He took a week off once, and the guest host offered $25 to anyone who called in to the station over the course of the show. It went unclaimed.

A not so interesting story with a bad ending, perhaps it applies to my anime blogging history more than I’d want it to.