One Last Go at a Long Series?

So recently, I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m missing out by my refusal to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. So I’ve decided to put out there a list of pros and cons on my watching this thing wildly heralded as the best thing since man discovered fire.


  1. Apparently the quality of the animation is inversely proportional to the state of the Japanese economy over the period it ran.
  2. People seem to like the characters I guess
  3. One man guiding his side to strategic victory against all odds. Repeatedly.
  4. Unbelievable pool of VAs, and number of characters.


  1. I’ve haven’t completed a series that ended this decade longer than 52 episodes.
  2. Anything done over as long a period tends to do poorly with me. (Don’t even ask my views on Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou)
  3. Has some sort of strange hype effect on me that über-popular shows don’t seem to have.
  4. Would not exactly be new territory for anyone who blogs anime anywhere (not that I’m exactly successful at this venture).

Seeing as I am still leaning no, are there any thoughts from the opposing camp from my audience of zero as to whether I should watch this?

6 thoughts on “One Last Go at a Long Series?”

  1. Reinhard is hard; Yang is a magician. When a hard man and a magician combine you get a hard magician.

    You should watch shows with hard magicians.

    1. I guess what I’m getting at here is that I have some inherent bias against anything that can be described as lengthy. I probably would enjoy it eventually, it just whether the months/years it would take me to watch would be worth the emotional investment.

  2. I’m watching it right now with my wife, only that she enjoyed it so much that she left me behind and started watching by herself >_< She’s ahead by 5 episodes now. I highly recommend it (I’m at episode 18 now)

  3. honestly, heed my advice. i was scared of the length when my friend recommended. 110 episodes is incredibly overwhelming (and to think i want to start one piece?! geez)

    just break LoGH up into your own seasons. 5 seasons of 22 episodes each. proceed like you would with an anime of that length. don’t think of it as watching 1 anime with 110 episodes. it’s 5 anime with 22 episodes each. makes it seem less overwhelming, in my opinion.

    -chryseis 🙂

  4. Personally, I despise most every show more than 26 episodes. Most stories don’t have enough meat to them to be spread out over more episodes and maintain their level of quality. LOGH does not have this problem and is one of my favorite animes. 110 episodes and not a bit of filler to be found. I’d say watch it, but I’m not exactly unbiased. If you get 8 or so episodes in and it hasn’t peaked your interest you can probably just stop there and not waste more time.

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