The Week That Was January 1-7

White Album was the worst thing I saw all week, yet like a car accident I can stop looking at it.
White Album was the worst thing I saw all week, yet, like a car accident I can stop looking at it.

Just to prove that I do watch shows that have aired in the last 5 years, I’ve started a new weekly feature.White Album

The year 2009 did not begin for me in an anime watching perspective until Saturday afternoon with a first episode that could be described as seemingly ill-advised, without direction, every sort of synonym for fecal matter. And because it was Saturday afternoon I could also hilariously call it Manchester City bad.


The beginning of a new type of harem series? No, probably not.
The beginning of a new type of harem series? No, probably not.

With a bit more intellectual honesty than can be expected, this series began as more of an absurdist comedy than I thought. That said, this has mediocrity written all over it.

Minami-ke Okaeri

The third season began by sticking to the formula that has worked so well already. Currently top of the list of the new shows I’ve watched so far, probably a sad indictment more than anything.


Blogging this show is trendy, so that prevents me from episode blogging this until about 2014. For a Shaft series first episode, the art is far from overwhelming and it doesn’t come across as over-directed, perhaps because the source material is better? The shift in comedic direction in the first episode has elicited some discussion, but I think it’s necessary considering the even that causes it and the sudden change in Kanako’s situation.

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

“I have control!” I have that down as a Betterman parody myself, someone feel free to tell me otherwise. Anyway, having Leopard have Lelouch’s voice is a brilliant comedic step, and I think this series could have decent potential even if it will hardly ever be considered top comedy.

Viper’s Creed

The action set pieces looked fantastic, and that’s really all the first episode seemed to offer to me. No reason for me to continue I suppose. Despite being the 2nd worse of the shows watched so far, it’s the first to be dropped.

Others Watched:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes ep 1

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (entire series)

Hyakko 11-13 (Has 2nd season written all over it)

Not Watched:

Any of the umpteen sequel series that have started already. If they are good enough to earn multiple seasons, odds are I haven’t watched any of the earlier versions.

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was January 1-7”

  1. So, you have summoned me with your trackback! But this blog has no about page or author name!!! who the hell are you?! I notice I am one of a mere 5 on your roll. I am very honored!

  2. The author name is in the title section of the post, like always on WordPress. If you still don’t know who he is, come to C&C IRC chat more often and maybe you’ll remember our active members, lol. 😛

    Out of your list I’m only watching Maria+Holic. Seeing as how I’ve had no taste for the company with every SHAFT title I watch, M+H really pleasantly surprised me. Or maybe because I’m so interested in one of the themes (genderbendering) that I’m able to enjoy it more. I dunno.

    I was planning on picking up Viper’s Creed though, but if there’s not much deliverance beyond the action sequences, it will definitely be dropped quickly.

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