Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 3

The Defense Secretary's Personal Army...What?
The Defense Secretary's personal army...What!?

The third installment of Legend of the Galactic Heroes takes a look at the internal politics of the Alliance. It undoubtedly raises more questions than answers.The episode begins at the home of Yang Wen-li, as he begins his day faking being sick so he can avoid a ceremony honoring those who died in the Astate Encounter. Despite being hailed as the hero of the battle, Yang can’t bring himself to serve in that role in a farcical ceremony organized by Defense Secretary Truniht.

Over the course of his conversation with Julian, we learn that Yang would rather be studying history, but has no choice but to serve as the Alliance’s tactical genius. The government pays for all sorts of studies in the arts and humanities, but demands military service or a large sum of money in exchange. Truniht himself is not popular amongst members of the military, who seem him constantly grandstanding. Finally, Yang likes his tea with a bit of brandy regardless of the time of day.

The next bit of the episode is the ceremony itself. In a giant arena, numerous people listen to a pretty generic speech honoring those who died and their sacrifices. At one point in the speech Truniht asks, “Why did 1,500,000 soldiers have to die?” Yang cynically answers that it was because of poor executive planning.

The ceremony is interrupted by Jessica Edwards, who asks where Truniht was as all of those soldiers were being killed. She’s escorted away from the floor by guards which sets the stage for the third section of the episode.

Dusty Attenborough calls Yang and tells him Jessica is in trouble because Truniht’s ultra-nationalist personal force, the Patriotic Knights Corps, will make sure she is purged. Dusty’s driving skills save Jessica right at the last moment as she’s being confronted by the PKC, and that sets the stage for a confrontation at Yang’s house.

The PKC call Yang conceited and not entirely loyal to the country. After no response from Yang, the PKC start lobbing grenades into his house. A powerful fire extinguisher puts an end to the confrontation, and seeking an end he goes to Truniht to demand Jessica’s safety. He hesitantly accepts Yang’s demand, though it does not look like the end of the conflict between the two.

The final part of the episode looks forward to the next battle, where now Rear Admiral Yang will take charge of a new 13th fleet in a desperate attempt to capture Iserlohn.

Whimsy: Jessica interrupting the ceremony is quite frankly, ridiculous…Yang hates being in the military, but how far up can someone go if they hate their job?…Yang cynically interpreting the Alliance’s constitution at various points in the episode got a couple of laughs out of me…An understrength force taking on the fortress Iserlohn against all odds, Yang’s going to at least get a draw out of this isn’t he?

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