The DVD Collection Part 6: Macross Plus

mplus1Run From: August 25, 1994 to June 25, 1995

Thoughts: The sheer collection of talent involved in this OVA is something to behold. Shoji Kawamori and Shinichiro Watanabe directing. Yoko Kanno in charge of the music and Hideaki Anno involved in the animation.

One of the focuses in this series is the combination of the mind and technology. That is seen in both Guld Goa Bowman’s piloting the YF-21 controlled entirely by the pilot’s thoughts, and Myung Fang Long serving as the emotional center for the virtual idol Sharon Apple. The message ultimately being that even in the technologically advanced Macross universe, technology still cannot cope with the mind entirely.

This series was also one of the first to try to incorporate CGI into traditional cel-animation. It looks pretty mediocre by today’s standards, though certainly better than a lot of what Gonzo puts out. The concert scenes though are very well carried out and the scenes very much match the music.

On that note, the music itself was spectacular. It actually led me to writing a paper for a music appreciation class in high school on Yoko Kanno. Little did I know how much was yet to come.

Finally, I do have to say that this is one of the few series I own that actually does improve with each viewing. There always seems to be something new that I discover with each rewatch that makes it well worth the experience.

Next Time: Five young pilots involved in a conflict between nations on Earth and their proxies in space, an annoying girl in the quickest political ascention in the history of fiction, pints upon pints of hair gel, absurd eyebrows and the beginning of the end for a franchise which cared about depth at one point.

2 thoughts on “The DVD Collection Part 6: Macross Plus”

  1. I don’t blame you at all. The remastered version will remove your misgivings about it not holding up to today’s standards. The hand-drawn dogfights… you won’t see its like ever again. This is really good stuff.

  2. I hadn’t actually heard of a remastered version. I would agree with you on the hand-drawn dogfights though. CG has dropped so much in cost that it makes little sense doing it that way for any complex action scene. Unfortunately, it tends to be used badly far too often.

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