The Week That Was January 22-28

This week's recap is powered by New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red ale. If you don't understand what that means, it means this isn't exactly being written sober.
This week's recap is powered by New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red ale. If you don't understand, it means this isn't exactly being written sober.

The winter anime season continues, and rather predictably, it’s dropping a ton in quality. Perhaps I should have been watching more than one sequel. Anyway, here are my thoughts on what I’ve watched in the past 168 hours, presented in stream-of-consciousness (I have a hate-hate relationship with Faulkner you see).

There was a return of the Minami brothers in the third episode of Minami-ke Okaeri. Touma had her pudding (purin, I really don’t know what to call it actually) and had to go the Minami sisters’ place. Then, there was Kana acting like an idiot like usual and misunderstanding Haruka’s directions on the phone for cooking. You know it’s been a week since I’ve watched this and I think I’ve forgotten half of it. I have gotten used to the weird OP and ED splits within the episode.

New characters were introduced in the third episode of Asu no Yoichi! Tsubasa gained amazing strength and ability whenever she was dressed embarrasingly. Angela seems like she has a surprising amount of depth for her role. And some unknown guy wants Yoichi offed and he has plenty of cash to hire people to do it. Villain-of-the-week format it seems. I have to say this show continues to impress me in its level of execution. This may be a contender for my show of the season. I actually just made that little distinction up by the way.

As I fill up another glass with a few more ounces of liquor, I recall that I also watched the second episode of Ride Back. Now, I fail to see how machines like ride backs could revolutionize warfare. Sure, I’d take one of those way before I’d consider riding a Segway, but it’s still confusing. Anyway, some insane driving between buildings inspired by some ballet and great visuals at least make this series interesting. Though I think it could be like putting a GDP £RIDICULOUS million player in an otherwise average team.

Kurokami and Akikan! featured a bit of fan service from what I can recall. The former at least had some sort of comedic/plot value where as it is just obligatory and pointless in the latter. Kuro got owned at the high school for a while Keita saved her with that synchronize thing. Transformation scenes are really getting rather terrible in recent years now that I think of it. So now they are presumably on the run. Akikan was pretty much about the bond between the Akikan girls and their masters. It was actually a better episode than I thought. Perhaps because Yell had a larger speaking role than episode 3.

Regios has already wrapped up the most unintentionally hilarious scene of 2009 with it’s English dialogue in a cliche “escape from an underground facility” scene. Otherwise, the show is driven by flashbacks, and occasional bursts of pwnage. I can’t believe I tried to use “pwnage” in something I’ve written. I need to drink something else.

White Album continues to confuse the hell out of me. Touya seems completely out of place for a character in a period drama like this. If it was set ten years later, I wouldn’t have a problem with this.

And missing from last week was the third episode of Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, or that terrible Sora Kake Girl they put in the title. Why for God’s sake? Why? Anyway, Leopard kills off another colony in the rather dull first half of the episode before Kannagi goes undercover and attempts to go route one in developing a relationship with Akiha. And she also enters into hand-to-hand combat with Honoka wearing minimal clothing. I don’t know what I felt like mentioning that.

Finally, there was Maria†Holic episode 4. The only thing this show may have going for it is the interaction between Kanako and Mariya. It just seems to fall apart whenever it gets away from that, sadly.