The Worst Stuff I Have Ever Watched #1

14 in the comedy death pool?
Who had 3:14 in the comedy death pool?

Mars of Destruction


  • Less than 20 minutes in length.
  • Remarkably, someone actually got work after appearing in this
  • From a production standpoint, the music budget of zero looks a real bargain
  • Unintentional comedy level of 88 out of 100.


  • Public domain music is actually the best aspect of the sound
  • Amateurish directing complete with a plot that can be described as the destitute man’s Evangelion.
  • Looping animation…in something that lasts 20 minutes…Jesus wept.
  • I’ve already spent more time on this post than I did watching it

In conclusion, you pretty much have an adaptation of a game which combines too many genres, directed by someone by someone who watched the entire Gainax back catalogue in the week before production started, but still did not know what they are doing, dialogue which sounds as though someone put a towel over the mic, BGM which could probably be improved by using my random classical playlist and pretty much failing at every sort of conceptual level possible. Yet, I don’t think this is the worst thing I could ever watch.

Any suggestions on what I should masochistically subject myself to next can be put in the comments…assuming anyone actually reads this.

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