The DVD Collection Part 8: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Marathon Rewatch Live Blog)

Series Aired: October 3, 1995 to March 27, 1996

Why this Format? I thought it would be an interesting thing to try doing a live blog rewatch. In addition, I recently had a bit of surgery done, and really have nothing particularly going on for the next several days. I could have theoretically done some more LoGH posts in this time, but I think I’m a particular creature of habit. I’ll try to update this entry as I think of stuff throughout this marathon this. So if anyone out there actually stumbles across this in the next 10 hours or so feel free to post comments or send an e-mail.

6:53am: Kind of an early start to this, the sun is out an I don’t get to enjoy it. Hard to believe this was set in 2015. Thankfully, none of this came to pass.

7:00: Relatively quick into the second nuclear strike I’ve seen this week. And that poor Renault Alpine Misato drives in this episode. Reminds me of the greatness of Group B rally, though the A310 being driven preceded it by several years.

7:06: Shinji reunites with his father, and it seems to me already that he’s been dehumanized by Ritsuko and of course, it could be considered common knowledge how he gets on with his father. That reminds me to link to this for more info

7:16: Unit 01 is off for the first time, and with that the end of episode 1. A lot more service shots in that ep than I can remember, and ending with Misato’s first promise of more in the next episode. Lies I tell you, lies!

7:19: The battle begins and Shinji is fighting with the coordination of a blind alcoholic stroke victim in a bouncy castle. Then he wakes up in the room that so dominates this 2nd episode.

Relevant...I think
Relevant...I think

7:24: Last episode it was a Renault Alpine being product placed, now its a Mitsubishi Fuso heavy truck. The size of the rounds being loaded into the rifle in this scene are absolutely massive as well. Hidden fanservice I say.

7:26: Misato arranges to have Shinji live with her because he is completely unable to express what he really wants. Misato is probably trying to project her own idea of how someone his age should live, though it I still haven’t formed a definitive opinion on the matter. Also Tokyo-3 at sunset is still quite a sight.

7:30: Misato knocks back a can of Sapporo’s premium luxury beer. No fake brand names here. Misato’s reaction to Shinji jumping out of the bath at seeing Pen^2 and subsequent joke in hiding his shame are quite well done here.

7:34: Misato reflects on the last battle in thinking she’s treating Shinji like a tool. Ritsuko still is though be referring to Misato’s job in “maintaining” Shinji. However, in the berserker flashback, Misato’s first instinct is to rescue Shinji when Unit 01 stops moving initially.

7:38: Shinji remembers waking up after the battle and when the facial armor of Unit 01 comes off he sees the Eva in it’s “true form.” Misato continues to try to build up his confidence, but she may be better off talking to a wall. Episode 2 comes to an end, excellent on a design level for me at least.

7:40: Episode 3 begins with Shinji simple aiming at a target and firing as instructed. My god, he really is just a tool to be commanded by others. The newscast at the apartment informs its audience that Japan now has summer weather all year long. The second impact does stuff like that doesn’t it?

7:45: Ritsuko talks of the Hedgehog’s dilemma and how it could explain why Shinji has no friends at school.

7:48: While the teacher goes through explaining plot points to his students, Shinji decides to expose himself as an Eva pilot to his class. Toji, beats him up over injuring his daughter. Then, he says something under his breath which may be the first time he’s said how he honestly feels…and gets another punch in the face for it.

7:52: The next angel appears, the taller buildings in Tokyo-3 go underground, but the corner shops stay exposed to the elements. Why would anyone own a business in the city? Nice comment by Fuyutsuki that the military’s attempt to fight off the angel is a waste of taxpayer money? More hidden fanservice, how often do you get conversations in bathroom urinals in anime?

7:56: Shinji does what he’s been instructed to do to start the battle, and ends up messing up because of it. Then he panics, better training and perhaps some independent thought on Shinji’s part could have made this easier. Now, for Kensuke and Touji to get involved in the battle.

8:00: For Shinji, ignoring orders equals independent thought I guess. And in overly dramatic circumstances, the battle ends just seconds before Unit 01 was out of power.

8:03: Touji shows a bit of concern for Shinji and gets to be the first one to ever call his cell phone. No answer though. Episode 3 ends and what I got out of that was Shinji’s mental instability leading him to do stupid things once he has to deviate from a plan, Misato being able to adapt to situations even if the means are wrong, and Ritsuko strictly interpreting orders. Shinji, though, probably deserves his social situation at school.

8:07: A very literal episode title of “Rain, after Running Away.” Shinji runs away while Aida and Suzuhara show up at his apartment. Misato bemoans the fact that he runs only when he finally appears to have friends. So he spends much of the day looping around the city on a train seemingly alone even when surrounded by people. Only at night does he realize he has to go home. Instead, he hits a theater, looking more at a couple rapidly trying to stretch a double into a triple then the actual movie.

8:11: I really liked the scene where Shinji is forced to listen to the incessant chirping of the cicadas. It seems more like something from a horror movie than you would expect. Now the flashback to Misato talking to Shinji about the last battle. Shinji merely agrees with everything and also expresses an opinion that winning is all that matters. Meanwhile, Aida continues to live in war fantasies.

8:16: Aida has a conversation with Shinji in which he talks about the world in general, and he also reveals that he doesn’t have a mother as well. Men in suits show up to take Shinji away the next morning. Immediately it transitions to Aida talking to Suzuhara back at school. He says only idiots would fight battles they can’t win.

8:19: Shinji resigns from NERV and doesn’t even get a goodbye from Misato. Aida and Suzuhara have their own way of doing so. They realize they have to leave the city someday too, but understand why Shinji would want to leave. Shinji seems sad at the fact that he may be losing the only friends he’s ever had.

8:22: Shinji again expresses his own opinion of a situation by calling himself a spineless coward. Back at Nerv, Misato finally gets the hedgehog’s dilemma and at least has her own opinion of why Shinji acts the way he does. She drives to the train station in the repaired A310, and Shinji is still standing on the platform. The two stare at each other though  background announcements interrupt the scene. Episode 4 ends, probably as well directed an episode as I have ever seen. It’s probably why I seem to think of the series as a decade’s worth of directorial effort crammed inside six months.

8:32: Episode 5 opens with the reason why Rei was injured for the beginning of the series. On initial impression, it would seem that Gendo cares more about Rei than his own son, but I had to remember that NERV would have had Rei as their only Eva pilot at the time. Shinji sees the burns on his father’s hands, and I got a little laugh out of the fact that Misato astutely points out that when he says he sees nothing, it really means he saw something he was curious about. Which shows up again in the poolside fanservice show of the girls at the school. He’s staring at Rei, and he first says he’s not looking at anything. Outstanding writing I say.

8:38: Misato’s appalling dining habits in full view in this scene. The first thing I thought of was an episode of Kannagi (episode 4 I believe), where Jin and Nagi eat appalling meals before Tsugumi and Zange force their ways in at the end of the episode.

8:42: Ah, the scene where Shinji has to give Rei her ID card. The trip seems far too contrived to end up in the situation the two end up I like how the two seem to be miles apart despite being close together on the journey into work.

8:50: Slight delay, seems the AC adapter on this laptop didn’t seem to like the outlet it was plugged into. Problem solved.

8:52: Rei seems so happy thinking about Gendo, it’s pretty obvious why Shinji has problems with his father. He doesn’t even understand who he actually is.

8:55: The 5th episode ends with the 5th angel appearing and Shinji being led into a trap. The kid couldn’t get a break in this episode. The thing I got out of this episode is just how transparent he appears to every other character. They know exactly what he is thinking, but he just can’t bring himself to say anything.

9:02: The 5th angel drills into the surface as it tries to get to the Geofront. I’m reminded of a rather pedantic letter sent into Mark Kermode’s film review program about the newest Star Trek film. In it, the listener felt compelled to point out that drilling from Earth’s orbit would only be possible in geosynchronous orbit.

Not possible apparently. At least the movie had an equivalent of the red-shirted ensign in it.
Not possible apparently. At least the movie had an equivalent of the red-shirted ensign in it.

9:05: Misato taking away the beam rifle has a certain absurdist humor about it. She calmly asks the military for it knowing they can refuse, and with as sensitive a piece of equipment she has Rei lift the roof off the hanger so they can take it. Completely unexpected.

9:07: Now Ritsuko is asking whether he will pilot it again and Misato isn’t even taking that into account. The role reversals are as frequent as the are surprising. Even Rei can crack a joke about Shinji’s lack of clothing in bed. Though the interesting part about this scene was Shinji saying he doesn’t want to pilot Unit 01 was more a cry for attention than his real feeling. He mentally backtracks as soon as Rei says she can do the mission herself. Rei also seems to know Shinji will pilot it anyway.

9:13: After Rei says she will protect Shinji,  I suddenly think it’s a complete reversal on gender roles. The line would not have been anywhere near as powerful if Shinji were saying it to Rei, in fact, that would probably be expected.

9:16: The gun that has to adjust for relativity misses with its first shot, interesting that Shinji isn’t seen to panic until the 5th angel fires a second volley.

9:19: Shinji says some sappy lines as the episode ends and gets Rei to smile in probably the first feel-good moment of the series for me.

9:23: Breakfast at Misato’s place, and she starts the day off with a couple of beers and some toast. I tried that a few times at a bar during the last World Cup. The only time it felt right was after this:

Tomas Rosicky after scoring for the Czech Republic against the United States at the 2006 FIFA World Cup
Tomas Rosicky after scoring for the Czech Republic against the United States at the 2006 FIFA World Cup

I don’t think my stomach has forgiven me for that month 3 years ago.

9:29: The complete contrast of normal Misato to business-like Misato in the morning. Interesting during the product presentation that the NERV party seems isolated in a sea of attendees. They aren’t well liked it seems, and it doesn’t take long for Misato to return to normal form. Also, Ritsuko seems so devious when burning the Jet Alone documents.

9:35: Red tape can be a good source of humor. Getting authorization for shutting down Jet Alone forces a bureaucrat to have his golf game interrupted. It’s simply unforgivable for them to do that.

9:41: Misato seemingly saves the day after the absurdly heroic plan to stop Jet Alone. The next morning things are back to normal. Aida and Suzuhara get Shinji to understand that Misato’s morning antics are a good thing in general as the 7th episode ends. A pretty good episode for me that shows that the more things change (Tokyo being pretty much nothing), the more they stay the same (endless bureaucracy).

9:47: The fanservice steps up in the first few minutes of episode 8. Whether it’s a naval fleet, the convenient gust of wind at Asuka’s feet, or Suzuhara’s response to getting slapped, it’s all there.

9:53: The 6th angel appears just as Asuka is engaging Shinji in their never-ending one-sided game of oneupsmanship. Shinji is at least willing to play along with his new comrade by saying he’s embarrassed at having to wear one of Asuka’s plug suits. Misato’s endless fights with authority also continue to get laughs from me.

9:58: Unit 02 jumping from ship-to-ship is causing all sorts of damage, and Aida comments on the waste of planes being dumped into the sea. After they are dumped in the water, they show the remnants of a city under the sea. A pretty good display of environmental change if slightly exaggerated.

10:03: The defeat of the angel provides another contrast with convention. Unit 02 lands on a ship after the battle, but in the most uncool fashion possible. The episode ends with Asuka transferring into Shinji’s school. A decent episode, but one that shows the how well Shinji and Asuka work together as characters as well as Kaji and Misato.

10:10: Asuka seems to attract a crowd everywhere she goes. Aida’s pictures provide good insight into how the other girls at the school at least react to her. Hated by the other girls, in demand amongst the boys, it was probably good they showed that side.

10:14: I absolutely love the lack of segue to the debrief. Units 01 and 02 end up buried head first after the 7th angel split up, something Misato called cheating.

10:17: Stacks of paperwork greet Misato at her desk, a good display of more bureaucratic interference. It doesn’t help they leave dead angels lying around to be honest.

10:19: The product placement has backed off considerably. The A310 is now a generic red sports car, the beer is now Yebichu and Asuka’s DHL boxes are DHU boxes.

10:23: Two contrasting sequences, one where Shinji is tempted to kiss Asuka as she lay prone next to him only to stop. Then, Misato gives into Kaji on a NERV elevator. However, you sense the feelings of Shinji and Misato are about the same.

10:27: The battle plays out a lot different, with no sound apart from bgm for 62 seconds. The battle still ends with the two Units and pilots embarrassing themselves again. The 9th episode ends with a bit of slapstick comedy. The montage in the middle of the episode was a good highlight for me.

11:02: The 10th episode begins with Asuka shopping for a swimsuit with Kaji. He seems completely out of touch with modern fashion and with school life in general. Asuka says she is going on a school trip to Okinawa and asks him where he went for a school trip. Sadly, the Second Impact prevented him from ever having one. This shows that for the most part, life has returned to normal.

11:08: Asuka has already described Shinji as a housebroken man and a boring guy for his evasive answer on her breast size. She’s completely right in my opinion, though it doesn’t stop her from trying to get his attention at every opportunity.

11:22: The thermal expansion explanation earlier in the episode comes in handy here. The thought that this was the equivalent of a hot spring episode is confirmed with an actual hot spring scene. Misato has her scar from the Second Impact, and Asuka asks if Misato knows about her own past. Presumably this is some sort of comparison between mental and physical scarring.

11:30: The 11th episode begins with a further look at life in Tokyo-3, money being thrown away on not being able to do their own laundry. While Fuyutsuki still reads a newspaper on the train ride into work. It’s also revealed that government is essentially run by majority decision of 3 supercomputers.

11:33: Someone shut off all the power to the city. What will these people do now without their technology now that the 8th angel is on its way? Asuka appoints herself leader of the 3 pilots but appears to have no idea what she is doing as they try to make contact with NERV.

11:38: Fuyutsuki and Gendo with feet in water buckets to stay cool, and everyone else thinks they are cool under pressure. Even the higher ups have a sense of humor.

11:44: Lots of crawling through ducts in this episode, such an obvious trope.

11:46: Asuka finally shows some leadership skills and comes up with the plan that ultimately succeeds. Perhaps, she’s only good when she feels indebted.

11:49: The episode comes to an end, and the thing I got out of it was Shinji being able to express himself only in front of Asuka. The two go together I guess.

11:51: Episode 12 begins with a flashback to Misato’s experience of the Second Impact. It’s an absolutely hellish scene.

11:55: Misato’s promotion to major and Shinji’s test results seem to bring problems to the both of them. They don’t seem happy while those around them are. Strange paradox that.

11:58: The hellish scene at the South Pole 15 years earlier has turned the pole into a version of hell.

12:00pm: With the 9th angel blasting shots from space getting ever close to NERV, the evacuation of an area within 50km of the base seems to go a bit to easily for my taste.

12:03: Another look at contrasting generations. Misato’s offer of a steak dinner is scoffed by Asuka and Shinji after she leaves. It seems like a luxury dinner for someone from Misato’s generation, but the two pilots aren’t too impressed.

12:11: A rather short battle to defeat the angel by simply catching it is hardly worth mentioning. The trip to the ramen stand is. Shinji finally thinks of a reason for piloting an Eva, but just the desire for praise from his father still leads to a disparaging remark from Asuka. That episode was still pretty weak for me, it merely filled in a little of Misato’s background and stuck more to convention than anything.

12:17: The opening minutes of episode 13 have shown stress amongst the crew at NERV. Construction has gotten lazier as a result of constant attacks by the angels. Now that may be coming back to haunt them.

12:24: I knew this episode turned more into a more technology focused episode. The thing I’m more impressed with is Gendo’s absolute calm as everything looks to be falling apart.

12:32: As Ritsuko’s battle with the angel comes to an end, just in time for her to reveal that the Magi is governed by three aspects of her dead mother’s personality. An entire government run by a schizophrenic computer, and that represents the best of modern technology? I don’t know what to think. The episode concludes, and again I think it fits more into a formula than anything.

12:38: Episode 14 is a recap episode done in documentary style. Not really sure whether I should keep watching this or go straight to the next episode. At least I’m able to see all the different shots Gainax uses in later series in this all over again.

12:45: Still watching the recap, though I just saw that the new series of Celebrity Masterchef starts in about 75 minutes. They should really bring that show over to America.

A Masterchef publicity shot that has nothing to do with anything.
A Masterchef publicity shot that has nothing to do with anything.

12:49: The first sort of look at the surreal direction of the last two episodes through Rei’s consciousness. Interchangeable tests between Units 00 and 01 turn into an absolute mess. Whenever they think of replacing the pilots with an automated system it doesn’t work out. Imagine that.

12:57: The episode ends with more questions than answers. It was probably needed to break up the flow of the last few episodes which seemed to go through the motions.

1:06: Well my pace is a little off in blowing through these episodes. I was sort of hoping to be near episode 20, but I’m now starting 15. The conspiracy grows, and it’s been so long since I watched I’ve probably forgotten 70% of it. Interestingly, the title card is black characters on a white background, where every other episode to this point was the opposite. Maybe it means something.

1:11: Some more insight into the world of Eva, couples are rushing to get married as soon as possible when most demographic trends indicate it going the other way. Meanwhile, Shinji engages Rei in absurdly awkward elevator conversation. He doesn’t know who his father is and guesses she does, then he says she would be a good housewife which actually gets an emotional response out of Rei.

1:14: Wedding receptions are just as boring in Eva than they are in real life. Somethings will never change.

1:20: Misato gets herself blind drunk and goes home with Kaji. She really wants a man like her father, and the thought frightened her. So while she spends her time lecturing Shinji about not running away, she continues to run away. Of course the self-hating lecture comes to an end when Kaji kisses her. Then, a bored Asuka confuses everything. She kisses Shinji in the process leaving him asphyxiated. Immediately, she regrets it saying it was a bad way to kill time.

1:26: Adam is finally revealed. Again, a confusing end to an episode, but in a good way. Though, I worry about the emotional stability of Shinji after Asuka’s actions. Merely using him to kill time is shameful, anything more could be considered cruel.

1:32: Shinji gets a bit of confidence from having the high test score among the three pilots, but a couple of grade schoolers snickering at him put him back in the hole.

1:34: Another angel attack, about time for Shinji to do something stupid in over-confidence. Asuka prodding him into action doesn’t help matters. “Combat is a man’s job,” he says as well. He probably deserves to get sucked into the shadow.

1:39: Time for Shinji’s brain to be messed with as Ritsuko proposes nuking the shadow with 992 N2 mines. Using enough power to destroy the world several times over seems a bit over the top, but who am I to know.

1:44: Perhaps this is a low budget clip montage disguised as existentialism. Shinji gets to live through his past failures again, maybe for the third time I’m guessing, before he gets to meet an aparition that looks he thinks is his mother.

1:48: There Will Be Blood, as Unit 01 breaks out of the angel. The levels of blood coating the city are on a level near that School Days OVA. No wonder Shinji can’t get the blood smell to go away in the hospital, as the episode ends. Each new episode seems to be bringing up new questions. A good thing in my opinion.

1:55: A weird incident in Nevada where a lab just vanished off the face of the Earth. The Eva project seems to at least have an international flavor. Unit 02 being developed in Germany and the new units 03 and 04 being American creations. The UN seems a lot different beast as well.

2:00: That was rather surreal. Shinji and Asuka argue over the lack of lunches, Suzuhara points out that it’s like a married couple quarrelling and canned laughs are heard. When did this become a sitcom again? It becomes even more apt when Hikari is ignored to accompany Suzuhara to Rei’s apartment.

2:08: Kaji tries to be a player in attempting to pick up Ibuki, but is stopped by Misato. He then gives her some information about what’s going on before Shinji interrupts them. Then, he tries a pick up line on Shinji of all people. Playing the straight man in this joke, he simply tells Kaji he’s a boy.

2:13: Hikari seems so happy at making the extra lunch for Suzuhara, while Suzuhara is busy nailing a free throw off the backboard. Poor technique. A decent episode that seems more formulaic than the last few episodes, though the formula seems to a situation tragicomedy. Did I just make up a word there?

2:18: Funny how Misato seems to answer all of Shinji’s questions except the one about about the fourth pilot.

2:25: Poor Hikari, she’s really never going to get to eat lunch with Suzuhara. Plus, there was a nice strange remark by Misato about being able to destroy the world with four Evas. Probably the kind of remark I would make in a similar situation.

2:27: So Unit 03 is an angel. Asuka seemed to be defeated quite easily by the 11th angel as is Rei. It all rides on Shinji as the sun sets.

2:34: Again, tons of blood as the angel is defeated. The dummy plug powered 01 destroys 03’s entry plug. The episode ends as Shinji screams after finding out Suzuhara was the pilot. No lunches for him anytime soon. A tragic episode for me, but it always seems to follow anyone new who gets involved.

2:40: How did Suzuhara get access into Shinji’s internal thoughts? Some strange dream.

2:45: So Shinji gets to run away again, and would he please answer that cell phone. Unfortunately, the situation seemingly won’t let him run away.

2:50: The sight of Unit 02’s head falling into the shelter Shinji was hiding in must have been some sight. Though the situation allows Kaji to water some melons. Rei appears in Unit 00 and fails in a suicide attack with an N2 mine. So once again it all comes down to Shinji to do something.

2:59: Yummy, Unit 01 eating the other angel. As I’m not in a position to be eating real food at this point it has no impact on me. And so ends episode 19, the end seems to be rapidly approaching.

3:04: A debrief on the last battle is how this episode begins. The base is now unusable and Seele has decided to act. Even Misato isn’t responding to a joke at her expense. How things have changed?

3:06: So Shinji’s been absorbed into Unit 01. Some distant group of islands have had a government change based on newscasts, Rei is surprised she is still alive and Asuka’s confidence is completely gone.

3:12: Apparently a month has passed since the battle while Shinji struggles to put the story of his life back together.

3:15: The women in Shinji’s life all offering themselves to him, followed by lots of sped up voices. He wants to stay in dreamland. Can’t really blame him to be honest.

3:20: Interesting segue from Shinji being saved to Misato immediately hooking up for a strongly implied sex-for-information mission on her own. An interesting episode, with Shinji nearly succumbing to his own desires, the Misato actually doing so. Six episodes to go.

3:42: Took a short break there, before having an interesting dilemma. Do I go with the original cut or director’s cut for the next four episodes? I went with the latter. I’m not sure if I’ve actually seen the cuts of these episodes before, so it could get interesting.

3:46: Good to see people more concerned with areas where they could smoke moments before they complete alter life on Earth. People can be so vain.

3:49: A nice introduction to both of Shinji’s parents in the year 1999. However, it is disappointing to see the year 2001 being described as hell without further explanation. I still find it interesting that Gendo took his wife’s surname.

3:59: I’m still having trouble believing Fuyutsuki wouldn’t have gone public with the information he had on Seele and the Second Impact even after viewing all that stuff underground.

4:03: So Shinji got to see his mother die right in front of him. While Ritsuko’s mother tries to comfort Gendo in her own way.

4:07: And Ritsuko’s mother dies as an indirect results of the cruel words of a child, Rei in this case. People seem to die so easily off-screen in this episode.

4:09: And there goes Kaji being offed as well. The body count keeps rising. It’s sure one way to wrap things up I guess. At least he had the decency to leave a dying message to Misato. She immediately weeps and Shinji realizes that his instinct to run away from the situation makes him a mere child. For an episode that is almost entirely backstory that was pretty good in my opinion. That probably happens when you go years without watching something.

4:14: Interesting opening which sees Asuka trying to prove she’s grown up by ripping off her shirt in front of Kaji. I certainly didn’t remember that.

4:19: Asuka is certainly having trouble adjusting to the status quo. I still can’t put my finger on the stuff going on in the background.

4:24: Silence on an elevator broken up by Rei starting a conversation. Roles just keep getting continuously changed.

4:29: Asuka’s last chance in Unit 02 comes to an abrupt end by a psychological atttack by the 15th angel.

4:36: Ah, the Lance of Longinus, I don’t think the real thing was hundreds of feet long though. Throwing it like a javelin doesn’t seem like it would be accurate enough to hit something in orbit either. Plus, good luck getting it back from space. It could land pretty much anywhere.

4:40: So ends another episode, I fear I may be running out of interesting things to say on the series (if I had said anything at all). Four episodes to go.

4:42: Misato has kept Kaji’s last message for long enough. She just can’t let go. Asuka has run away to Hikari’s place to play games. She doesn’t go home or go to school. Everyone’s running from their problems. Hikari tries to comfort her, but not with much success. Even Ritsuko’s cat has died.

4:49: So now it’s Rei’s turn to be psychologically attacked by an angel. The angel merges with her and tries to attack Shinji to merge with him. However, Rei chooses to self-destruct to save everyone. So it looks like all they are left with is Unit 01 and a Unit 02 without a pilot.

4:53: Well they found the entry plug after that. I’m sure they can create more Reis out of it. Shinji finds himself unable to cry at Rei’s death. Misato tries to comfort him in that way, but he’s too uncomfortable around people. Or she’s actually the one who is suffering incredible loneliness.

4:56: So Rei is still alive, or at least one of her anyway. Meanwhile, Ritsuko is forced to do her debrief with Seele wearing nothing. Odd treatment, advance terrogation techninques?

5:00: Rei’s original room resembles her current one, there’s a graveyard of failed Eva units, a pool of clone Reis being destroyed by Ritsuko. This director’s cut is certainly a lot different than I remember these episodes. 3 episodes to go.

5:06: So Asuka ran off after finding out about Kaji’s death, only to end up in an empty bathtub in a room with half a roof. Try finding that these days.

5:09: Virtually everyone has left the city, leaving Shinji with no friends until Kaworu shows up. Ah the shounen ai feel of this episode so far.

5:12: The car picture above Misato’s desk changed, and Shinji is running away from his problems again. That feeling continues into the bath. Kaworu waxes philosophically before ultimately confessing as he stands up in the bath.

5:18: After Shinji confesses a lot about his life in Kaworu, Seele comes into talk to the latter without so much as a segue.

5:19: So Kaworu is the 17th angel sent directly by Seele, and of course it’s going to be up to Shinji to stop his last friend from causing the Third Impact. Pretty sad how this all ends.

5:28: So Kaworu is dead, and Shinji killed off the first person who ever said they loved him. The feeling was mutual as well. Misato, though, is ready to spoil the mood by saying unequivocally that only those with the greater will to survive will do so. Just ruin his feelings why don’t you? Time to get to these last two episodes. Though the director’s cut goes straight into the End of Evangelion movie. This isn’t going to make much sense anyway.

5:33: Time to get started with either the greatest display of directorial talent ever, or the worst ending ever depending on your point of view. The fact Anno felt the need to remake the ending probably speaks for itself. Episode 25 picks up with the end of episode 24 of the director’s cut before descending into the surreal.

5:36: This format of interrogation with interspersed footage from the rest of the series can get rather annoying just on the surface. It also allows Ritsuko and Misato to both be dead and having a conversation with each other. Human Instrumentality project indeed.

5:44: Well I must have forgotten the use of scotch tape in this episode. What won’t Gainax come up with for effect. Burning animation cells is one thing I remember them doing as well, but that is for another post. Now it’s about Misato showing off the side she showed to Kaji to Shinji.

5:51: Asuka seeing the smile on her dead mother’s face still has the same impact it had originally.

5:54: The stage setup for the last part of the episode has lots of significance. Mainly that all life is really an act of some point when it comes to interaction with others. I could also be reading this episode completely wrong. Well, it’s on to the last episode. Need a little break first though.

6:10: Nearing 12 hours of doing this and I’m finally at the end of the road. Humans cannot live alone. At least I think that’s the lesson of this episode.

6:17: The thought of Shinji picking up a payphone just for every other character to say on the other end they hate him is pretty odd.

6:20: The more I watch this episode the more I appreciate the massive amount of courage all involved with it had in getting this on air. The right to try this on a sort of mainstream audience has to be earned. Now the existentialism moves on.

6:23: My favorite part of this episode, Eva imagined as a school comedy where Asuka is Shinji’s childhood friend. I really wonder if this would have actually worked as a series.

6:32: The series wraps up with an interpretation of the human experience, basically what I said when I started this episode. So it’s all really about accepting who you are?

So ends the marathon session. That ending is just way out of left field for anyone. A game changing ending is what I would call it. I don’t think it takes away from any of the previous 24 episodes though. As it’s own short film it would probably hold up pretty well too. So a little under 12 hours and I knocked out a complete rewatch of a 26 episode series. I probably haven’t done that since my early college days. Ah, what else can I do when I’m not allow to strain myself.

Next time: A much shorter look at the interaction of humanity and technology, some San Miguel Pale Pilsen and how to make a ship out of icebergs…wait, wrong series that.

4 thoughts on “The DVD Collection Part 8: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Marathon Rewatch Live Blog)”

  1. Funny how I just tried to watch a recently downloaded hi-res file of ‘You are not alone.’ My computer froze as the 4th angel was tearing unit-01 a new one.

    I will attempt to rewatch as soon as I get a more powerful machine.

    In any case, this format is quite interesting — though at times the entries on your log are more summary than impressions. I think the latter is more important.

    I like how you take note of ‘hidden fanservice.’ I think this is a great idea and can be explored in a full post all on its own.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. I’ll try to focus more on the my impressions here. Maybe I just had a need to type something. Hidden fanservice seems like an interesting topic to do on its own. I’d tend to think of it as something more viewer-defined than anything.

  2. Just wanted to say that if you haven’t seen the Rebuild movies yet (well, the two that are currently available to watch out of a planned 4) you might want to look into them, as they are a pretty good watch, and they make some interesting changes to the story. Plus, it’s always fun seeing an Eva fan’s first impression of them.

    Unrelated to this blog post, I just stumbled upon your blog because of your LoGH posts, and being on episode 35 myself I like to use these to refresh my memory of earlier events in the series. I have to ask though, when you finish the 110 episode OVA, will you be doing the three movies and additional 52 episodes of side stories as well?

    1. No plans at this point to blog the movies and extra episodes, I may revisit it later next year. Also, I was really planning on waiting until all 4 Rebuild movies were out to watch those. I might be waiting several years, but I think it would probably be worth it in the end.

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