40 Seasons in 40 Days: Winter 2006

Evidently this scene was controversial to some people, Matsumaru is clearly within the "1/2 + 7" rule. Oh, it was something else wasn't it?

Fortunately, I never said anything about these posts being in any sort of chronological order. Yesterday’s post aside, the next 38 of these are in random order culminating with the current season on New Year’s Eve. The second post marks the beginning of the second half of the decade. While there are signs here of what was to come in what got green-lighted, my tendency to miss quality while dropping everything in sight probably began about this time.

I’m going to get this little recollection going with Itsudatte My Santa, a 2-part OVA released in December 2005, but for the sake of continuity I’m including it with this season. While it served as my own personal introduction to Hirano Aya, I didn’t realize it until a couple of years after the fact. Perhaps I wanted to purge this from my memory after all. The 2 parts can pretty much be considered the same story, but set at different times of the year (1 on Christmas Eve, 2 in the middle of summer) and there are a couple extra characters in the 2nd episode. That said, it would probably have been better if this hadn’t been made, but what do I know?

Also starting before the new year was the School Rumble OVA, which doesn’t really do much plotwise, but serves more as a time filler between the 2 seasons. The first is a pretty standard onsen episode with the second set in prehistoric times with relationships staying the same. Apart from maybe the non-verbal interaction between Harima and Eri in the first episode, there isn’t that much that stands out for me.

In the TV realm there was Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, which had the advantage of being a mere six episodes long. It also had a desperate feel for a love story involving hepatitis and heart conditions which doesn’t come off as a cliche as much as a last gasp trip to Australia would.

REC gave me a little preview of the rage that comes with having an “impure” female lead. I didn’t have a problem with it, but some others did. Though perhaps in a couple of ways it reminds me too much of parts of my own life…save the interesting events and trips…and the seiyuu girlfriend.

Plot Highlights From Shows Unseen

Magikano does the old suppressed-male-lead-surrounded-by-women-who-use-magic angle and likely does it about as well as I use hyphens. Amaenaide yo!! Katsu!! is the followup to a wildly unsuccessful Buddist-themed harem series. Kage kara Mamoru! features wish fulfillment through its generally lazy, but part-time ninja lead character. Ergo Proxy is that seemingly rare example of post-apocalyptic anime done right, though it seems to be completely impenetrable for lots of people.

Now I think I may be forgetting one more important one…ok, there’s Fate/stay Night as well. However, I’m not going to say anything on Type Moon stuff without seeing it first.