40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2002

Fourth wall? What fourth wall?

Part 3 of this 40 part series takes a trip back a little over 3 years from yesterday’s post. The best way I can think of summarizing it is the season of sequels. There were a number of shows in their second season, or would go on to have multiple seasons made…eventually. Again, I could have chosen better over the years and that will come up in my unseen section at the end.

Perhaps the most best known series to begin in this season was Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. It also happens to be the first and only series in the franchise I have managed to watch as it aired. Yet, the problem lies in the 3 thoughts that immediately came to mind when I looked at when this series aired. Those being Kira’s seemingly out of place with scene Flay before a battle (or did I imagine that?), Tolle’s severed head emerging from an explosion and the island episode which was so shamelessly ripped off by Code Geass. I can hardly remember the plot!

Perhaps more memorably for me at least was the second season of Mahoromatic. To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have cared so much if the series was only 11 episodes of thinly-veiled fanservice shifting into an increasingly desperate piece of drama. The final episode had to have the traditional GAINAX ending though. Turning a generally light-hearted comedy anime into dystopian action is one thing. Changing the protagonist from an innocent boy dealing tragic circumstances into a cynical bounty hunter who believes in nothing is another thing all together. Though it probably went down badly with it audience, I at least admire the audacity to try something like that.

Getbackers would be a show I would be unlikely to finish now, but I best remember it as a show of 2 halfs. Episodic episodes at the start of each concluding with a series of battles in the same location. Maybe it was the fact that I think there was 1 female character worth anything, and there was also someone who would probably be called a “trap” (I hate that word with a passion by the way). But mostly there’s not much to remember for me there.

The third season of Galaxy Angel introduced some new characters in an attempt to spice up the classic episodic plots driven entirely by the plot crutch of lost technology. Needless to say, it is my least favorite of the 4 seasons. It was all the more disappointing coming after the short, but brilliant 2nd season.

Gravion, was one of many attempts throughout the years to try to bring back nostalgia-infused mecha back to popularity. Relying on one-dimensional stereotypes of characters in the mecha is a staple and while it earned a second season, I couldn’t be bothered to watch that.

Finally, I wrap things up by remembering Onegai Teacher OVA. Sure, it’s mostly a throwaway episode devoted to getting the two main characters together in the end by mainly involuntary means. However, the constant breaking of the 4th wall was really enjoyable for me.

Plot Highlights from Shows Unseen

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is one of those series I shockingly haven’t seen to this point. Now it’s more about availability of time more than anything. The music is good at least. Piano probably has no appeal with me at all, so the slice-of-life/music genre is probably all the better for me having not watched it. And I wrap up with a show nearly everyone knows about and could be the first series that is brought to mind when I say it is shounen loaded with tons of filler (nothing wrong with that by the way) in Naruto.