40 Seasons in 40 Days: Spring 2005

As far as shows within shows, it is hard to top Binkan Salaryman for absurdity

The 7th part of this series contains some quirky series that I happen to like, since I think I’ve probably been a little to vaguely critical to this point. However, I didn’t actually finish all that much. So what follows is some comedy, some harem, comedy harem and a one-shot OVA with an unpopular theme.

It would be difficult to say that Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan has had any real impact on the wider world, and that is perfectly fine. For all intents, it is just a fanservice-laden series that relies entirely on the fact that they can kill off the male lead Sakura in increasingly gory fashion, and Dokuro will just bring him back to life within seconds. You can only do that for so long before it wears thin, so there’s other stuff in there to keep interest as well.

The Ah! My Goddess Specials attempted to throw in some side stories that take place after the first season. They pretty much do nothing despite attempting character development of a different type on Urd and Skuld. Fans of the series would like it, anyone else would have avoided it.

The second season of Comic Party throws the word Revolution into the title. Now, removing any signs of a coherent plot was probably what they thought they were doing. That’s exactly what happened.

Ichigo 100% was mildly amusing at the time. Sure, Manaka is pretty much the typical generic harem lead. He unintentionally manages to get a few girls attracted to him and has trouble deciding how to proceed. In typical fashion, this is never resolved in the anime. A couple years ago, I had some time to actually read the source material. While it doesn’t do that much different from the formula, it actually has a decisive ending and everyone moves on with their lives without imploding. That might involve too much risk in anime production though.

Instead of blindly throwing out a word like “revolution” at the end of the title, Futakoi Alternative, went in another direction. Ditching the twin based harem feel of the original series, this is an action drama based around a pretty much useless detective attempting to protect the town and the twin sisters that love him. Where else could you get a giant squid attempting to burn down a city?

He is My Master was a dual Gainax and Shaft production, which mostly took the worst parts of each in making this. That’s not to say this is all bad. The reference heavy humor that would become a Shaft staple is there throughout. The comically long episode titles were pretty good for a joke too. Plus, there is an episode that heavily references Die Hard, something which isn’t done enough since Hans Gruber is the greatest film villain of all time.

Since I really don’t want to relive it again, Legend of Duo.

Finally, this works better if I go with a translated title so I end with I Love My Little Sister. As the title implies it is in that way. It’s a pretty straightforward story; brother has feelings for twin sister, messes around with other girls to try to forget, but potential jealousy makes him go back to where he started. The run time of 40 minutes doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for much more than that, but I think it would have just been wasted time anyway.

Highlights from Shows Unseen or Unfinished

Without having really watched an episode, I did manage to obtain all the music that makes up the episode titles of Eureka Seven. While I would probably be disappointed if there weren’t numerous clones present in the Tsubasa Chronicle anime. Speed Grapher probably would have been decent had another studio made it, well that might be jumping to conclusions a bit. Eyeshield 21 is about American football and the only bit of it I watch was linked off of Deadspin.

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  1. “Dokuro will just bring him back to life within seconds. You can only do that for so long before it wears thin”
    Namely – once. I cant believe there are HORDES of people who actually like that disgusting garbage of a show. It just boggles the mind ! One episode was more than enough, and i wanted my 15 minutes of life back, with interest !

    “Ditching the twin based harem feel of the original series, this is an action drama”
    Action comedy, you mean ?

  2. Oh dear lord, what a horrible season that was! I thought 2005 was a good year for anime but I guess the big hitters must have come in Autumn

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