40 Seasons in 40 Days: Summer 2000

It was nice to remember that main characters didn't always have copious amounts of blood pouring from their noses in this scenario.

With this being the 23rd post of this retrospective, I’ve noticed a tendency to stay around the 4-6 series regardless of season. This summer season sets the bar even lower with two. The sample size isn’t even large enough for me to say it was a good or bad season with any conviction. Otherwise I would just say that it was devoted entirely to harem setups too heavily reliant on harem cliches.

After the coin toss to decide which goes first, I’m starting with Hand Maid May. It’s the story of a college student trying to do the best he can amidst the distractions of a variety of the token attractive girl next door and a variety of cyberdolls with one-dimensional character traits (Created by a company called Cyberdyne hilariously enough). The plot conflicts that come along the way do not come out of left field like I expected, which is a plus I think.

The other one today is the followup OVA to Mamotte Shugogetten. The turgid slapstick and horribly cliched harem-lite romance feel of the original 1998 series was pretty much revisited in this OVA. With character designs which are 1980s-esque, but probably not intentionally, you would hope that the story here was improved. Unfortunately, it continues to rely on the same old non-committal Tasuke and his unmoving relationship with Shao. Why did I bother with this anyway?

Highlights from Unseen or Unfinished Items

Like yesterday, there isn’t that much to talk about since this was the malaise era. There’s eX-Driver which just about takes the prize for stupidest vision of the future and looks to be another case of high-concept failure. There were movies for both Escaflowne and Card Captor Sakura which appear to be among the higher rated items of the time, but I just haven’t seen them. Maybe this wasn’t a good year after all.