40 Seasons in 40 Days: Summer 2003

You know a series is bad when this is the most memorable moment, and no one even remembers the buildup to this

Today I wrap up my look at the year 2003 in the 25th day of this retrospective. I also have to start by saying 2 of the 4 items examined today are candidates for personal worst anime of the decade. Perhaps this season was the absolute rock bottom of the malaise era. I certainly hope so.

I start with a one-shot OVA from the second season of Mahoromatic, because the quality only goes downhill from here. The summer special is an adventure about the depths to which Suguru will go to hide his porn from Mahoro, and also why she has such a dim view on the stuff as well. It’s lighthearted fun and doesn’t really add anything to the main story anyway, but it is decent nonetheless.

Onegai Twins is the story of a lonely student and the love triangle he is instantly thrust into. One of the two girls is actually his sister, and a large amount of the story is devoted to finding that out. While the rest of it is devoted to the quest to establish a romantic relationship with him so that the one who is not his sister can move on from there. It has some of the same weaknesses that were present in Onegai Teacher though without the willingness to push boundaries, which really just makes it much worse.

Then there is the Green Green TV series. While the OVA was just 20 minutes of no-context hijinks. This was pretty much 240 minutes of the same thing with the fanservice turned up to absolute maximum. There was pretty much nowhere this did not attempt to go in scraping the bottom of the barrel, at least without crossing into full hentai mode anyway. Even worse was the attempt to make a legitimate story out of one of the girls being in love with the main character in a past life.

Even worse though was the abysmal failure that was Eiken, and all people involved in its production should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. The concept behind Eiken seems to involve putting the largest breasts in the history of anime on each of the 0-dimensional women in the show, and see what happens. Watching the 2 episodes of the OVA feel like 2 years have passed, and I might even say that the infamous Mars of Destruction is actually better.

Highlights from Unseen or Unfinished Items

As much as I wish I could put something in this section I really can’t. This was such an appalling season I can’t really justify there being highlights, and poking fun at plots just isn’t worth the time for such a bad crop.