40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2000

I knew Love Hina could have used more blood and death.

That part I said yesterday about that being the only season where there were no TV series. Turns out I was just a bit off and that I had a whole six month block in this decade where I did not have a TV series covered. Just 2 items today to wrap up the year 2000, though that number is probably pushing it a little.

Yes it’s more Love Hina in today’s debatable item for inclusion. The so-called 25th episode of the TV series was never aired with the rest of the series, but it would have been in the time frame of this season. It’s a pretty pointless episode made just to give Motoko some more screen time. Yeah, that’s pretty much it for that.

The other item is the Ah! My Goddess movie. I have to admit it is a wonderful looking movie and the music and sound are top notch. However, I think they hide some fundamental weaknesses in the plot, which is mostly just a generic amnesia plot. Okay for a series, but not a movie. I found it a good way to kill a couple of hours, but completely forgettable over the long haul.

Highlights from Unseen or Unfinished Items

Though not really highly rated at all, Triangle Heart – Sweet Songs Forever provides the world in which Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha exists. Vandread has a seemingly improbable civil war between genders involving mecha. That sounds familiar in a way. Hajime no Ippo is probably a classic by most standards by now, but are there any boxing series about a boxer on the down slope of his career? InuYasha has a final season airing now, but the original airing eventually wore me down to the point where I could no longer watch.

2 thoughts on “40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2000”

  1. Ah, this brings back good memories from the past. Love Hina certainly took the anime world by storm; I remember the days when majority of my friends got hooked to it and were soon spending their allowance on buying its manga serialization.

    Vandread was quite an enjoyable watch for me back then, despite its seemingly ridiculous setting and mecha docking. Not to mention the fact that I encountered my first trap in anime when watching this show.

    As for Inuyasha, I gave up too. Ended up reading just the manga, and I was extremely glad and relieved that it FINALLY did come to a conclusion.

    1. To be honest, I would also fall into the same category for the Love Hina manga. At least it wasn’t that expensive. I never did take a look at the Inuyasha manga, and I think I have been turned off to the point of only blog posts for the newest season, and only when a character of note dies. Kind of sad really

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