40 Seasons in 40 Days: Summer 2001

Apropos of nothing, I give you foreshadowing circa 1927.

As this retrospective appears to be coming to a car crash of an ending, eventually I had to come across something from the malaise era that witnessed so little that I would be embarrassed. So it came to pass that the summer 2001 post would be a bumper movie only edition, and just 2 at that. At least there’s that Academy Award winning film, and another one that I enjoyed a bit more than that.

I’ll start with the loosest of loose adaptations in Metropolis. There’s definitely a pre-war feel to this story based on an amalgamation of an old Tezuka manga and some elements of the Fritz Lang Metropolis. The story itself is easy enough to understand, but it was something I definitely enjoyed. I also liked the strange contradiction of playing a Ray Charles song over top of the destruction of the Ziggurat.

The other entry today is Spirited Away. Perhaps I simply remember it as just another Miyazaki film, though that would be like saying any Macross series is just another robot anime. While not close to my favorite one of his films, it is still far superior to anything else animation wise that came out that year.That leads me into a segue into a vaguely related Academy Award prediction competition that won me some money. I wasn’t really paying all that much attention as I was busy trying to memorize a speech I had to give for a class the next day, so I didn’t really notice that I was doing pretty well. Everyone else was convinced that the Best Animated Feature Film would go to either Lilo & Stitch or Ice Age, but I stayed with the Miyazaki film and ended up triumphing by a single correct pick. With that pointless story out of the way, I have avoided making this the shortest post in the series.

Highlights from Unseen or Unfinished Items

There’s the R.O.D. OVA which is something I really should have seen by now. Scryed (or however it is done with all the punctuation and capitalization thrown in) is something I have seen in patches in dub form when it was on Adult Swim. A decent way to kill some time without really thinking more than anything. When Fruits Basket came out I avoided it because the whole transforming into animals bit seemed a bit too close to a certain other series. The second season of Seikai no Senki also aired at this time, and served as a further reminder that Jinto wins at life…and there’s an OVA series which starts with a magical black book.