40 Seasons in 40 Days: Fall 2009

Aoi Bungaku, best watched after taking large quantities of hallucinogens

Wrapping up this 40 season retrospective is the season that has just finished. I will probably have to revisit this season in the future to give a full opinion on it as a whole, but I am not too terribly optimistic. My trademark poor taste in shows to finish strikes yet again, though I would struggle to find anything outstanding this season that I’ve missed.

Figuring that a number of people I read were rage quitting Kämpfer, I though I had to give that a go. When I didn’t drop the series after 45 seconds I was a bit worried that my poor taste was kicking in. Lo and behold I managed to finish it. Looking back on it, I would struggle to call it good by any measure, but not the worst thing I’ve seen this year by a long stretch. It is pretty much as advertised, fan service filled, horribly written, 4th-wall breaking with a little bit of action spread over a bunch of episodes. It would be easy to say the series loses its way in the middle with what is really a Natsuru goes on a date arc, but it’s not like it was ever going anywhere anyway.

There’s the 2nd season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, which really didn’t work for me since the whole essence of the title had been lost. The large focus of this season was on developing a proper relationship between Haruka and Yuuto, which I think was done alright. The constant distractions, the whole idol arc and any other attempt at changing things really didn’t work for me. Also, anything that has 2 onsen episodes really should lose an episode in length.

Moving on to Seitokai no Ichizon, which really is nothing more than a bunch of conversations between characters. The constant breaking of the 4th wall makes it obvious that they are well aware of this, which is fine in a way. I would also struggle to call this slice-of-life because there’s really not all that much shown of the world apart from the characters. Basically you could call this jokes without context. Ultimately this has to be judged on the strike rate of the comedy, and while some episodes were successful, the balance has to be against. The episode where Sugisaki doesn’t show up was probably the best episode from a serious perspective, but it felt like it was forced in a way. I think I’m going to be watching a lot of similar shows in the future.

Highlights from Unseen or Unfinished Items

I’m still working on finishing Aoi Bungaku and Sasameki Koto at the time of writing this post, but they should at least improve the quality of the stuff I have watched this season. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun is something I may have possibly dropped with a view to picking it up in the future like Index. Sora no Otoshimono was starting to wear me down in the middle. I can only take so much predictable slapstick after all.  Kimi ni Todoke is another show I will continue to watch, though I worry that it has fallen into total cliché in the last few episodes.