A Look Ahead to 2010

I fully expect to see more of this kind of thing in 2010, though it would be a stretch to say I want to see more.

With all of those retrospective posts out of the way, for better or worse (probably the latter), I thought I should have another look ahead at some potential stuff I might be doing next year. While there isn’t really one show I’m looking forward to, not even a potential 2nd season of K-On, I might still do an occasional post on something that has aired.

The first thing is probably my first viewing of Space Runaway Ideon. I haven’t really seen any of Tomino’s non-Gundam back catalogue, so I thought I would have a go at one of the bleakest pieces of animation ever made. Will the level of depression top Saikano? I think that’s doubtful at best. Since I think there are similar things going on for other Tomino works, I would just be one of the other working on it.

In non-anime matters, there’s this little thing happening in June and July in South Africa. It probably won’t show up here at all, but maybe a little side blog for all of six weeks. Maybe it is an attempt in vain to recapture the time I fluked over a thousand visits to a blog I was writing at the time. It’s actually sort of a branch of the original founding of Lower Mid-Table as well.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes posts will continue for another year obviously. Why would I go 52 weeks only to stop just as I’m about to hit the halfway point in the series. Jesus Minci can just die as far as I’m concerned, but he’s probably going to continue doing improbable things to my dismay.

There’s also the off chance that I might end up appearing writing in another location, but the odds are pretty minimal to be honest. Then, there’s something else I haven’t really finalized, but would involve pictures in a real location around other people.