Two Percent, and Producing with Fear

Catching children falling out of trees comes with a college education...apparently.

I went into this next block of shows with fairly low expectations. Hanamaru Kindergarden seemed like another example of more advanced moeblobs having “fun” adventures whereupon I would just quit with no hard feelings. Seikon no Qwaser…well I never thought it was going to be any good, but the first episode stunned me with its shocking quality.

Hanamaru Kindergarden is basically the story of a recent college graduated named Tsuchiya, who takes his first job as a teacher of a local kindergarden. He comes across a girl Anzu on his way to the first day of school. She believes he is trying to pick her up based on TV dramas. They separate only for Anzu to end up in Tsuchiya’s class later on. He later has to introduce himself to the parents of the children, who are skeptical about a male kindergarden teacher since they only make up about two percent of that group. He messes up a bunch of times to the amusement of the other teachers, one of which he is attracted to.

Later, Anzu makes a few friends and tries to help one of them by getting her ribbon out of the tree. She climbs up and falls off a branch only to be caught by Tsuchiya. Then it is revealed that Anzu’s mother, Sakura, knew Tsuchiya back in high school. After a couple flashbacks, which reveal that Sakura married her art teacher in high school, she decides to help her daughter get closer to Tsuchiya.

For the most part, I was surprised with the amount of time that was devoted to Tsuchiya’s personal history and his getting adjusted more than the kids. While the Gainax production has me thinking deep down that there will be a surreal ending to this, it will probably be played straight. I may not finish this, but I go at least a couple more episodes.

Completely Subjective Episode Score: 76/100

How many production meetings debated by how many more frames this pan could continue?

Then there’s the interesting case of Seikon no Qwaser. The story involves a bunch of people being abducted from the campus of this Orthodox Christian school. Two students, Yamanabe Tomo and Oribe Mafuyu are pretty much hated by everyone else at the school. They come across a silver haired Russian boy named Sasha, they get drawn into a conflict between Qwasars and Sasha draws his power from some unseen shocking source involving another girl named Theresa.

Now it’s pretty easy to get drawn into that last part, but it shows that those behind it were producing with fear. Now in the need to conform to the source material where he draws his power from breast milk, they have to show something that could be alluded to in that way. However, they went about it in such a clumsy way as to make it look like they were editing porn to take out the sexual bits. Even completely changing the painting to make it look like an embrace was cowardly, though it was probably out of their hands. I’d say completely removing that aspect of the story would be preferable leaving a mediocre shounen series in its place.

So no, I will not be continuing this.

Completely Subjective Episode Score: 38/100

Winter 2010 Ranking So Far

  1. Durarara!!
  2. Dance in the Vampire Bund
  3. Ookami Kakushi
  4. Ladies versus Butlers!
  5. Hanamaru Kindergarden
  6. ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト
  7. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
  8. Chu-Bra – Dropped Episode 1
  9. Omamori Himari – Dropped Episode 1
  10. Seikon no Qwaser – Dropped Episode 1