The Feel-good Harem Anime of the Year, and when they were called Onzes

This may turn into another one of those token Itsuki Kannagi pic of the week thing like last year...

Finally getting into 2nd episodes this week. I went into today’s viewings of Ladies versus Butlers! and ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト expecting to actually quit one of these. Instead, there was a noticeable jump in viewing experience, which sees both move up the personal rankings.

Ladies versus Butlers sees Akihiru getting adjusted to life as part of the servant class at school. We learn that he is one of five male students in the school, only one is part of the higher class, and the standard for entry is extremely high. However, that leaves Akihiru wondering how he got in. He gets to experience serving as a butler for the first time and only accomplishes embarrassing Selnia Flameheart some more, repeatedly. After some token fanservice, he gets some ridiculous hypothetical training in a pool wearing his uniform. After trying to be heroic, he nearly drowns because of Selnia. Afterward, he tells Saikyo Tomomi his reasons for going to school and all is well it seems.

I actually was impressed by the seemingly high level of chemistry between Akihiru and Selnia. The showers scene was really there just to pad length, but it doesn’t take away from what maybe the feel-good harem anime of the year. A pleasant watch without having to think all that much, basically.

Completely Subjective Episode Score: 86/100

Important plot point ahead

ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト had to do a lot for me to continue on, and it surprisingly raised expectations. The episode begins with Kanata seeing something in a window at the fort before moving on to breakfast. She gets introduced to the rest of the squadron, with only Kureha proving really hostile. Kureha shows Kanata around the base and at the end begins to complain about how they are just a joke squadron amongst the rest of the military. After that, Noel says she also saw something in a window, so Kanata and Kureha get to bond some more as they explore parts of the fort they do not know so well. As they do so, it quickly becomes apparent that the fort used to be a high school. They eventually discover the culprit is an owl, and much hilarity ensues.

After the first episode nearly bored me to tears, it was nice to get some exploration into their world. The character names and the fact the books they could not read are written in Japanese suddenly has me thinking of a time when they were called Onzes by their French colonial masters in this fictional world. This also felt more like a film than anything else I’ve seen this season, though it’s still early days.

Completely Subjective Episode Score: 90/100

Winter 2010 Ranking So Far

  1. Durarara!!
  2. Ladies versus Butlers!
  3. Dance in the Vampire Bund
  4. ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト
  5. Ookami Kakushi
  6. Hanamaru Kindergarden
  7. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
  8. Chu-Bra – Dropped Episode 1
  9. Omamori Himari – Dropped Episode 1
  10. Seikon no Qwaser – Dropped Episode 1

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