The Massive 2nd Episodes Catch Up Post

Much like this post, there's a bunch of useless junk seemingly out of place.

After watching the 2nd episode of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, I felt extremely frustrated to the point where I had to take a little break from watching anything new. The experience of watching Space Runaway Ideon while purely paying attention to body count suddenly had me clamoring for something where civilians weren’t being blown up out of fear. So a shorter post for this entry, really with just thoughts on the episode since anyone reading this probably would have caught the episodes or read somewhere else anyway.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu featured the F class taking on the A class. It was unrealistically close. I realized about 5 minutes in that I really hate every single character in this show, and I just can’t go on watching it. Cliche harem anime is fine, but when it doesn’t even seem to make sense on any level then it can’t last. 56/100

Dance in the Vampire Bund focuses on the relationship between Mina and Akira, in particular the memory loss of the latter. Sure everything was going fine and everything seemed to be working out well for character development, until she needed gel applied to her so she could go back out in the sun. A completely unnecessary scene of him applying it on her later, only for it never to become a factor and even the well done fight at the end doesn’t really redeem this episode. I’ll continue on…just. 48/100

Durarara was next up and while the story did move forward a little at Mikado’s new high school, most of the focus went back to the events of the first episode. While it can be useful to show more aspects of what happened at a particular time, since Endless Eight Endless Eight Endle….I now view it with a bit of skepticism. The characters here seem likable at least, but I guess I just want plot progression. 77/100

Ookami Kakushi had some insight into some of the legends of the village while Hiroshi and Isuzu got closer in the classic thriller sense in that something terrible is about to happen to them kind of way. I still don’t get the interest in Hiroshi from the other characters unless he’s like fresh meat, but that still doesn’t explain Kaname. Also, there’s a certain jingle getting in my head from time to time. 74/100

Hanamaru Kindergarden wraps things up with Tsuchiya trying to settle in to his job, and Hiiragi putting a 2nd year in his place. The light-hearted tone of all of this is probably something similar to the feeling all those people who like Aria or YKK get that I don’t understand. A good honest second episode that was well executed, though Hiiragi’s intelligence may be overstated a bit for entertainment value. I may actually finish this one on merit. 82/100

Winter 2010 Ranking So Far

  1. Durarara!!
  2. Ladies versus Butlers!
  3. ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト
  4. Ookami Kakushi
  5. Hanamaru Kindergarden
  6. Dance in the Vampire Bund
  7. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – Dropped Episode 2
  8. Chu-Bra – Dropped Episode 1
  9. Omamori Himari – Dropped Episode 1
  10. Seikon no Qwaser – Dropped Episode 1