Pointless Debate #1: The Girls of True Tears

At least we can agree that no one truly likes Kurobe Tomoyo, right?

As someone who has completed a large number of anime, the fact that I seem set in a rotation of blog posts between Giant Killing and Legend of the Galactic Heroes seems rather odd. So to start off this new, and likely short-lived feature at Lower Mid-Table I’ve harnessed the power of random comments made on Twitter to brainstorm this idea. The first will be a ranking of the girls of True Tears by personal preference, and with some comments at the end.

#1 Andou Aiko

  • MAL Favorites: 25
  • Pixiv Search Results: 24

Why don’t I start and controversially say I liked the least popular of the 3 the most? She is pretty clear in saying she wants to get as close as possible to Shinichiro, and though it is not as close as she wants, she is willing to settle for someone like Miyokichi. Pragmatism over idealism in the end for Aiko. She has all the disadvantages in having to work and going to a different school, but she at least gets something out of it. On the other hand, I can see how people might disagree with this line of argument and how Miyokichi is basically being used.

#2 Yuasa Hiromi

  • MAL Favorites: 83
  • Pixiv Search Results: 111

The ultimate winner in the end, who definitely benefited from her proximity to Shinichiro. Hiromi is a talented basketball player, which was a definite plus for me. On the minus side was trying to hide her feelings as she believed that Shinichiro was her brother. Actually, that seemed kind of an absurd storyline at the time. She ends up second in this little ranking mainly on personal preference of character types.

#3 Isurugi Noe

  • MAL Favorites: 340
  • Pixiv Search Results: 142

Noe seems to have the larger share of support from most of the people who watched the series. More than just the strange tree-climbing girl from the beginning of the series, she is probably the only one who is completely honest and says what she feels. Unfortunately, it never really worked for me as I generally found her somewhat annoying. That’s not to say she’s a bad character, but she didn’t seem realistic.

Final Thoughts: So really it comes down to my finding Aiko’s flaws more interesting than Hiromi’s non-committal attitude and Noe’s eccentric behavior. However, I can see how people could rank these characters differently. Though, I do wonder if there would be a different attitude if Shinichiro did stay with Noe.

And just for the hell of it:

Nobuse Miyokichi

  • MAL Favorites: 6
  • Pixiv Search Results: 0 (zero)

There is always the bromance ending isn’t there?

9 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #1: The Girls of True Tears”

  1. I won’t go as far as some others who said she was an outright “bitch,” but Hiromi was often too detached for my liking. Visually, though, she’s got just the right elegance. And I love her taste in sweaters.

    I think I have to agree with liking Aiko the most. Her failed relationship with Miyokichi hurt a lot to watch, and I wouldn’t say I have the most hope for her second try… But the guy she likes doesn’t like her back, end of story. She has to move on, and she does. Attagirl.

    I think this might be my first comment here. Hello! Love what you’ve done with the place. 🙂

    1. And here I thought my preference for Aiko was pretty rare. She’s definitely the one least likely to come out emotionally scarred from all this. I also had a thought that maybe Hiromi was playing the detached role just to make Shinichiro that much more interested in her.

      Thanks for the comment, it’s always a struggle to get them here, unfortunately.

  2. A lot of people seem to misunderstand Ai but why do people count her out of the storyline saying things like she was undeveloped/worthless. I’m sorry but did you really think that Ai would’ve been able to increase the plot?what more can she offer to the story aside from being a third wheel ? if Ai was a written as a comic relif/fanservice character then I would’ve agreed with you on what you said about her being un important but her actions lead me to believe otherwise

    She was written as a symbolic character instead of your average one-chan character you see in many animes –We don’t know anything a bout her background ,you don’t see her interact with many people either .Unlike the other characters ,Ai was basically disconnected from the plot intentionally –going to a different school /having a job /being older /dating Shin’s best friend were all to make sure she gets neglected from the plot –she was a victim of harsh writing because unlike the other characters .Her character was manipulated by the writers .,They wanted to screw her and make her a failer .Out of all the characters ,she properly interacted the least with Shin..

    1. Of course it was fairly obvious from the beginning she had no chance in the end, but unlike similar characters in other series, she’s able to move on and find someone else. She’s unimportant to the plot with the exception of maybe illustrating to Shin that feelings can change. However, I don’t think the overall plot of the series really plays a role in the personal preference here apart from Shin’s choices.

  3. I agree with everything you said on thw wole changing of feelings part but you see there’s some sort of manipulation here with Ai’s character.If they wanted her to get more involved they wouid have just put her in the same school -end of story.Why did they add her if they knew she wasn’t going to a part of the show ?She was properly the most realistic character among the three.They added her to give the show more realism I guess so I’m glad they included her .

  4. True Tears was one of the first shows to really grab me a few years ago when I got back into anime so I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about it. There is a misperception I think that causes people to watch this show as a harem type show with Shinichiro as a proxy for the viewer. This is a mistake because unlike a generic harem lead who is meant to be a bland stand in for the viewers interests, Shinichiro has a strong and developed personality of his own. This makes me think about the girls of True Tears in two ways, who is the right girl for Shinnchiro and which is the girl “I” like best.

    Ai is the most realistic in that she acts most like a teenage girl, IE has a blind crush on a boy she is acquainted with, can’t see the good in the guy she’s with, ect, ect. She’ll be a great girl when she grows up which we get to see some of over the course of the show.

    Noe is the girl who steals my heart, strait-forward, eccentric and caring, this is the type of girl I am drawn to. Is she the the best one for Shinichiro? No, like most truly honest people she can’t see what Shinichiro means most of the the time, she grasps his personality but not his intent.

    Hiromi is the one I struggle to like. She is evasive, guarded and wounded emotionally. It’s these characteristics that repel me that draws Shinichiro to her. She is the most like his Mother who is his unconscious model for femininity. And he is most likely a good match for her lost father figure. They are truly the best match for each other if not for the viewer.

    tldr; I ❤ Noe but Shin ended up with the right girl.

    1. Excellent observations all around. Noe was the one I always thought was least likely to end up with him simply because her eccentricity seemed to clash with Shinichiro. Hiromi ultimately had the advantage of living with him for a considerable amount of time.

  5. I watched this anime about two years ago and I re-watched a gain just to refresh my memory

    I didn’t think of true tears as a regular harem to be honest with you. Shin wasn’t the type to handle multiple relationships with many girls nor did he wanted to .I think that people shouldn’t view this anime as to who should win because it was obvious as hell that he would pick Hiromi..

    My favorite girl was Hiromi .she was caught in the hardest situation of all the girls’ .You might get a bit annoyed by her when you watch the series for the first time but as the episodes goes on ,you’ll get to understand why she does the things she does .For me she’s the most complex of the three
    Noe is also a nice character .She also has some flaws but her flaws are at least lovable.She is also the most interesting of the three.

    Aiko is the most flawed of the three .Like Blackholeheart said she acts like a real girl but She kinda crossed the line with some of her actions .What she did to Nobuse was despicable if you ask me (Things like using Nobuse and cheating on him )she didn’t give much thoughts to Shin and Nobuse friendship .Her actions were even worse than anything Hiromi ever did but that’s why she felt real I guess but I don’t hate at all …

    1. I think it is just the nature of fandom at this time just to take a show like that and make it a competition between characters in a shipping war. Noe is the sort of character who is so sweet as to cause one to go into a diabetic coma. She’s clearly there to be the sympathetic figure in the end, she just comes off as too perfect for Shin. On Hiromi you have no disagreements from me. Aiko is more a different reaction to the same set of events. You view it negatively, while I see it as realistic. They don’t necessarily contrast.

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