Making up the Numbers

Should have gone with an unseeded draw, this is the only time this blog matters in the tournament

I figured I should just get this in before I’m completely forgotten about by the end of the week. This blog was miraculously selected for the Aniblog Tourney. I happen to be seeded 81st and will undoubtedly go out in the Qualifying Round to the far superior Paper Flower blog. With it being 18 months since I started this project, and the sole reason I actually qualified for this thing, I thought I would give a little history lesson about this place.

In November 2008, somewhat inspired by We Remember Love more than anything, and the fact I didn’t have to work the next day. I set about creating a place where I could write on a variety of topics. With variety like that, I thought it would actually be pretty boring mostly.

Now the blog name, which seems to never come up in questions about this place (mainly because there never are questions about this place). Lower Mid-Table is a reference to the bottom half of a league table in football, going down to just above the relegation places. I’ve put an example below using the current League Two (fourth tier of English football) table.

The current league table (18/4/2010) for Coca-Cola League 2
The area between the 2 red lines denotes lower mid-table. With Grimsby and Darlington both being awful, it's not very interesting.

This part of a table is either interesting, or terribly dull and it is a constant struggle for those involved. So I thought it would actually work for a blog title, which it clearly hasn’t (why am I not writing a football blog?).

A couple weeks later, I wrote a post about my own defining anime series, as that was the trend at the time. I got some comments for the first time that were positive (maybe those ones in Cyrillic or pitching products really were positive?) and ever since this has been almost entirely an anime focused blog.

Ever since, I’ve split time on episodic blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes (now up to episode 68), trying and usually failing to keep up with the latest shows, some other failed attempts at regular features, the hastily written 40 post 2000s retrospective, and for now blogging Giant Killing because it is the only series that has ever actually fit for this blog.

So for those passing through before voting for someone else, that is pretty much the story of Lower Mid-Table.

7 thoughts on “Making up the Numbers”

  1. ❤ Sometimes I do feel the self-deprecation goes too far, but I do get that it's part of the style.

    I kinda feel bad I haven't paid enough attention on your GK blogging esp since I like the show. I feel like you have a whole lot to say but the summary eats up so much space. Looking forward to the next one and good luck to us in the tourney!

    1. The self-deprecating is a little over the top I admit, I tend to see it as a way to keep myself grounded for fear of disappointment. Kind of like betting against something I have a good idea will fail. I think I should probably get away from that soon since I kind of get the impression that it gets annoying to others.

  2. I’ve always known you as that guy who blogs Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Never really read it because my eyes have been pretty bad over the past year, but I acknowledge your existence. That’s got to count for something.

    Look on the bright side: if you don’t win, I won’t have to release any sleazy attack ads against you in the second round.

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