Pointless Debate #2: The Flower Girl from Macross 7

The Flower Girl in an alternate reality where she finally gives away the flowers.

The intention of this series is to bring attention to arguments that would normally not be raised, because they are generally too absurd. The idea for this series actually came from a though I had a couple months back. The Flower Girl from Macross 7 is the most pointless recurring character I could remember. So the case for an against this character will be presented below the fold.

They really do make plastic models of any character

The Case Against

The Flower Girl makes an interesting case of a character whose sole reason for existing is time filler in a show many Macross fans wish never existed. The premise is that she shows up to every Fire Bomber concert hoping to give Basara her flowers. She never talks, and she never succeeds in giving Basara the flowers. I should also mention this sequence happens in nearly all of the 49 episodes of the series. At some point, the writers must have been writing scenarios based solely around her appearance.

Now, why is she so pointless?

  1. She fails to give Basara the flowers even when he is playing in front of crowds no larger than a bar.
  2. Despite attending every one of his shows, she leaves absolutely no impression on Basara.
  3. Why insist on hand delivering them at all? A simple note left on the flowers delivered to Basara at the beginning of his career could have seen her get some acknowledgement at the very least

So ultimately, you have a character with no ambition who goes out of her way to do nothing. You can even consider her existence as a way to prove that Basara, who comes off like an ass for significant portions of the story, had people who loved him all along.

The Case For

Too much can be made of the Flower Girl’s existence. She could simply be a fan who just wants to show a little light affection for her favorite singer. The fact that she is there from the beginning provides proof that Basara had not changed as a singer from the beginning and was not changed by the fame that came from leading Fire Bomber up the charts.

Now the counterpoints to the arguments above:

  1. In a small group watching a rock band perform, of course a girl wearing a white dress and carrying flowers is going to look strange. In a way, just appearing like that could be as good as actually giving Basara the flowers.
  2. Can it actually be confirmed that she left no impression on him? Maybe one individual fan he has never talked to is hard for one to remember. Also, Basara has bigger things to take care of like fighting via his singing, and his part in the love triangle at the center of the series.
  3. Why would Basara accept delivered flowers from some crazy fan? Seriously. Hand delivering them is the only way to show true appreciation.

It can be argued that she has tons of ambition in wanting to see Basara, only circumstances seem to get in the way constantly. Basara may also seem like a bit of a dick off-stage, but the on-stage persona the Flower Girl sees definitely appeals to her, and really that is all that matters.

Conclusion: It can be really easy to just say X character is the worst recurring character that someone can think of. While I couldn’t think of anyone worse at the time, there are probably hundreds that could battle for that dishonor. In the end, I would say she was overused and a time-filler, but that is probably not enough to go out on a limb as a worst character.

5 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #2: The Flower Girl from Macross 7”

  1. The point of this character is to titillate, in some kind of moe fashion. The wind blows and we see her skivvies some times. The character is a total joke, and after all the pointless appearances she makes in the final episode she gives Basara the boquet it’s a gratification we never asked to have, but fuck, I felt gratified anyway in a huge way.

    1. I think the sheer number of appearances kind of wears the viewer down. So they grow tired of her and even annoyed by her very existence. By the end, though, the viewer is so cynical that there is no hostility left.

      1. It’s the opposite for me (and my wife). We were actually expecting if not straight away looking forward to her pointless appearance.

        By the way, Macross 7 is terribly animated overall. Showing a new pointless flower girl scene at the expense of some repeated transformation sequence or ‘battle’ is truly no great loss.

        Oh, the beauty of pointless fanservice.

    2. I think you probably meant “terribly animated” in terms of mechanical animation, otherwise that’d be just asinine.

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