Pointless Debate #9: Learning How to Aniblog 200 Posts After the Fact

Since this is pointless debate, I give you pointless death. Ideon sure is depressing at times.

I’ve decided to take a moment to acknowledge the fact I have successfully hit the “Publish” button 199 times previous to this. Now I know a lot of people would be tempted to throw together a list of favorite posts they have written, or looked at other successes and experiences they may have had over the course of 200 post. Instead, I’m going to try to focus on one theme: unresolved issues.At the time of writing this, a little under 25,000 visits have been made to this blog, and the average seems to be in a range of 40-50 a day, though on a good day this will be inflated by a single person trolling through the LoGH posts on those rare days I hit triple figures. Now, I have no idea if this is any good or not, though over 19 months of writing I would say that is probably the latter. I do worry constantly about a slide into irrelevance, though that implies having been relevant in the first place. So I guess I am probably looking for a little bit of help here.

Such is the extent of fanservice in the series that I hardly had to try to find this

Writing Style

Now I am perfectly aware this will make a lot of writers cringe at the way I work, but 198 of the previous 199 posts were done as a single draft. This probably explains why most of my work seems more like information dumps than coherent arguments. It also detracts from any sort of entertainment value I may be trying to put in the posts. Which means I’ve probably failed in providing consistent, value-filled content that readers would find interesting.

The most popular post here is a joint Ladies versus Butlers!/Sora no Woto episodic review which has all of zero comments. My own theory is that people just stumble upon it based on the first half of the post title (the second half was trying to force a Code Geass reference) and these people leave disappointed. I can further back that up with the seemingly crazy searches that have popped up in my top searches. Items like tax forms, drunk footballers, people looking for information on Townsville in Australia and surreal adverts are constantly near the top. I think these items were mentioned once in passing, like over a year ago, yet people keep showing up for them.

Aren't I just making it worse by using this picture?

Episodic vs. Editorial

Yes, a classic debate and one which most believe leans me more toward the former than the latter. I think the ratio is probably about 1:1 here, but comments and views tend to skew 20:1 toward episodic. Which is why I must go back to finding value-filled content. I’d like to do more editorial posts, honestly, but the trouble is making them interesting. At any one time, I probably have 10-15 ideas floating around my head for editorial posts. The problem, as at least one other aniblogger can attest to (and squandering my only chance at collaboration in the process), is that once it reaches 3 or 4 sentences it usually dies a horrible death never to be published. So maybe 2 out of every 30 ideas ever see the light of day here.

Other writers are able to extract from their own personal experiences and make entertaining posts without looking like it took a lot of effort. This would generally be those who are actually “established” mostly, but it does take a whole lot of work. If I were to draw on my own experiences I could give you my thoughts on attending Anime Central last month, but because I wish not to inflict crippling depression on myself and turn away anyone who would read this I don’t. Other than that…let’s just say merely existing to make it to the next day doesn’t make the greatest of source material.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the Future

The “Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes” experiment now makes up 37.5% of the posts here. After I hit episode 55, I quickly began to worry about what to do after this is all over. With 35 weeks to go, I am still stuck to a great extent. I could just do nothing and spend time on other ideas with the sudden free time I have on Saturdays. I could find the next old lengthy series to blog episodically, but the original inspiration to do this wouldn’t be there. Trying to cram something completely different into the schedule also seems a bit wrong. However, I fear that simply doing nothing and having an open schedule could lead to an eventual end to my writing anything.


Even after 19 months, there’s a part of me that still wants to blow it all up and start all over again. Then again, that would feel like I was cheating and I doubt I could even reach even this lowly level again since the source material would be exactly the same. So instead, I turn it over to anyone who would feel like commenting on this post.

Is there something I absolutely have to do differently? The zero post queue seems like a natural place to start. Should I be worrying about other things besides this blog? What actually makes an editorial post entertaining? Is there anything that bothers you as a reader? Are my attempts to insert humor into my post cringe-worthy or so unnoticeable that they don’t even seem like humor. At the very least, it would be nice to know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong? And yes, this post was written in a single session.

8 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #9: Learning How to Aniblog 200 Posts After the Fact”

  1. If I were in your shoes, owning this blog…

    I would change the theme, use bigger fonts, and be more aggressive with images.

    I’d force the football references more.

    But the key difference will be I would write as if I was having the grandest time in the world talking about these things I talk about.

    The beautiful game makes everything beautiful. To an extreme end you can style your posts like Reverse Thieves…, make each post 2 halves then stoppage time… but that can be too much effort.

    But the key is I would have fun and it should show. Dry information isn’t fun. Color commentary on the information can be.

    The best football commentator I ever heard is someone I know not the name for, when Ruud Van Nistelrooy was still in Holland he called the whole game by himself, telling me how RVN’s runs thrust like a dagger through the very heart of the Ajax (or was it PSV) defense. The guy was a poet.

    You don’t have to be, but you can write and have fun, as opposed to sharing your expected suffering and ignominy — a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    1. I will have to keep the theme in mind, I think I just went for minimalism when I was designing it. Since I lack the skills or people to do things with Photoshop/CSS I thought avoiding images would be for the best.

      The increasing football references I can do, though the “…” responses I tend to get from people in real life usually puts me off. But they are Americans and mostly ignorant of the sport anyway, unfortunately. I’d try not to force a format though as it comes up as way too gimmicky.

      Ruud would have been going against Ajax at that point as a PSV player. I never really bought into him as a great total striker, but just an absolute natural at being at the right spot and timing his runs absolutely perfect. That said I think only one of his 150 goals for Manchester United was scored from outside the penalty area. I hope that commentator wasn’t as into Ruud as Ray Hudson was about Riquelme in my infamous Giant Killing post.

  2. I think it would be better if you edited your posts. I’ve never really had a post I would write and then immediately post. I’d revise at least once before posting, and try to make my articles coherent.

    But it really just depends on the person. I’ve never really had a consistent gimmick going; I simply try to write as well as possible and hope for the best.

    1. I really wish I had someone else editing for me actually. I tend to be either way too hard on myself to the point where a post never goes up, or too lax and let tons of errors go through. Infamously, I once got Reuenthal and Oberstein mixed up in a Legend of the Galactic Heroes post, and did not notice it in any of the 20 further times it came up in the post.

      Gimmicks are gimmicks for a reason. They serve as a way to hide a defect generally.

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