Pointless Debate #10: Season Previews

Does this pass as a full preview?

This probably comes as a bit of a surprise that I would suddenly be taking shots at season previews, but I am anyway. After being inspired via someone else MS Paint their own selections I had a go at it (above), at which point it became obvious that there really isn’t much to this. Reviews are infinitely more useful than previews in my opinion and this is how I think of it logically.

Using a few pictures and a brief plot synopsis, someone writing is supposed to convey why it would be a useful way to kill time by watching it. Yet, it’s hardly the basis of really determining what is decent in advance. Take my choices above, I probably profanely eliminated most of the shows people actually watch this season, and in the process alienate 99 percent of my readership.

I would tend to believe most blog readers would already have read over the plot outlines and decided for themselves what they were going to watch, anything said in a preview is unlikely to change that. So all I can really say is watch what you want to watch and don’t watch what you think is poor. I tend to watch at least part of each new series, so I’m doing that and probably not finishing much this season.

And some questions for anyone reading this: Does reading a preview definitely determine if you are likely to watch or not watch something? Am I horribly wrong in my complete guesses of quality above? Is there actually anything worth watching this season?

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    1. It’s nice to see someone else knows where I’m coming from. There’s no point putting effort into it, and obscure good shows will be subbed 4 years down the line.

  1. That poster is just a starting point. Read my full preview here:

    It might be tl;dr, but it is definitely not pointless: it gives a story outline, like the poster, but adds staff (the best predictor of how good a show will be), cast, and links to a trailer, scanlated mangas, and the AnimeSuki forum.

    If you haven’t spent days roaming the interweb looking for info, you can find all you need there.

    Of course, the best method is to watch one episode of everything and go from there, lol.

    1. I suppose there is always the standby of going off of the reviews of manga and the like for the plot, but I suppose staff could be a decent predictor. I guess from my standpoint I would want a good story first before I even care about who produces it, but maybe others care differently.

  2. I always wait one or two years and let word of mouth let me know what’s worth and what isn’t. Hence I’m always like 2 years behind when it comes to watching anime. But it also means that I really like most of the stuff I get to see.

    1. That’s a reasonable way to approach it. I think the mindset has become one of having to need it now, which really is the biggest factor in the contraction of the industry in general. I think I also enjoy word-of-mouth recommendations too.

  3. The season previews are not always accurate or evocative. Invariably something that looks good turns out to be utter shite. And something you’d think, from the poster preview is going to be shite actually turns out to be good.

    Then again, it never fails that I overlook something worthwhile. The buried treasure is there before me, biting me in the arse.

    Giant Killing is one such a show…your blog turned me on to it. Being a footbal fanatic, how I overlooked it, I’ll never know ((maybe it was the Studio Deen tag LOL)). Another show I overlooked that my wife turned me on to was The Tatami Galaxy….that one hits a little too close to home for me to comment on at the moment.

    One show I think yer missing out on is Mitsudomoe. I watched the first episode expecting a Hanamaru Kindergarten meets Kodomo no Jikan. What I got was the funniest damn thing I’ve seen since Minami-Ke…in fact it sorta is like Minami-ke…with all the sisters the same age and in 6th grade. Funny as hell. Fock YEH you show watch it!

    1. I was still going to at least sample most of the shows that are airing this season. I’ll probably revisit this post taking a “how I was wrong” type angle. I am watching Mitsudomoe, Seitokai Yakuindomo and Amagami SS more intensely than the rest, but in general it’s been pretty weak for the most part.

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