Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 94

Will the Gale Wolf strike once again?

The 94th episode of Legend of the Galactic Heroes sees the setup of the mission to take on Reuenthal from the side of Reinhard. Mittermeyer is made an offer not to be involved, but he must for the sake of the nation. At the same time, internal affairs rise to the top with Lang’s position under threat in a variety of ways. Also, Hilde is able to once again see Reinhard, but later reveals a shocking surprise.The episode begins immediately after Reinhard’s return to Phezzan when he asks for a meeting with Mittermeyer. Noting that he is one of two people who could defeat Reuenthal and his friendship for over a decade with him, Reinhard offers Mittermeyer the opportunity to refuse the order he would give. Mittermeyer, though, argues that he should change his mind and allow Reuenthal the opportunity to explain himself directly. Reinhard refuses saying that he had plenty of opportunity over the weeks in space to do so. Mittermeyer then says that Reuenthal would have been prevented from doing so by Oberstein and Lang, and he asks Reinhard to demote them as a sign of reconciliation. Reinhard refuses again saying that he shouldn’t have to lower himself as ruler to demoting men to bring a subordinate in line. Mittermeyer says he could reappoint Oberstein at a later date to restore his honor, and at the same time he would resign from his post. Reinhard asks who would command the Space Fleet, and Mittermeyer says that Müller and Kesler or Mecklinger could fill Oberstein’s post in the interim. Reinhard says he couldn’t believe one of his admirals would go into retirement in the same age as Yang, then he asks Mittermeyer again if he would follow his order. Mittermeyer begrudingly accepts the order.

Interesting that Mittermeyer is offered the option of declining the order. However, I think it is one that he ultimately couldn’t refuse. I don’t think Mittermeyer would have allowed himself to stand by as his friend was in danger. Also, declining would have set the stage further for accusations against himself. In the end, it really wasn’t much of an option.


At about the same time as Reinhard returned, a letter addressed to the Imperial Government written by Reuenthal had made its way to Phezzan. In it, he denounces the actions of Oberstein and Lang, who he accuses of taking advantage of Reinhard’s health. As Reinhard had not actually had any instances of misgoverning, it logically made sense for Reuenthal to attack subordinates. However, the accusation that he was being controlled struck Reinhard’s pride and angered him further.

Later, Mittermeyer asks Bayerlein to contact Wahlen and Bittenfeld to guard the flanks against Reuenthal, but Müller would stay behind because of his injury and for another reason. Mittermeyer expresses certainty that he will lose and someone will have to serve as a final line of defense to protect the Kaiser. Bayerlein dismisses Mittermeyer’s self-critique and asks to confirm that he will be the one fighting Reuenthal. Mittermeyer says he will because the Kaiser’s hands cannot be tarnished. After it is explained and Mittermeyer states that Reinhard must stay out of the conflict to maintain the peace and continued existence of the Empire. Bayerlein asks about Oberstein as the last remaining Fleet Admiral if both Mittermeyer and Reuenthal died, and Mittermeyer jokingly suggests that Oberstein would resign since he believed there should be no Number Two. Mittermeyer then dismisses Bayerlein, then says that Oberstein isn’t the problem, but instead he has to get rid of the real vermin before the expedition.

A few hours later, Lang brags to Oberstein about how he was right about Reuenthal all along. Oberstein then interrupts him to say that he would likely have to travel to the Neue Land with the expedition and that Lang would also have to go with him, so he should be prepared to leave at any time. Lang then back tracks and says he is afraid he will be killed since Reuenthal hates him, but Oberstein says he is hated more. Then Lang says that his standing in the government doesn’t justify his traveling and he says he has to return to the ministry.

One of the reasons for Lang’s grudge against Reuenthal had to do with his low rank and being kicked out of a meeting. When suddenly he has to deal with him again, Lang hides behind his low rank to try to get out of it. He completely deserves what happens to him next.

As he walks out of Oberstein’s office, he bumps into Ferner before thinking through the situation and realizing the deaths of Oberstein and Reuenthal together would be the ideal outcome. Then he is confronted by Mittermeyer as he heads downstairs. Mittermeyer expresses surprise that Lang remembered his name, but as Lang directs him toward Oberstein’s office Mittermeyer says he came to see him. Mittermeyer lists some titles Lang held and would no longer need if he were dead, then pulls out a gun and climbs the stairs. When he appears ready to fire, Kesler stops him and then slowly talks him out of killing Lang out of a personal vendetta. If Lang is guilty of a crime, Kesler assures Mittermeyer that Lang would be punished to the full extent of the law. Mittermeyer relents and walks away. As Lang begins to thank him, Kesler glares angrily at Lang before walking away.

At this point, Kesler is thinking about doing the job himself.

At the Provisional Imperial Fleet Headquarters, Hilde welcomes Reinhard back before the latter begins talking about how the deaths of the three admirals this year have hit him surprisingly hard. Hilde says they would not have held grudges against him when they died. The conversation then turns to Reuenthal’s letter and his comments against Oberstein and Lang. Hilde understood the intentions of the letter and how it would affect Reinhard. Also, she knew based on her experience during Vermillion that Reuenthal wouldn’t back down either. Hilde expressed the general feeling that Lang was a despicable character who could easily be replaced by someone else, but Reinhard defended Lang as someone who couldn’t be fired because he was hated. Then, Hilde handed Reinhard documents which showed that the charge against Boltik in the assassination of Silverberche had been fabricated by Lang. Hilde then revealted that it was Lutz who had started the investigation on his own feelings about the danger Lang was to the government. Reinhard is angry at himself for defending him, but while it would be too late for Reuenthal, something would have to be done for Lutz’s loyalty.

Hilde then exits the room and then rushes to the restroom due to sickness. When she recovers, it suddenly dawns on her that it is the consequence of just that one night. However, she resolves not to tell Reinhard about her condition.

It isn't all that surprising for the situation to end up this way is it?

Hilde’s pregnancy just adds further the complexity of her relationship with Reinhard…obviously. Now, it’s going to appear that she is hiding something from him every time they talk until this is revealed to him.

Meanwhile, Mittermeyer prepared to leave and said goodbye once again to his wife Evangeline. She vows to hate Reuenthal if he becomes her husband’s enemy, then she says she will make him his favorite dish everyday when he returns. He says he would get fat if she did that and that once a week would be fine. On top of that, he isn’t sure that they would actually be fighting.

On the 5th of November the Phezzan Corridor was filled with the 40,000+ ships that Mittermeyer would be taking with him to the Neue Land. Serving under him would be Wahlen and Bittenfeld.

Thoughts: There really wasn’t too much happening in this episode. Most of it was devoted to Mittermeyer taking on his everyman role from thinking of himself as a common soldier to wanting to kill Lang for being evil. I think there’s no stopping an inevitable clash between the two friends. The question becomes what will happen at Iserlohn when they hear of Reuenthal’s outrageous offer.

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  1. It’s interesting for me what you write about Mittermeyer having no option but to follow the order tha reinhardt gives him. In a way, its one of the few times in the series when I feel Reinhardt acts in a calculating manner. One could argue that it would have been more regal and generous for Reinhardt to give the job to Muller, a combined command, or better yet, give Oberstein the chance to prove himself in battle.
    Instead, he presents Mittermeyer with an impossible situation. Betray your best friend or refuse and be suspected of wavering loyalty to the Kaiser.

    1. We must take into the account that if Reuenthal won the first campaign, his rebellion might become unstoppable. So Reinhardt really only has two options available to him: send Mittermeyer or he, himself leading the attack. I remembers he actually told Mittermeyer just that. If Mittermeyer refused, he would be responsible of not only putting Kaiser in danger but also tarnish the relationship between the Reinhardt and his soldiers. Mittermeyer would not allow himself to be responsible of that. Also, Mittermeyer probably thinks he is the only man in the universe that Reuenthal would allow himself to be captured alive by if he was defeated on the battlefield. Though by confronting Reuenthal, Mittermeyer choices the best possibility to avoid/shorten the civil war and keep the live of his best friend.

    2. 208 probably summed it up better than I did in the actual post. but it really was a false choice. Mittermeyer definitely sees himself as someone who has to save both the nation and his friend if he was presented with the opportunity. That he puts those above his own career is admirable in a way.

  2. My wife and I tried vainly for 2 years, finally conceiving in our third year of marriage. Reinhard and Hilde can probably breed like hamsters. They are younger after all.

    I understand why Wenli and Frederica wouldn’t have wanted to have a child during the time they were together. Frederica was younger than him so there was no terrible rush (while I was around Yang’s age when I got my wife knocked up, she is older than I am so the pressure was on us).

    Lalalalalalalalalalala not talking about Mittermeyer vs. Reuenthal lalalalalalala☆

    1. I think the combination of 2 people who have been together for as long as they have for career related reasons and then one night throwing caution to the wind was always likely to produce an outcome like this. Conception always seems like its much easier when it isn’t planned.

      1. LOL, I don’t buy it. My wife and I have been together for at least three years before we got married and she being a very conservative Catholic herself… I hope I don’t have to say any more.

        We spent a lot of time not so much working the way Hilde and Reinhard did, but not too dissimilar working on my wife’s MBA coursework as well as her final paper (I really should get partial credit).

        I think it’s Hilde who’s a breeder.

      2. Of course I don’t really buy it myself, but there seems to be a whole genre of fiction devoted to that idea. Also, you don’t have to go any further on your explanation. I also wish credits could be awarded partially based on contribution to papers and coursework as I’d have a bunch too.

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