Pointless Debate #15: Anniversaries

The Kyoto Sanga depraved universe doesn't seem all that bad from my position.

After reading ghostlightning’s 2nd anniversary post, I wondered whether I should even bother at all with one of my own. The response when I raised it with others ranged from either jokingly ragequitting or not even bothering with one at all since 3 years is some sort of true mark of blogging. The fact that this post even exists means I decided to discard that advice and proceed to do an anniversary post of my own.

I originally thought I could start by illustrating how I had changed as a fan over 2 years, but I really struggled to see if my tastes had changed at all. When I put together my full ranking, I ended up caring more about the methodology than the actual results. Perhaps I didn’t think the results mattered or I didn’t see anything notable about them in that they were so ordinary. This gets into one of the themes of this post: stagnation.

Two years ago, I started this blog as a way to fill some time without any real planning up front. That’s probably cost me a lot as far as the communal aspect of the blogosphere goes, though I’ve always tended to be a lurker of sorts. Ultimately, year one of the blog ended up being mostly a waste of potential with only the beginning of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes posts standing out. For Year 2, I tried to make it a point to break out of the state I was in. So while there was some success with Giant Killing eventually, the other stuff like attempted collaborations and attending the convention really didn’t work out.

A few centimeters can seem like light years given the right context.

So what to try in Year 3? Leaving comments elsewhere could be a start, though most often I have little to add to anything. Then, of course, there’s always what I’m actually writing about. I’ve pretty much been settled into a pattern of posting once or twice a week getting an okay sized readership and a few comments for about six months. That may be the best I can do for now, which presents a major issue when I finish Legend of the Galactic Heroes in February.

I see 2 separate paths I can take from here. One is to embrace writing more about currently airing popular series, which is one I’ve failed at spectacularly this season by dropping or ignoring/pretending it doesn’t exist everything that seems popular. Series like Legend of the Galactic Heroes (too ambitious/long/would never be made now) and Giant Killing (non-shonen sports series) are niche shows for a reason. So if I want to go down this route in the future I have to know well in advance that I will like a show and then begin writing about it from the onset. This is a particular problem for someone like me who struggles to find passion in most things. I could still give this a shot, with my luck there will be nothing in the winter worth watching.

Proper editorial blogging. Incredibly seductive idea, bound to fail in it's execution.

The other path would be to write entertaining critical pieces that contain thoughtful analysis and intelligence regardless of what I was actually watching. I’ve actually made some attempts on this point, it’s never come out completely right, though in brainstorming for posts like this they have led to good posts by other people. Going this way while not necessarily time sensitive, would require a greater level of skill and passion than the other direction.

There’s probably a healthy middle ground in there somewhere, but is there an audience for something like that? One of my fears is putting in a lot of effort on a post only for it to be wasted effort. For example writing the post I would really want to do on OreImo would end up in the same wasteland as my post on Nogizaka Haruka. Writing about the industry itself has it’s own risks, which come either in the form of being an apologist/pirate/fan boy/overly critical of both sides of an invented conflict or forcing myself to avoid comparing the state of the industry to Madhouse sister company Grenoble Foot’s plummet down the French leagues.

My diet is barely better than this, but I suppose I could spend money supporting a broken business model.

I think I’ll figure it out eventually. I may need a little help along the way, but for now I will just have to continue on. Now to get to studying how other people are successful in writing posts. That’s something I should have done, oh, about 2 years ago.

8 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #15: Anniversaries”

  1. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. I actually think highly of myself for being a regular (and loyal) reader of yours. I don’t enjoy everything you make (as much I don’t expect you, or anyone else) to enjoy every post I make. However, I put in the spirit in the attempt as if whomever does end up liking the post will love it to death (not that it ever happens, but it’s a harmless fantasy and an inspiring one).

    I think passion and enthusiasm counts for much. I think people care to read things written with a higher level of emotional investment. I certainly enjoy reading the latter posts in your LotGH series after I felt you really started liking the show. I think Mar-Ardetta was the milestone, yeah that’s the one.

    Even though my pet shows/franchises are out of season, I write wildly about them (I just publish them when they are in season lol). It’s a benefit of stockpiling material I think. I write madly about whatever I’m high on, and publish it when I think there may be interest in it in any way. It doesn’t always work (my Kino’s Journey posts are neither my best, nor did they generate the kind of attention and discussion I hoped they would) but I’m glad I did them anyway.

    Just enjoy what you’re doing man, and chances are we will too!

    1. I just have to find something to enjoy in the next 3 months. As far as when I really started liking LoGH, I think it was probably when I saw the Imperial nobles replicate that famous painting of the Tennis Court Oath

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I actually laughed through this post. Rather enjoyed what you had to say about not saying much in 2 years. I’ve only arrived recently to your blog by way of twitter. The reason being Giant Killing.
    So, here’s my deal, you keep writing about whatever you want to, and I’ll keep reading.
    PS I have 3 blogs just gathering dust out there that I haven’t touched in a year or more.

    1. I think I have something like 4 blogs out in the ether, 3 of which had little to do with anime. I suppose I’ve learned building an audience from scratch takes skill and time.

  3. The thing I’ve learned is that it’s difficult to figure out what posts will be popular and which ones won’t be. There have been many times where I write about a certain soundtrack that I’m sure will be a hit only to hear nothing but the wind rustling across my windowsill. And then there are times when I write what I consider to be garbage posts and that conjures up a storm of interesting discussions.

    It’s so hard to predict that I’ve kinda just given up and write about what I damn well please. If people like it, so be it, if people don’t, that’s fine too. I write primarily for myself anyhow and somehow, it all works out in the end.

    1. To be honest that whole section of what I’ve come to call as “How to sell out as an anime blogger?” wasn’t really entirely serious. I can definitely understand the frustration that comes. A bunch of effort goes in only for no one to read it. I’ve even had a couple of times where garbage ends up with a little discussion. I think I still have to get to that write whatever the hell I want stage.

  4. I really admire the effort you’ve put to those LotGH posts. Your dry wit and tone just works wonderfully well with it. Keep it up, and I hope you get to find more shows that you enjoy blogging!

    Also, pointless debate is not that pointless, IMO.

    1. Pointless debate just seemed like a good enough title for this when I was putting together the True Tears girls post. That’s probably the first time anyone has actually said anything about the title though.

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