Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 100

There has to be a ceremony of some sort to mark 100 episodes.

The 100th episode of Legend of the Galactic Heroes sees the public announcement of the marriage between Reinhard and Hilde and the wedding ceremony itself. The announcement and brief preparation bring a lot of stress to those involved. At the same time, Mittermeyer is forced to contemplate a change in direction for his career. The wedding goes well until Oberstein is forced to do his job as yet another crisis has broken out. Finally, the Terraist’s leader emerges from out of nowhere.

The episode begins at a New Year’s celebration at the Supreme Headquarters where Reinhard announces the marriage plans and Hilde’s pregnancy. All gathered support the marriage between the two as a sign of the beginning of an era of peace and prosperity. Also, Count Mariendorf’s demeanor made it all that much easier to accept.

Two days later, Count Mariendorf told Reinhard of his intention to resign, but Reinhard wanted him to continue at his post until a successor could be found. As a result, all of the wedding preparations were run by his servant Hans Stelzer. Hans couldn’t believe how much time had past seeing Hilde grow up and then becoming the bride of the Kaiser, but the one month between the announcement and the ceremony left little time for sentimentality.

At he arrived home, Mittermeyer was greeted by the crying Felix, Evangeline and Heinrich and he could only wonder if Eisenach’s home was as lively. Then, he sat down and talked to his wife about his qualities as a politician. She says that he would be a great politician because he is fair and honorable, but he responds by saying that wouldn’t be enough to govern. Then, he remembers a conversation he had with Bayerlein, who told him that Count Mariendorf had recommended him to his post. Bayerlein then recommended he take it because Oberstein or someone like him would be able to take it. Mittermeyer then tells Evangeline that he wanted to stay away from politics, but the situation isn’t too hopeful.

Mittermeyer now finds himself at the same crossroad that Yang and Reinhard came across. The former chose not to cross the divide between politics and the military guided by his own beliefs. The latter went straight through it as his goal of seizing the universe required him to be part of both roles. Mittermeyer is undoubtedly more like Yang than Reinhard, but having sipped the water of autocracy, will Mittermeyer choose to cross over at all?

Mittermeyer is seriously contemplating his future.

After Hilde was confirmed to become Empress, a whole new set of problems arose. Discussions between the Legal Affairs and Imperial House ministries had centered around whether the Empress would have legal powers over the nation. While it would not be an issue with Hilde, the concern was raised about future Empresses exerting authority. The narrator then gives the republican view of cynicism about this process as a corrupt Emperor would cause many more problems that a corrupt Empress.

On January 25th, Annerose arrived on Phezzan to attend the wedding. At the mansion she would be residing during her time there, Annerose was greeted by Hilde as she walked in. The two talked for a little bit, where Annerose expressed sadness at what she had put Kircheis through, since he served Reinhard so well. Reinhard then arrived and Hilde left the room. After Hilde realized the historical importance of Annerose’s decision to serve Friedrich, Reinhard returned. After he first calls her Fraulein Mariendorf, he says that after the marriage it wouldn’t make much sense, so they should call each other by their given names. After they do so once, the narrator informs us that they go back to calling each other by title.

So typical of the narrator to come in and spoil something like that. The one time Hilde and Reinhard act like a normal husband and wife is ruined when that is revealed to be the only time. However, the resumption of formal titles fits in perfectly with their characters, so I wasn’t too terribly surprised at that revelation.

The most important person in the Empire. Ever.

On January 29th, a snowy day marked the wedding ceremony. As Hans lamented about the weather, the doors opened to reveal the bride and groom. The pair walked down the aisle and stopped to greet Count Mariendorf. As the father said her deceased mother would be incredibly happy, Hilde cries then kisses him on the cheek. Reinhard then asks if he should refer to him as “father,” but as one of his subjects Count Mariendorf said his current name would be welcome enough. The couple moved on, but Mainhoff asked the Count how it felt to be the Kaiser’s father-in-law. He laughs a little in response before Oberstein’s stern glare shuts him up. The couple then walk past Annerose before the ceremony truly began. The Chief Minister of Household Affairs Bernheim nervously read out the declaration of marriage before Reinhard asked him to calm down since it was not as though Bernheim was getting married.

Oberstein will not stand for your expression of human emotions at a wedding.

After it became official, Bittenfeld starts the celebration unofficially, then goes on to say that Reinhard is merely a handsome groom, but godly on the battlefield. Müller believes that Reinhard is a godly groom as well. Mittermeyer refers to Hilde as Fraulein before Evangeline corrects him. Then, as Mittermeyer looks at Felix and imagines Reuenthal, he remembers that Lang’s execution was delayed.

Then, Ferner whispers something into Oberstein’s ear, which prompts him to interrupt the couple’s departure to declare that anti-Imperial violence had broken out on Heinessen. Bittenfeld, then Mittermeyer then state their anger at Oberstein for his timing. As others join in expressing their anger, Oberstein states that he has an obligation to inform the Kaiser of issues of national security regardless of the timing. Mittermeyer walks over and tells Reinhard that Wahlen should be able to take care of it there, otherwise he should leave it to the rest of them to handle the situation. Reinhard glanced over for advice from Hilde, who chose to stay silent for good reason. She had retired from her post as Staff Superintendent and as Empress, she did not want to be seen as meddling. Reinhard briefly smiles at Hilde, then accepts Mittermeyer’s advice.

Here’s another interesting dilemma that the series poses. Societal expectations would dictate that Oberstein should wait, on the other hand, Oberstein would not be performing his duties if he had waited. Without the burden of responsibility, the rest of the audience sees Oberstein’s interruption as unforgivable, but his argument definitely makes sense.

And Emperor Pal...erm the Grand Bishop makes his return.

At an undisclosed location, De Villier is confronted by other Terraist followers demanding to see the Grand Bishop. There are rumors that he had died on Earth, but De Villier tries to say there are more important things to worry about since Reinhard was married and his child could have succession rights. After the crowd grows angrier, a figure resembling the Grand Bishop emerges from behind a curtain. The Grand Bishop then reiterates their basic belief about the rest of humanity before informing the crowd that De Villier is his right-hand man and they should listen to whatever he says. As his order is acknowledged, De Villier calls them fools under his breath.

Thoughts: When I first started this series, I never actually thought I would see 100 episodes, but here I am. The story is beginning to wind down now, the Terraist cult is quickly annoying me as something well beneath the standard of the rest of the series. Reinhard getting married is something I never would have thought possible in the first season of the series, but the time in building up the relationship between the two over the years really made it work.

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  1. There will be one more incident wherein the show underscores the importance of Annerose… and I am very fond of that moment even as it seems heavy-handed in execution; but that is close to the very end and you’ll know it when you see it.

    In terms of actual influence (both directly and indirectly, but I think mostly the latter), Annerose is unsurpassed. Everything everyone else did in this era (including the Terraists) is a response to things that Annerose put in motion.

    1. Annerose always seems to enter the picture in times of tragedy. She’s definitely important to the whole storyline, but I don’t know if her decision was really that difficult to make.

  2. The Terraists… well i think since they are terrorists beeing annoying is part of their job. Its still funny how chliche they are. In a normal Anime the would without a doubt be the last boss after some Deus Ex Machina turns them into a unstoppable force and making Yang and Reinhard join forces to defeat them.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly what they would be in a normal series. I’d say that would have happened if the series were compressed to 24 episodes or so, and with more modern direction.

  3. It was so typical that even in being a groom, Reinhardt looked majestic and impressive in comparison to Yang Wenli. Having said that, Oberstein’s interruption did kind of ruin the atmosphere of the wedding a bit. I mean, I know he’s the man that doesn’t let anything distract him from his job, but he could have very well snuck out of the wedding, dealt with the situation in Heinessen by delivering the first instructions and then inform the Kaiser discreetly right after the ceremony. But then he wouldn’t be Paul von Oberstein, would he now?

    You’re absolutely spot on about Annerose. She is the most important person in the empire. And she’s definitely the Macguffin of the entire series.

    1. The comparison of the weddings wasn’t really something I thought of when watching this. I suppose Yang’s wasn’t really all that memorable since it marked the beginning of Julian’s trip to Earth. Oberstein also had to do what he had to and it was perfectly in character.

  4. My favorite part of this episode was when Bittenfeld shouts “Hoff Kaiserin!”

    It was great, and one of the many reasons why I love Bittenfeld, ever since I first saw him exhort his men with comments about Nike’s underwear.

    1. It definitely seems to be picking up as of late. I think there is a tendency to try to cram in as much as possible toward the end, and it was decided narration was the best way.

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