To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 10

Touma punching Oriana Thomson in the face
Touma continues Index's fine tradition of women being punched in the face

The 10th episode of the series sees Touma and Motoharu continue their chase after Oriana Thomson with the remote assistance of Stiyl. After a brief battle between Touma and Oriana, more dramatic information is revealed about the item that everyone is chasing after and its potential effect on the world. Finally, Touma meets up with Index, then his family and finally Mikoto and her mother to great comedic effect.

The smug doctor appears to resolve Fukiyose’s situation.


With Fukiyose receiving medical treatment and the spell crippling Stiyl removed, Touma and Motoharu resumed the chase after Oriana Thomson. They eventually chase her down to a bus shelter where she hops on a bus with no one on it. Fortunately, Stiyl had left his runes on the buses in the last episode and he was able to disable the bus. After escaping the burning bus, Oriana went to work using her combination of psychological warfare and effective magic.

Oriana speaks almost entirely in double entendres

She starts by taking out Motoharu using a spell that knocks out those who are injured. Then, the battle with Touma starts with a series of spells she refuses to use more than once. She eventually gets to one that she says will kill Touma if he moved, but he runs through the spell and Imagine Breakers his way through more to connect a big right hand on Oriana. Touma then checks on Motoharu which leaves Oriana to escape without the large object she had been carrying. It turns out that the initial spell only lasted for a limited amount of time and that the thing she was carrying was just a signboard for an ice cream shop.

The real danger of utilizing one button on a shirt much too small
Index once again goes for the sudden world destruction possibility in the middle of a story arc.

The Game Changer

As Oriana dresses the part for the next phase of her mission, more details come to life about the transaction she thinks will end with everyone happy. Meanwhile, Charles Condor reveals to Laura Stuart that there really is no such thing as the Stab Sword, but the legend they are really chasing after is the Croce di Pietro or St. Peter’s Cross. She immediately realizes that Academy City would collapse if the transaction occurred, or much worse.

Delivering world-altering news like it was nothing

Stiyl receives the news from Laura back at Academy City, and he and Motoharu begin to explain to Touma just what would happen. When the cross would be placed into the ground, the land would immediately come under the control of the Roman Catholics. Everything in Academy City would begin to favor them and no one there would find anything strange about it. Ultimately, it would lead to a world where everyone would be happy even if it created an immense burden on society. In addition, with Academy City representing the point where magic and science balanced; having the city fall under the hands of the Roman Catholics would practically give them control of the world.

Ignoring out of place situations seems to be...
something that passes between generations.

The World of Happiness is Closer Than You Think

After thinking about the implications, Touma is confronted by Index who punches him for ignoring her feelings about wanting to cheer her on. Elsewhere, Mikoto and her mother run into Touma’s parents at a park. After her mother embarrasses her by revealing how she feels about Touma to his parents, the four head off to get something to eat. Before they leave, Oriana reappears to bump into Touya, who then proceeds to gawk at her and in the process getting on his wife’s bad side.

Touma’s separate lives come together at inopportune times.

Touma and Index later walk into a restaurant, the same one that the others went to. Immediately, Mikoto begins interrogating Touma about how he treats her and who exactly Index is. When Touya asks about Index as well considering she went on the beach sleepover, Mikoto ends up on the defensive. Index begins to ask questions about Mikoto’s relationship with Touma and the situation starts to get out of his control. Misaka’s mother moves in to ease the situation, which leads Touma to ask who she is. She then introduces herself as Misaka Misuzu, Mikoto’s mother, much to the incredulity of the others.


Index continues to follow its well-rehearsed story arcs. Fukiyose’s injuries in the last episode may as well be considered resolved. Then Touma was able to have his traditional mini-boss battle before the situation could be considered grave. Of course, it had to conclude on tradition end-of-episode lighthearted entertainment.

On that last part, I think it was quite interesting how the idea of everyone becoming happy segued into that final part of the episode. Touma, as essentially a harem lead, should have realized that a world where everyone is happy was quite close to him. As long as everyone accepted the situation where his relationships could exist separately, every one of his girls would seem happy. As soon as the questions start to be asked, the whole system looks like it would fall apart. Would Touma ever realize this idea? Definately not.