Pointless Debate #16: Kamijou Touma

Certain characters can easily be misunderstood.

Given the fact that chii has recently posted on the meeting of the great characters Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li from Legend of the Galactic Heroes and pointed out that I’ve been blogging the series, this next post will probably baffle those who have a particular taste in heroes. So with the image above which pretty much cuts into the Basil Exposition-esque level of writing in the series, my opinion of To Aru Majutsu no Index protagonist Kamijou Touma stands out a little. This post poses my own reasons why I like this character while at the same time questioning my own beliefs in said appreciation.

Touma punching Oriana Thomson in the face
It always has to be a punch in the face when Touma is involved.


From my perspective, Touma is able to maintain numerous relationships with women and girls he meets without ever experiencing the consequences. He can live with Index all the while every other woman in his life feels the important combination of intense jealousy, and continued hope of winning. That has to do with the fact that he actually doesn’t seem to care all that much about any individual, and that is sheer selflessness.

On the other hand, the women in his life never really come across each other simply because they are in so many worlds. Index is somehow held up as a sacred individual who must be protected by everyone and since Touma seems to make her happy they just go with it. That combination of jealousy and hope is typical of the harem genre and really has nothing to do with his character’s so-called charisma. He’s basically the luckiest character in the series even though he was written specifically to have no luck at all.

In general collisions between Touma's fist and a person's face resemble a ball hitting a baseball bat.

The Underdog

Touma is the ultimate underdog in the world of Academy City. The lowest of the level 0s with seemingly no abilities and existing in a world of espers with monstrous powers. Yet, he always finds a way to win. The system can’t cope with someone of his abilities, so it simply judges him to be inferior to everyone else. Also, he’s just blessed with all sorts of misfortune on those tests which could make him held in higher regard by someone other than Komoe.

But once again, those arguments can easily be swatted aside. His ability basically renders any sort of abilities from anyone else pointless flair. Also, for whatever reason, whenever his opponents can hurt him with projectiles, they seemingly refuse to do so for no logical reason. Since they’ve also blessed him with superhuman strength in his right arm, he actually should be winning every fight he gets into. The level 0 thing serves only to make it seem like those assigned that status are great underdogs, or fodder for those with powers. Also those tests, he should be studying for those, like a normal person.

Truly a man without fear


Touma displays no fear and incredible awareness in battle. But the thing I really like is the blind charging in and utter recklessness of some of the stuff that he does. Why shouldn’t he laugh when his hand has been cutoff? Why shouldn’t he take repeated blasts to stop someone else from doing something stupid? Why shouldn’t he think he has a chance to take on divine entities capable of causing global terror? And why shouldn’t he take on the Roman Catholic Church? He’s just fun to watch for me.

However, I can’t really argue with liking bad writing other than to say its bad writing. There’s much better action series out there, but if you like your stupid action/harem anime, then be my guest.

9 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #16: Kamijou Touma”

  1. AWESOME! So tired of reading everyone hate on him everywhere. There’s totally worse characters out their than he! I personally love him. ^__^

    1. To be fair, he is a rather easy character to hate as a typical harem lead. However, him busting into rooms filled with enemies is just something I like.

      1. He has balls though. Granted not smart balls but ones none the less that are willing to kick some ass. That’s way more than most can say about a typical harem lead 😛

  2. I agree on the charisma and the underdog. Those are the wonderful parts of his character. I can’t say I liked his fearlessness though. I once wrote a pretty long post complaining about that part of him. I think he’s too reckless, puts too many things in jeopardy, and too self-righteous to be respected for his senseless, albeit fearless, actions. Acting on emotions and being a blind hero are not admirable.

    1. I wouldn’t say acting on emotions and going in blind are admirable traits. However, within the action genre, when executed well it can be much more entertaining than rational action.

    1. That’s a chart chock-full with gar. Wow. Even though some of those weren’t good, I felt inspired just by reading it.

      On Touma: When I watched the first episode of Index and saw Mikoto and oh god holy crap was she awesome, I really disliked Touma. Yet as the episodes passed, I began to like him for the reasons you listed: his charisma, his underdog status, his… wait, nevermind. I don’t like his fearlessness. It gets overdone much of the time.

      What happened to Touma’s “misfortune” thing anyway? It seems like that little device just faded away.

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