Christmas Day – A Hazy Alcohol-Fueled Day

You had me at mid-air torpedo launches

After Sketchbook yesterday, the second of 3 posts for the Secret Santa project sees me take in Black Lagoon. As the theme of this post centers around part of my typical activities that I will be embarking on in a few hours, that being drinking heavily while watching relatives open various gifts from other family members, I felt I should blog this series in much the same way. So if many of the details in this post do not make much sense, there’s the reason.

In thinking of why this series was selected for me I could only believe that it was one of their personal favorites. Black Lagoon is a fairly popular series, even outside of the expected audience. An example of this would be a co-worker of mine, whose PSN name combines the protagonist Revy’s name and her ambidextrous skills. After talking to him for a little bit about watching it, he mainly compared it to Full Metal Panic!, “without the silly parts.” With that revelation out of the way, now on to the actual content.

Now, how did the experience of watching it go? I’d say it went pretty well and much better than anticipated as I went in with fairly low expectations having not experience a good action series in a while.

Black Lagoon is essentially a fish-out-of-water story of salary man Okajima Rokuro transformation into a man who can thrive in a world without order. His story begins as a hostage caught in the South Pacific while caught up in his employer’s exchange of nuclear weapons secrets. When he escaped, he chose to take up a new life as Rock in the fictional city of Roanapur.

Along the way our protagonist grows as a character from an uptight person who struggled outside of order to being able to deal with the symbol of disorder that is Revy. Along the way, the two become closer as neo-Nazis, a Colombian maid and the yakuza among other entities present to them and the rest of the crew.

Revy in full-on kill mode

The thing I liked most about this was that it never did get caught up in itself. At many opportunities, it simply could have become gun porn, but that never happened. The action scenes blended the brutality of close combat to the lighthearted nature of the action genre well.

And Revy in...I guess she doesn't really have that many modes.

Then, the other question would be how my actual method of viewing affected it. Going at a pace of about a drink every 2 episodes, I was still able to comprehend the story at the end. It was a rather cruel ending for Rock and Revy to have to deal with. Would I have enjoyed it more without the binge drinking? Probably not, but it would have been a close call. It allowed me to watch it at a much more basic intellectual level without thinking about it too much and that is how I typically enjoy those family gatherings at Christmas.

The homage to Terminator was both hilarious and well-executed here.

Tomorrow: The Secret Santa series wraps up on Lower Mid-Table with the revelation that I’ve come across something very familiar. Included will be some related tips from the Twitterati and how I deal with similar situations in real life. Also, there will be some wrap-up type thing to tie this all together.

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    1. At least it was local brewery product, rather than mass produced crap. However, the fact it was simply beer probably makes it a not as much of an accomplishment.

  1. One of my very favorite anime. I love the rapid fire dialog that matches the action. Besides Revy and Rock, I have a deep love for Balalika and Mr. Chan. Did you see the entire series or just first 13 episodes?

    1. I watched both series in one day. I was really expecting more Balalaika based on what I had seen before, but she generally stays out of the way in a manner befitting cult characters.

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