Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 106

Finally, after 93 episodes, Kesler's personal life comes back to the fore.

The 106th episode of Legend of the Galactic Heroes sees the Terraists move once again with Kesler the one to stand tallest against them. After the attacks, the Provisional Imperial Palace is assaulted, but amidst the flames, Kesler rises to the occasion to save the day. In the midst of this, Hilde goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital. After she gives birth, the inquest begins and Kesler soon defeats the Terraists. The news soon makes its way to Reinhard, who struggles to come up with a name for the child.

The episode begins on May 14th Phezzan on a sweltering hot day. At the Steineichepalme Schloss which served as the Provisional Imperial Palace, Annerose was giving renovation tips to Hilde, who was now in the last month of pregnancy. Saying that he would approve of renovation to the house if she had done them already, Annerose points out that Reinhard doesn’t really pay any interest to anything within a light year. Count Mariendorf, who was in charge for the time being was out investigating a newly constructed lake and reservoir system. Kesler, was also away overseeing defense facilities all over the planet. The circumstances created the perfect opportunity for someone to try something.

At 11:15, an anonymous call was made to the Military Police Headquarters which said that the Terraists had recovered from the Kunmel incident and would aim to take advantage of the Kaiser and the other’s absences to seize critical facilities on Phezzan. The call claimed that transit, communication and power plant facilities were the specific targets. The police responded by calling Kesler and putting out an alert, but a bombing was reported immediately at an oil reserve in the Loften area.

This was the first of several near-simultaneous attacks on facilities which made communication with Kesler impossible. As the Military Police responded to 14 separate attacks, the narrator tells us that while Kesler did brilliantly to reform an institution that was a hotbed of corruption, his subordinates were heavily dependent on him and were hesitant to act on their own. At 15:00, they were finally able to contact Kesler who ominously said that the attacks were a distraction.

First of all, it seems a little too convenient for everyone to be gone on assignments one day. It just seems a bit contrived. Second, the way this went down screams inside job for knowing where Kesler and Mariendorf would be. Third, there’s someone who knew about the plan close to the Terraists who knew this would happen.

In the evening at Steineichepalme Schloss, a group of men in Imperial uniforms quickly overran the guards. Then one of the men attacked a servant causing him to drop a tray of dishes, which alerted Annerose nearby that there was something happening. The man entered their room with a gun as the Imperial Police arrived outside. Inside, Annerose sternly ordered the man to leave, as Hilde thought that she really was Reinhard’s sister. Suddenly, one of the officers arrived and shot the man. The officer was then shot through the head as he was asking if everything was okay. After a couple of seconds, Hilde suddenly went into labor.

Is it me or do the Terraists seem to become less human with each passing episode?

With the house engulfed in flames, the police were at a standstill as they could not tell what was happening inside. Then, Marika ran past only to be held back by Kesler. She informs him that Hilde was on the second floor, then laments that this wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t run off for ice cream. She begs for Kesler to save Hilde, and when Kesler asks if she knows where she is, Marika grabs him by the arm and drags him toward the house. They run around the back, and she points to a room that she says Hilde will be in. Kesler requests a ladder and loads his pistol as Marika starts chanting something her grandfather taught her. Kesler asks if it really works, and she says it does the more often it is repeated, so Kesler asks her to continue. Kesler climbs the ladder up to a window and spots someone else pointing a gun in the room. He says a bit of the chant then shoots through the window and kills the gunman. A third man comes runs in and Kesler kills him. As fire is exchanged at the front door, Kesler breaks in through the window, but his gun is shot out of his hand immediately by the next man to enter the room. Annerose then spots a statue on throws it across the room at the gunman and strikes him in the head. Kesler picks his gun back up and kills the man. Annerose quickly informs Kesler of Hilde’s state and he calls for a stretcher and doctors. Marika also runs in and cries happily when she sees Hilde is okay. Hilde is then put on the stretcher and put on an ambulance; joined by Annerose and Marika for the journey. By 19:40, the Steineichepalme Schloss had completely burned down ending four months of residence by Hilde and Reinhard.

Kesler soon made it to the hospital where he was greeted by Count Mariendorf, who thanked him for saving her. Kesler apologized for letting her get into such a situation and for letting their residence burn down, but her father says that her safety was most important. Kesler exits the room and is handed a coffee by Marika, who introduces herself and says she has a self-important name with . Kesler then introduces himself, and after a few seconds she realizes that he is the head of the Military Police and apologizes for confusing him with a captain, though he quickly says that he was one at one point. The two then exchange words saying how they should have known who the other one was at some point, then they are interrupted by a baby’s cries. The doctor rushes out of the room and declares that it is a healthy boy, and that Hilde is also in good condition. Those in the waiting room celebrate and Marika jumps up and hugs Kesler. As the celebrations continued, the narrator tells the audience that at 22:50 the one who would become the second emperor of the Lohengramm Dynasty was born. Hilde later woke up and Annerose handed the baby over to his mother. Again, the narrator interjected and said that whether the fact that Reinhard was his father was good luck or not could not be determined.

Best. Coffee. Ever.

After Marika waves goodbye to him, Kesler got into a car and was informed by Werner of the events of the day. Six men were arrested at the house, another 20 were arrested at locations of attacks and 120 were shot on sight at different locations. Kesler asks where their hideout is, but Werner says they are silent as usual, so Kesler tells him to order the use of truth serum even if it kills them.

The narrator then informs the audience that Kesler is not an advocate for rights of criminals and though he was aware that martyrdom would serve as a motivator for the Terraists, he felt there was no other option than to use truth serum. As a result, 8 detainees died during interrogation, but through the brutality of the interrogations they found the location.

On May 17th, Kesler had the site surrounded, and his order to move in began the battle of Efraim Street. The outcome of the fight was never in doubt, but the loss of life was great due to the Terraists refusal to surrender. Of the 224 Terraists in the building, all but 3 died, and those were injured and in critical condition while 29 of those dead poisoned themselves. In the aftermath of the attack, 27 casualties were suffered by the Imperial military, but the Terraists were now effectively eliminated from Phezzan.

On May 18th, Lang was executed. He did not beg for his life because he passed out as he was taken from his cell and never woke up. Kesler arrived from the battle just as Lang’s casket was being carried out. The sight of Lang’s wife in her mourning dress would be something he thought he would never forget. While the family was no longer punished for crimes as significant as high treason, they still had to deal with the rest of society as well as the loss of the family member.

That evening, Kesler finally returned home for the first time in four days only to be called back to the hospital by Hilde. She thanked him for the fact that she and her son were safe, but he responded by again apologizing for putting her in such a position. Hilde then requests something of “Captain” Kesler. Hilde says that Marika is one of her closest friends, and that she wanted to know if Kesler had any plans for dinner the next day. Kesler finds himself unable to respond, as the narrator informs us that 2 years later Marika became the wife of Fleet Admiral Kesler.

A fated meeting caused by the fact she ran out for ice cream.

On Heinessen, the news of the events and the birth of his son made it to Reinhard, who struggled with the question of what to name him. Emil tried to cheer him up, but the concept of family bewildered him. His mother had died while he was young, as had his father who had degenerated to the point of not fulfilling his obligations to his family and selling his daughter for some quick money. The idea of a father was something he hated as a result and his idea of a family had meant his sister who loved him unconditionally and the young boy who lived next door. With that thought in his head he wrote down the name Alexander Siegfried von Lohengramm, the name of the second emperor who would be known as “Prince Alec.”

Elsewhere, the rest of the Imperial admirals discussed Kesler’s accomplishments and Rubinsky’s capture. With those problems out of the way, Mecklinger says the environment for Alec should be much better. Wahlen points out to Bittenfeld that it was Oberstein that had caught Rubinsky, which causes Bittenfeld to state how much he wishes both of them would die. He goes on to say that Rubinsky got sloppy and even his execution won’t be much of a show if he was terminally ill. Bayerlein walked in, then informed Mittermeyer of something. Mittermeyer tells them that the Iserlohn forces have left the corridor and are heading to Heinessen. As he was finishing a game of 3D chess at the next table, Eisenach says “checkmate.” The admirals apart from Mittermeyer are shocked as this is the first time any of them had ever heard Eisenach speak.

Thoughts: I laughed a bunch of times during this episode, the shock at Eisenach speaking was probably the best example. Kesler’s fated meeting with Marika was worth some laughs, and how great was it that she could get the Kaiserin to do a favor for her? Moving on, the Terraists are effectively gone from Phezzan and the old Empire, but they should still be around in the old Alliance territories. Iserlohn’s advance toward Heinessen may provide that final chance for them to do something.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 106”

  1. Bittenfeld’s expression when he hears Eisenach speak is definitely priceless.

    One thing I remember clearly when I watched this episode is how surprised I was at feeling a certain sympathy for Lang, (whom I had taken a massive dislike to due to his role in the downfall of von Reuental). His family’s pain at his execution was really evident and well written.

    1. I still can’t bring myself to feel the same about Lang, though definitely for his family. They only ever got to see one side of him, while Kesler and the admirals got to see a complete opposite. The real pain lies ahead in living their lives as social outcasts, though.

  2. Kesler breaking through the window was one of the coolest little moments in the series for me, as was Eisenach opening his mouth.

    1. Both were pretty good moments. It took me a little bit to remember that Eisenach had never spoken up to that point, which sort of took away the greatness of the moment.

  3. Great episode, with Marika stealing the show from Kesler, who stole the show from Alec.

    But the real story is how Eisenach stole the whole freaking anime. Imagine the sheer investment of episodes that made this moment effective. Checkmate indeed and two fingersnaps because we all get a drink.

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