Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 3

Yang reveals the location of this episode

The 3rd episode of Spiral Labyrinth sees Yang begin to look into the past of Bruce Ashbey. After looking into primary documentation of the time period he then examines the people around him, then the memoirs of the last survivor of Ashbey’s class. Satisfied after examining that look at Ashbey and his associates, Yang then plans on meeting the writer.


Ashbey always liked to wind up his opponents.

The Official History

Yang begins the episode by examining Ashbey’s official history. Ashbey was an admiral when he died at 35, then promoted to Fleet Admiral posthumously. He was most famous for a decisive victory in the 2nd Battle of Tiamet, but he also had a reputation within the Empire where he was known as the rebels’ rising star and his reputation for trash talk after victories made him many enemies within the Empire. Also important was his class at the academy, which he naturally topped. His fellow graduates ended up following Ashbey up the military ranks becoming known as the Year 730 Mafia, whose members were detailed in Alfred Rosas’ memoirs.

Yang then took a break to call Cazellnu to find out if there was a signature on the letters that had been sent to him. Cazellnu tells him they were signed by Lucinda Ashbey, the deceased 2nd wife of Bruce Ashbey. After concluding that someone was merely appropriating the name, it’s revealed that Ashbey had a massive number of extramarital affairs, though he was far from alone. The Fleet Admirals Limpao and Tparl also had records with women, though the latter seemed more goal-oriented in his letters to lovers than conveying any sort of emotion. Though Ashbey’s first wife was still alive, the fact that she completely cut herself out of the picture led Yang to believe she was not involved.

To be perfectly honest, there really wasn’t much of a point to a lot of the information here. Yang thought that nothing that conflicted with the official view of Ashbey as a hero could really be spoken of, but the fact that seemingly everyone knows that he was a womanizer along with the other heroes of the Alliance is probably worth noting.

Backstory dump in 3…2…1…

Whim and Foppery Decades Earlier

The second half of the episode examines Rosas’ memoirs in further details. He breaks down the rest of the 730 Mafia as follows:

  • Frederick Jasper did everything full out and lost every 3rd battle without exception
  • Wallace Warwick was talented at everything, but never dedicated himself to being a specialist at everything; was also known as Baron based on his personality and actions
  • John Drinker Cope was ironically allergic to alcohol and specialized in chasing down fleeing opponents
  • Vittorio di Bertini was a hard commander with the facial scars and size to prove it, but was soft away from the battlefield
  • Fang Tchew-ling never laughed at anything, but was trusted absolutely by Ashbey
  • Rosas described himself as the glue that kept the group functioning and described himself as only a slightly above average commander

After listening to these descriptions, Yang decided that he had to go visit Rosas.

Again, there isn’t all that much needed in this part of the episode. Unless Yang is solving some epic mystery, he really doesn’t need to know information he probably knew already to some extent. What could be interesting is the fact that the group seems to function similarly to the Iserlohn crew. Not enough to justify 10 minutes here though.

Taken from Legend of the Galactic Marriage Ceremonies Episode 0

Thoughts: So Yang will pay a visit to Rosas in the next episode. Hopefully, something interesting comes out of it, like discovering who was behind the letters or finding out that Ashbey was killed in a conspiracy. I don’t think that will happen in the next episode, unfortunately.

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