Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 4

There was other stuff that happened too...I think?

The 4th episode sees Yang pay a visit to Alfred Rosas, whose memoirs were read in the last episode. It’s a trip down memory lane in more than one way.

It was never meant to happen Yang

More Jessica Edwards Than Expected

The first part of the episode is to the relationship between Yang, Lap and Jessica. Yang remembers how they met, then his pathetic attempt to dance with her before his best friend took over. After that came protests over the elimination of the War History program at the academy; where the 3 of them tried to gather signatures. At the time Jessica was beginning to show signs of the political figure that she would become. Yang, meanwhile, knew that she loved Lap, as oblivious to relationships as he was.

My only issue with this flashback was the gathering of signatures. They were essentially officers in the military, yet they were publicly objecting to military policy. Yet, there is not a punishment to be seen?

Ashbey is so smug

The Legend that is Bruce Ashbey

Yang talks to Rosas in his study with the topic being Ashbey, obviously. Rosas points out the major issue with first-person accounts long after the witnesses have died; they can’t be refuted by anyone else. Rosas described Ashbey as a god-like tactician who was able to seize on the tiniest opportunities for victory in a battle.

Interestingly, Ashbey ultimately had a say that shifted the balance of power between the Alliance and the Empire. The Alliance military had plans of their own for a fortress in the Iserlohn Corridor, but Ashbey felt that the limited resources would be best used to reinforce the fleets. These types of calls also made him unpopular with his superiors, but they were unable to deny his talents as he brought them victory after victory.

The conversation then moved onto Ashbey’s relationships with women. Rosas described Ashbey as a lover of women with a hatred of family. Being his closest friend, Rosas mediated the divorce between Ashbey and his first wife. She was clearly angry and thought he would come crawling back, and Ashbey had a look of apprehension at having angered a woman so much.

Rosas then described the end of his own marriage. His wife was terminally ill, but he had to leave on an expedition and did not make it back in time. The experience haunted him, and he found himself unable to work for months afterward. At the time, Ashbey couldn’t convince him to continue to work under him, but Rosas was eventually drawn back to work. That would be just in time for the 2nd Battle of Tiamat, Ashbey’s last battle.

This was interesting really only due to the revelation about Iserlohn, and for a little more personal background on Rosas himself. I guess it goes to show how enthralled the Alliance higher-ups were at their latest hero at the time that they made a poor strategic decision.

Rosas takes his loss badly to say the least

Thoughts: It looks like the next episode will see a battle, and it cannot come soon enough. Sure, the result is obvious, but it provides a little action in what has been an incredibly disappointing viewing experience to date.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 4”

  1. It’s quite interesting that despite there are many episodes without action in the main series, it never feels this boring. It really shows the difference in depth between the two installments.

    It might also be because you already know what happens and thanks to the large backstory of the originial you also know how it happens. Beeing such a complete work as Lotgh its hard to add anything without having the feel of a complete filler.

    1. It’s one of the problems inherent with backstory. You know exactly who is going to end up where. They only way to really make it interesting is to focus on entirely different stories, which I guess they are trying to do here.

  2. I think its just the ‘Spiral Labyrinth’ story arc is poorly conceived and poorly executed- other story arcs in the Gaiden are way more fun, even if you know nothing that bad could possibly happen to Reinhard or Kircheis.

    I keenly await EmperorJ’s thoughts at the end of Spiral Labyrinth, to see what he got out of it. The one single bit of interest I got out of it was wanting to see *how* Ashbey died. That’s pretty much it. Otherwise its a blur of a seemingly meaningless collection of random facts, only noteworthy for some background information on Yang (re: his relationship with Jessica Edwards and John Robert Lap).

    1. Even the Edwards and Lap angle isn’t all that interesting since we all know how that turned out. It just seems like the stuff where she is all political was thrown in there just as a reminder that she eventually becomes a politician.

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