Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 7

Perhaps the most realistic fate of any admiral to date

The 7th episode of Spiral Labyrinth follows on from Rosas’ suspicious death by looking at a number of people who knew him. Yang attends the funeral of Rosas and finds out more about himself than he would have liked. Later, the careers of the rest of the 730 Mafia are examined. Finally, Yang is called back in to normal service for a new assignment.

Yang is denied by a man 15 years older and billions of miles away than his target.

Social Obligations

The first scene takes place at Rosas’ funeral. Most are there simply out of social and political obligation, as is clearly the case in Trunicht’s brief cameo. While Yang and Miriam did break the 4th wall in a sense with their discussion of reasons why people attend and whether the deceased really mattered in this case, the part I found interesting had nothing to do with that.

Yang seems to have an interest in Miriam, but his own words and actions can’t help but convey a man who doesn’t have confidence in what he wants to do. In his own opinion, he seems pathetic and is shot down when she informs him that she has a fiance on Phezzan. By the time of their departure he tells her that he went into this with nothing in mind and that he wasn’t searching for an individual behind Ashbey’s death.

At the end of the funeral, Attenborough makes his first appearance as a cadet in this case and heads to a restaurant with Yang and Cazellnu to talk about Ashbey’s death. They come to the conclusion that any attempts on the life of an ambitious military officer by someone in the government usually meant that the government was soon to collapse. Regardless, Cazellnu tells Yang he shouldn’t worry about coming to a conclusion on who wrote the letters as it could well never be made public. Instead, he could think of it as learning about life.

Yang’s habits of excessive formality in social situations and self-deprecation came to the fore here. I don’t know if there was that much of a point to it other than to serve as reminders. Remember Trunicht, he was that evil guy; or remember how Yang referred to Frederica as Miss Greenhill all those times. The conclusion to the conversation between Cazellnu and Yang was disappointing. Essentially it makes the point that the back story on Ashbey and the rest of the 730 Mafia wasn’t relevant to anything.

The Baron partied hard almost to the bitter end, shame he was in a position of responsibility though.

The End of the 730 Mafia

After Ashbey’s death, the remaining members of the 730 Mafia were broken apart and could never come close to the level of their former leader.

  • Warwick ended up leading the Alliance fleets at a time of no battles and retired at 43. He then turned to politics and landed a role back in the government and was given the rank of Fleet Admiral. However, he spent most of his time there constantly dealing with scandals before dying of a heart attack at age 56.
  • Jasper stayed in an active role for another 22 years during which he became a Fleet Admiral. He spent less than 2 years in an administrative role which he was not good at. That ended with his death on a vacation after he retired at age 61.
  • Cope was promoted to Admiral 2 years later, but died at the Battle of Palantia at age 41. His tactics in the battle went spectacularly bad and he was blamed for the death of 300,000 men. Jasper arrived to the battle four hours late trying to save Cope, but the thought was that Jasper allowed Cope to die. As a result, Cope’s wife never forgave him.
  • Fang was promoted to Admiral at the same time as Cope and ended up serving as Chief of Staff 5 years later. Eventually he shared that role with Jasper, though the 2 had no relationship outside of work. Fang retired from the post with a reputation as an able administrator. He spent the rest of his days alone feeding pigeons in the park before he died of a lung embolism at age 63.

Yang puts himself in the role of Ashbey to say that it is a reminder of the importance of true friendship. I think this was a clever attempt at trying to tie in the end of the series to this story. Without Ashbey ever coming up in the main series, it makes it hard to believe that the deaths of the men who served under Ashbey had any relevance to how the rest of the Iserlohn crew acted after Yang’s death.

I get an odd feeling that this guy might be the kind of guy who is a bit power hungry.

Back to Work

Yang was preparing to move to the next phase of his investigation and talk to Bucock, but was interrupted by Cazellnu coming in and giving Yang his next assignment. The Alliance had a POW camp in mind for him where he would be the 3rd ranking officer in charge. Cazellnu tells him he would be covering for his superiors’ botches. Yang estimates that he would be there a year, but Cazellnu hopes Yang can be back in 6 months.

Thoughts: Token cameos from Trunicht and Attenborough in this episode, however it looks like it’s going back to the way it was before Ashbey’s story. I guess I could hope for some entertainment from corrupt officials or something like that. Still, there’s another 7 episodes of this and I’m afraid that the story of young Reinhard von Müsel can’t come soon enough.

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  1. The stories of Reinhard and Kircheis are(albeit silly) definitly more entertaining. They give off some Batman and Robin IN SPACE vibe.

    1. I’d take Batman and Robin (even that terrible movie with Chris O’Donnell) in Space over Yang conversing with token figures and cameos.

      1. I didn’t find Reinhard and Kircheis’ adventures in the Gaiden ‘silly’ at all. I don’t really get the Batman and Robin thing. Unless its to the extent that Batman and Robin kick people’s asses.

  2. One small point – Bruce Ashbey was actually mentioned in the main series, but only in passing, in the context of Yang having surpassed him by becoming Fleet Admiral at 33, whereas Ashbey only because Fleet Admiral posthumously, at the age of 36 (IIRC).

    Actually – did you ever notice how the Alliance admiral ranks are:-

    *Rear Admiral;
    *Vice Admiral;
    * Admiral; and
    *Fleet Admiral.

    Whilst Imperial admiral ranks are:-

    *Rear Admiral;
    *Vice Admiral;
    * Admiral;
    * High Admiral; and
    *Fleet Admiral.

    Wonder why that is.

    1. I would put that down to a much larger talent pool of individuals driven by accomplishments. They needed the extra level so as to prevent conflict from arising amongst a group of people all ranked as Admirals, so a select few would be High Admirals to distinguish those who had talent while not making them Fleet Admirals without justification.

      1. Sorry for appearing like a necromancer – I only found this blog today. The discrepancy between Alliance and Imperial flag officer ranks can be easily explained through real world parallels. As we know, the Galactic Empire was modelled after Imperial Germany, which in fact had a rank in between Admiral and Fleet Admiral called “General Admiral” which was not used by the British or other Western Allies..

      2. Oh God, remembering these days when I had no clue how to blog properly. I seem to recall that question being answered somewhere before, but yes that was the case. Also, don’t worry about commenting on the 4 year old posts. Legend of the Galactic Heroes isn’t a popular series to begin with, so anything to talk about is good.

  3. Well, elaborating why it strikes my as silly would cause quite some spoilers so i shall refrain from it.

    The same goes for the Batman&Robin comparison, but yes it does involve the ass kicking.

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