Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 10

That section of wall really wasn't installed properly.

The 10th episode of Spiral Labyrinth sees Yang and Patorichev get out of their little situation. With the help of Kefenhiller and Presberg they make their way back to headquarters to confront Costea. After that, a blatant lie from Patorichev sees Yang placed in charge of the complex until Murai is able to make it there to investigate.

The episode breaks down into two parts. The first is set up like a prison break. The surviving prisoners, Yang and Patorichev follow Kefenhiller through long unused tunnels. While they are making their way to Costea, they discover that Presberg had been told to do this in exchange for an early release. After that, Yang asks if the entire base is against him if Costea is. This draws on a distinction between democratic and autocratic societies, and it is assumed that soldiers in an autocratic society would be against him in this situation, while in a democratic society it was left to individual soldiers to decide.

The men make it to a wall behind the room Costea is in and Patorichev knocks it down. With Presberg in Patorichev’s hands, Costea knows the game is up for him. He goes for a gun in a drawer, but Yang pops in and takes aim with his rifle. Not knowing how useless Yang is with a rifle, Costea surrenders and elects to face the court martial alive.

There is little less threatening than Yang pointing a gun. A sleeping kitten maybe

The second half of the episode deals with the consequences of arresting the Superintendent of the base. Yang has no choice but to report the incidents to the higher ups, but the truth would not have provided an entirely justified reason for his actions. Patorichev makes up a story which says that Yang was on a mission to discover financial wrongdoings at the base and after discovering it, Costea took action against him. The explanation works, and they are handed over to Murai who says he expects he and Vice-Superintendent Jennings to both be alive when he gets there in 3 days. If not, he would assume that one killed the other.

Murai is really angry here, it's hard to tell since his expression never changes, but he really is.

Thoughts: Once again, this wasn’t that strong of an episode. The first part was meant to build appreciation for the plight of POWs, in that the lure of freedom may be too strong for even the most ethically driven of soldiers would succumb to its temptation. Kefenhiller in the Red role is working surprisingly well also. The fact that Costea overlooked Yang’s ability with the rifle (in that Yang would have been most accurate throwing it) isn’t too surprising, I still would have thought it would have come up in some personnel file. On the second part, the story is just too silly for anyone to believe. What are the odds Yang uncovers this extensive plot in just his first day there. I guess that’s what actually happened by blind luck. Regardless, it looks like Murai is about to show up and do the indiscriminate nailing of those out of line that he always does.