Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 11

Murai steps in as they key player in his cameo.

The 11th episode of Spiral Labyrinth sees Murai make his arrival on Econia. He takes interviews on the events from Costea, Yang, Patorichev and all of the others who were involved before finally making his decision on punishments. When that is all done, Yang is once again contacted by Cazellnu for his next assignment.

Needless to say, it doesn't go well for Costea

Murai’s Investigation

Murai arrives to interrogate those involved in the events of the last episode a day early. He talks to Costea for his side of events. However, he talks to Presberg over the objections of Costea as well as Yang and Patorichev. After talks with Yang and Patorichev, he criticizes the latter’s blatant lie to expedite the investigation. However, he ultimately comes to the expected conclusion. Costea would face a court martial based on research Murai did prior to arrival, and Patorichev received little more than a reprimand which would not show up in his record.

The investigation was supposed to provide an indication of how fair Murai is. Once again, it isn’t anything new from the latter half of the main OVA. That was when Murai was transformed from a strict personality to one that seemed fair and honest. In the end, I think Patorichev gets off lightly for lying to superiors, but the rest of the judgements seem more than fair.

Kefenhiller gets the best gift of all, or does he?


After Costea had been detained and Presberg placed in solitary confinement, next came the subject of Kefenhiller. He told Yang and Patorichev that he stayed alive largely for the reason of preventing his wife in the Empire from divorcing him and remarrying. He had planned on living out an uninteresting death on an uninteresting planet. Then, Murai arrived in his cell to inform him that he would be released. In addition, he would be paid a pension equivalent to a captain, which was his rank in the Imperial military.

I think this sequence served to make Kefenhiller into a figure that was reformed by imprisonment. He’s given freedom, but he doesn’t want it, which is a familiar theme within prison dramas. Unlike those, he is given financial security if he wants to live within the Alliance. There’s still a certain irony in the fact that by helping the one who was most interested in what he said, that he would no longer be able to help him.

Thoughts: Yang’s assignment on Econia manages to last a fraction of even the shortened 6-month stay that Cazellnu had projected. The drama remaining in the last 3 episodes in this arc have to do with what Kefenhiller knows, whether Yang finds out anything interesting about Ashbey’s death and where exactly Yang would be stationed next. It isn’t necessarily an interesting formula, but maybe I can be slightly optimistic about the last 3 episodes.