Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 12

I personally think a name like Hadrian's Wall Pale Ale would be a better name for a beer than this.

The 12th episode of Spiral Labyrinth marks the end of the journey for Kefenhiller. Yang continues his search into finding out the mystery of Ashbey’s death while at the same time helping Kefenhiller move and then spends some time with him at a space port during a stop over. Once there, Kefenhiller talks to Yang and Patorichev about his career prior to his capture.

This book is an absolute must for the prospective historian of the late Goldenbaum era

 The 2 Imperial Admirals

Earlier, Kefenhiller had told Yang to look at the connection between Siegmeister, who had defected from the Empire as an Admiral, and Michaelsen, who had largely served as a bureaucrat for most of his military career. In trying to draw a connection between these 2 figures, Yang hypothesized that Siegmeister had maintained an extensive intelligence network within the Empire after he had defected with Michaelsen at the center.

The thought gets to Yang in his analysis of Ashbey as a commander. With intelligence being fed to him, he could have easily won as many battles as he did. Yang reconciles that with the fact that Ashbey was simply using all of the information available to him at the time to create his strategies. Neither side would have ever acknowledged that this would have happened, so that line of thought would be a dead end.

This is probably the antithesis of bringing in the new year in style.

Telling Yang Wen-li Your Life Story is a Life-Threatening Maneuver

At a layover on the way to Heinessen, Patorichev gets a dozen cans of beer and the conversation about Kefenhiller’s career before he was captured begins after the brief New Year’s celebrations at the space port. Kefenhiller tells them that he was an intelligence officer under Admiral Korzel. He had served under Michaelsen earlier in his career, which Korzel questioned him on heavily. However, at the time Kefenhiller couldn’t give him an answer about suspicious activity.

Then he talked about Tiamat where Korzel met his end. The Admiral held out against the counterattack for a while, but ultimately the combination of Warwick and Jasper did him in. Korzel’s flagship was hit and Kefenhiller was but one of 3 survivors. He was then ordered to surrender as an Alliance ship approached at the conclusion of the battle.

From there, Kefenhiller was sent to Econia where he spent his days wondering why he was the only one who did not long to return to his homeland. He couldn’t imagine how the other prisoners were unable to imagine being abandoned by their wives as he was. He also was in charge of sending condolence letters for those who died there, and he was respected enough to be repeatedly placed on the list of prisoners to be exchanged. He of course refused to leave and then told them he found himself in yet another unexpected change in his life, before he died.

Thoughts: I guess this sort of wraps up the information collection phase of Ashbey’s death as there is no sign of Bucock, the only other participant in the battle mentioned to this point. Yang’s probably never going to get an answer, nor is the audience really ever going to get a sufficient conclusion out of this. There are 2 more episodes of this, but any hope for a positive outcome have pretty much vanished from my perspective.