Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth Episode 13

Dusty simply vacuums up everything he eats

The penultimate episode of Spiral Labyrinth returns to one of the themes from earlier, one’s future being determined by family. Patorichev and Yang are stuck handling the arrangements for Kefenhiller’s funeral. After a week longer than anticipated, they leave for Heinessen where they part ways. Attenborough picks Yang up at the space port and they talk about the former’s life before becoming a soldier. The conversation continues as they arrive at Cazellnu’s new residence for dinner. Finally, Yang prepares to tell Attenborough and Cazellnu the results of the investigation into Ashbey’s death.

That cost extra you know

The episode begins back at the spaceport where the arrangements for Kefenhiller have to be handled by Yang and Patorichev. Without a place to stay the two are forced into cramped quarters, though Patorichev thinks they could have had a better place had Yang mentioned who he was.

After Cazellnu receives the message about Kefenhiller’s death, the funeral gets taken care of the next day. Kefenhiller’s belongings would be split between his family, which would be routed through Phezzan, and the Alliance archives. As Patorichev lays down some flowers he reads Kefenhiller epitaph, which simply says that he save a few people when he was alive.

After the unexpected week’s stay, they leave for Heinessen where the two split ways. Attenborough picks up Yang at the spaceport to take him to Cazellnu’s residence where he will be introduced to his fiance. On the way there, the first topic of conversation has to do with promotions. Cazellnu’s marriage would have been seen as a way of getting a promotion since Hortence was the daughter of someone who once was his superior. Since her father had retired, it did not look so bad. Attenborough then mentions Dorson, who taught at the academy who he disliked. Dorson would be getting a promotion and transfer at the same time that Attenborough graduated, but he worried that the promotion represented a declining quality within the military. Yang told Attenborough to focus on getting promotion above Dorson if he was so worried.

I have no reason to ask you to join the military, but I'm going to make you anyway.

After Yang praises Attenborough’s skill at withdrawing from battle, they talk about how the latter had wanted to be a journalist. Attenborough’s father insisted that he become a soldier after his father-in-law’s death to honor a promise that he had made in order to be allowed to marry his wife. Attenborough compromised by applying to both military academy and university, but only the military had an interest in him. He entered the military as a result while his father ironically spent his days writing articles disparaging the military. He later had a conversation with his father who handed him a key that Attenborough’s grandfather once possessed. It was claimed that it stopped a bullet, though it showed no signs of it happening. It ultimately proved to be a good luck charm to those who held it.

They finally arrive at Cazellnu’s residence where they are introduced to Hortence. The meal they are about to eat was really in their honor and they go about consuming numerous servings as the narrator observes that their sense of taste was reduced by a military life.

After the meal, they sit down over tea and Yang prepares to tell Cazellnu and Attenborough his findings. He says he put it together through Kefenhiller’s analysis and he went with the espionage network. As the episode began, he was starting to narrate events beginning with the importance of Jeigmeister’s birth.

Thoughts: Spiral Labyrinth is finally about to wrap up. The espionage angle is both disappointing and interesting at the same time to me. It is disappointing in that I was really expecting one of the 730 Mafia to be involved in a conspiracy confined entirely within the Alliance. The interesting part would be to see if Yang’s analysis of the situation had any impact. With 1 episode remaining, there’s simply not enough time to see Ashbey’s legend take a few knocks.