C and the IMF

C continues to strike me as something that can be looked at in multiple ways. Last time, I looked at the fates of those who ultimately lost everything and those who never had a chance. This time I felt like taking a look at the role of the unlikely organization lurking in the background, the International Monetary Fund.

Former IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn

The IMF has recently been in the news for all of the wrong reasons lately. The arrest and indictment of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on rape charges has left it without a permanent head in the short term. It has also led to questions about the direction of the leadership. With the exception of brief caretaker periods, the IMF has been run by Europeans since its creation. Though there have been grumblings about appointing a non-European head, the present situation in the Eurozone and the votes of the EU and the US making up 43 percent of the vote means that a European will likely continue to lead the IMF.

Some of this frustration can be seen after the introduction of Jennifer Satou in C. Her character would seem to be the only one dedicated to the complete destruction of the Financial District, but I tend to see that more as her believing in the mission of the IMF. The flood of money from the Financial District would be causing all sorts of imbalances in global trade, so stopping it would go along with the IMF’s original mission. However, she runs into a wall with her superiors who seem not to have much of a problem. If people like Mikuni are keeping Japan afloat using money from the Financial District, then there is no immediate concern.

She may as well be talking to a wall here

There’s a lot of criticism of the IMF that can be seen through C as a result. The use of Satou as a character is probably meant to reflect on the IMF not particularly caring about what happens in Japan. Another criticism would be of the IMF’s inability to act on a situation even if the systemic risk is obvious. In this case, if Mikuni ends up bankrupt from one of the battles in the Financial District, then Japan’s entire economy could collapse.

Back to the role of Satou in all of this, playing the part of the whistle blower would seem to come to nothing. She could choose to be corrupted and use her knowledge of the workings inside the IMF to make some money off of the system collapsing like she seems to want it to. I also don’t really have much of an issue with her being granted access to the Financial District even though it could seem a bit illogical that she would be allowed in. The markets are supposed to represent individual interests, and the likely conclusion for her will be that the Financial District exists in the manner it does because people want it that way.

Satou's eating habits arguably make her message to Kimimaro less effective

C obviously strikes me as an interesting series. The action scenes hardly seem relevant, and instead it really is a story about the consequences individualism has on society as a whole.

4 thoughts on “C and the IMF”

  1. One possibility you don’t mention is that her superiors at the IMF are unwilling to take action because they have been co-opted by the Financial District itself. Actually it seems there are multiple FDs, and we are only watching the activities of one based in Japan. It is still unclear to me if C will turn into a coherent storyline with a message about the economic forces/organizations of the real world.

    1. I really had not taken that into account, but I don’t think it really takes away from the key message. The higher-ups conduct deals to make money on their own without there being any sort of mass conspiracy to stop her. Multiple FDs would make sense if taken as a view of the world as a whole. I hope C turns out alright, the latter half of the 7th episode doesn’t provide me with much hope, I’m afraid.

  2. You bring up some very interesting points and I will have to take a closer look at the direction they take Satou in. Right now, she still seems to be a by-stander. It will be interesting to see if she is a tool or participant in the furthering of the story.

    1. I hope she takes on a bigger role as it would seem like a bit of a waste as they’ve put some effort into developing her as a character. I hope the series continues to be interesting.

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