Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Valley of White Silver Episode 2

Meanwhile on Ice Planet Hoth...

The second episode really splits into two separate parts. On the one hand, there is the immediate situation on Kapche-Lanke where Reinhard and Kircheis are put into a difficult situation. The other part involves Kircheis remembering Annerose and the foundations of his own friendship with Reinhard. By the end of the episode the presence of Alliance soldiers presents an opportunity for them to get back to base.

Definitely no foreshadowing in the lengthy consideration here.

The episode begins with Kircheis and Reinhard running through last-minute checks on their vehicle before their mission. They are then interrupted and have to go through listening to unclear additional orders from Herder before they head back. Before they begin their mission, Reinhard is sure Herder has malicious intent in this actions since there is no clear objective in their mission. Kircheis then suggests they seize the Alliance base, which Reinhard says is the right attitude to have.

They then head off and they start talking about the relationship they have indirectly. Kircheis had excelled in areas that would make him an ideal chauffeur and bodyguard. Reinhard then reminded him that his job for him in the future would involve much more than that as he would need to have the strategic skills to lead a large fleet. Kircheis then uses the vehicle itself as a point of reference for strategy, as more sophisticated equipment is always canceled out by the enemy.

Night fell as they neared the Alliance base, whereupon they discovered that their battery power had been drained. They briefly speculate why Herder would have that done, but they realize they have work to do to prepare for night. They get to work camouflaging the vehicle and the tracks, while planting sensors to detect any vehicles nearby.

They get back in the vehicle which no longer has heat and rye bread for rations. Reinhard wished he could have some of his sister’s cooking, then he stated frankly that he did not want to die in a place like that. He wanted to die in a place that was appropriate for him. He asked Kircheis where he wanted to die, and he said he only wanted Annerose and Reinhard with him.

Kircheis nodded off for a quick nap and remembered a conversation he had with Annerose before they left where she urged him to make his relationship with Reinhard indispensable for the both of them. The conversation left him concerned as he really hoped that someday she would see him as indispensable.

Two people who hold mutual feelings, but never to come together. Poor Kircheis

Reinhard woke him up to tell him that 3 vehicles were spotted in the area. The speculation continued on Herder’s motivation, before Reinhard comes to the conclusion that this may have been set in motion before they even arrived on the planet. Then he comes up with the idea of taking one of the vehicles to greatly improve their chances of returning. They grab a pair of rocket launchers and head outside. They spot the 3 vehicles circling around and Kircheis got to fire the shot. His rocket connected destroying the Alliance vehicle. The other 2 circled around and decided to split up to try to surround the two of them. Thus began Reinhard and Kircheis’s first battle as Imperial officers.

Thoughts: So it appears Reinhard and Kircheis will be riding back to base in an Alliance vehicle and shoving it in Herder’s face. That may actually be a slight disappointment compared to the thought of the 2 of them actually succeeding in seizing the Alliance base on the planet. About the episode itself, it was very much consistent in weaving together the story of the relationships Kircheis has with both Reinhard and Annerose, and how the Empire always gets in the way of one relationship while strengthening the other.

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  1. One of my small regrets with LOGH, is that the close relationship between Annerose and Siegfried is always hinted at, but never really dwelled upon. I am aware that the reason for that, is that their relationship is only important in the greater scope of the story as the 2 people closest to Reinhardt. But nevertheless, I’ve always had the glimmer of hope that one of the Gaiden would really deepen the story of their mutual feelings. But I guess this chapter is as good as it get’s in that regard.

    1. I was thinking about their relationship some more as I was writing this post as to when Kircheis would have actually had a chance. I could only think that if he had proposed marriage at their first meeting. Of course thinking like that is pretty much trying to force things about character relationships that one wants to see rather than their importance to the story.

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