Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Valley of White Silver Episode 3

You do NOT say that about my sister!

The 3rd episode sees Reinhard and Kircheis fight for their own lives on more than one occassion. They finish the battle with the Alliance soldiers, then they have to deal with Herder trying to finish the job. In the midst of these skirmishes they begin to learn just how deep the feelings against Reinhard go at the court level. Finally, they return from their mission and manage to save the base while a worried Herder wonders how much they know.

Reinhard's first kill on the battlefield comes via...icicle?

The episode begins with Kircheis and Reinhard’s standoff with Alliance soldiers. Kircheis distracts a group of them before Reinhard kills one of them from behind. Kircheis then fires on the others from a higher position, before Reinhard finishes the last one off with his gun. Reinhard regroups with Kircheis and they watch as the other group returns and decides to huddle against the cliffs to guard against attacks. Reinhard then sprays liquid gas on them from above, they instantly froze to death clearing the way for a way to take a vehicle.

Upon entering one of the Alliance vehicles, Kircheis surmises that the vehicles cannot be piloted manually, instead they run through a specific driver’s brainwaves. Fortunately, they can take the power cells and connect them to their own vehicle. They were also able to obtain mission data from the vehicle.

Sure, I can do dirty henchman work as well

Back at the Imperial base, Herder essentially tells Hugenberch to make sure Reinhard and Kircheis are dead. If he finds them alive, he tells him to finish them off. Time is of the essence and Herder wants to make good to his connection at the court.

Back at the vehicle, they finish hooking the power cells up with the battery and they have power. They are finally able to cook some hot meals as they study the data from the Alliance. Reinhard remains concerned because he knows criminals return for confirmation.

The next morning, with their vehicle exposed against the cliffs, Reinhard waits outside on his own. Hugenberch arrives and Reinhard acts happy to see him. He then tells a story about how Kircheis fell to his death the previous night how he wants to look for his body. Hugenberch tells him that would not happen before going on to explain why he is wanted dead and that Benemunde was behind it out of jealousy toward Annerose. Hugenberch then finishes the conversation by saying Benemunde is much more noble than a whore like Reinhard’s sister. Reinhard pauses before ordering Kircheis to fire. Hugenberch’s vehicle is destroyed while he is tossed from the wreckage. He begs for his life at Reinhard’s feet, but he said something that was unforgivable. Reinhard shoots him in the forehead and the two of them head back to base.

With the data they collected, they thought about using it to attack the Alliance base, but they discovered that there was also a plan to attack the Imperial base in the data. Reinhard thought about how they could use this to their advantage.

At the Imperial base, missile fire came in from Alliance forces which were easily stopped by defense systems. However, tanks from the Alliance attacked from the other direction and began to lay waste to the Imperial base and the ill-prepared soldiers. Reinhard observed from a distance then they sent out a command to the Alliance tanks to stop. Reinhard then sent a message to the entire base detailing what they did, and his recommendations for actions from the rest of the base. Herder, reacting like he had seen a ghost hesitantly went along with Reinhard’s recommendation. The Imperial forces were able to regroup and turned the tide quickly.

Going off typical action tropes, this guy was safer as the tank's treads were approaching his face

Herder then returned to his quarters and asked that Reinhard go see him when he returned. As he made his trip, Herder was haunted by the thought of Reinhard and Kircheis knowing exactly what was planned for them and what it would mean for his own future. Reinhard rode into the base victoriously, saluted by his fellow soldiers whose lives he had saved. Reinhard was now determined to defeat Herder, and whoever stood behind him.

Thoughts: There’s still one more episode remaining in this arc, and there hasn’t been much of the full-on hand-to-hand combat yet. Since gaining reputation is more important at this point than just killing off those who oppose them, they can still use Herder to assign them to another “suicide” mission where their heroic victory will propel them to further heights. Court politics always seems much more interesting than bureaucratic infighting.

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  1. Nice writeup Emperor. And I like your choice of Reinhardt pics. It really makes him look like the man of destiny that he is.

    Seeing Reinhardt killing someone mano a mano is still surprising, even though one knew of his immense personal courage beforehand. As a junior officer he’s close to the action in the way he just couldn’t be as an admiral or Kaiser.

    1. I think it comes down to junior officers not having much of a say in choosing their own battles. He only has Kircheis at this point, so if he has to ensure his own path to greatness he has to do some of it himself.

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