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Rest assured, LMT will never be in a position to sell out

The last time I marked a post milestone I was well…let’s just forget about most of that. Instead, I should be celebrating the fact that this blog continues to exist. It’s not necessarily growing at the pace I’d like, but I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll only find that formula by accident. So I’m going to go all meta here for a bit to see if I have actually followed some advice that was given in that post, add some other thoughts on the last 100 posts before once again begging for advice from the masses.

Thirteen months ago, I hit the 200 post mark. At the time I noted that the Legend of the Galactic Heroes content was fairly high, but it has climbed even further to near 43% of all posts. I’ve gone to the well nearly 130 times out of something I started with foppery and whim. I’d honestly like to see that percentage lower though.

In the time since post 200, I finished episodically blogging Giant Killing which was then followed by, nothing in particular. I did try a number of things, an episodic post on Yosuga no Sora, a literal failure of a post on To Aru Majutsu no Index, 3 posts on [C] along with occasional thoughts on topics at hand. Judging by the comments, I’ve pretty much realized that I have an incredibly fractured readership. The same people will comment on one type of post, and only one type of post. It’s almost as if it becomes a one-man group blog based on that alone.

Still #1, though closely followed by some character's death in Legend of the Galactic Heroes

So a couple of other things before I get into responses, my most popular post on the blog is still the same one from Ladies versus Butlers!, my most visits in one day hasn’t changed at all, and my views per month have gone down if anything over the last 100 posts. Keep that in mind as I pay too much attention to statistics.

I’ve condensed this a little, but the suggestions began from ghostlightning who suggested that I follow a football theme to this blog through writing style and forcing references for the sake of being fun. I responded by changing the theme a bit here, adding a header taken from a screen from an early episode of Giant Killing. About the fun part, I decided to take my various writings when I wasn’t having fun to another location. I’d say I really only took about 20% of the advice there.

The only other bit of advice was to do some editing. Well, that strategy was used in about 4 of the posts in the series from 201-299. I bet you couldn’t tell which ones they were.

Ultimately, not taking advice ended up with predictable results; the inability to progress on merit. Which is why I now turn to what I still want to get out of the site. I guess I simply want this to be somewhere where I can write on a variety of topics and get a level of conversation beyond my simply responding to comments and ending there. I could throw out the stats once I got to that point, but I haven’t moved.

Running through a corridor to generic metal can be fun to some, watching it on the other hand...

I know it’s probably too much to ask for advice again, but if there’s anything you’d like me to try to do from this point on I’ll at least consider it. Regardless, I’ll keep trying to have fun and provide information and opinion here even if it doesn’t change any minds.

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    1. Thanks. I know a lot of blogs out there can cover that many posts in a few months, but we all have to work within our limitations.

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your LOGH posts since I came across your blog. Congratulations on number 300!

    1. There is still much more to come on that front. You wouldn’t happen to know where to get a decent subbed version of the Golden Wings movie would you?

  2. They made a Golden Wings film? As far as I know there is only an OVA made of that.
    As far as I know, Central Anime (who have subbed LOGH) have not yet subbed Golden Wings. I remember reading that it was on their to do list, but haven’t seen it up yet. They still have one more side story to go as well I believe.
    More LOGH…yay!

  3. Unfortunately, I always skip your LOGH posts, so that means I don’t read 40% of your content 😦

    I guess congratulations nonetheless?

    1. Oh yes, here’s a hint for non-stop continuous blogging – quantity, not quality! It’s what’s happened to my blog and now my views have more than QUADRUPLED since the first post I’ve made! Which got a whopping 2 views, so that may not be saying much.

      All in all, honestly I don’t think that many people actually even reread their posts, much less edit them. Perhaps those few people who only make good articles, but the mass majority just writes a bunch of random crap, hits publish, and hopes somebody will have the energy to scroll down to the bottom and post a comment proudly proclaiming ‘tl;dr u fagot’.

  4. Congrats on 300 posts!

    I don’t know if I can give good suggestions, but just have fun!

    About building readership… I don’t know if there is a trick, but I’d say one thing I’ve had some success doing is simply inserting myself into other like-minded communities. People will notice opinions and will visit (though sometimes I’d have to do a bit of self-promotion). I guess in terms of the blogosphere, that means visiting other blogs that are relevant to your own topics, dropping comments, tweeting about your posts, letting others know that you have posts you feel good about… stuff like that.

    Also, I took a look at your tumblr linked here.

    “I focus on topics that clearly do not match with the interests of the community at large. Putting things in a larger social context just doesn’t work with episodic or even editorial blog style. Then, writing episodically on a series that is far too long for most people and that stopped ages ago isn’t going to help either.”
    I suspect many in the blogosphere would be interested in reading stuff that puts things in larger social context–I know I would. But I think you’re about LoGH. It’s a pretty niche series today.

    Anyway, above all other suggestions, I’d say just enjoy the blogging experience. Love the writing even if no one visits. And people will notice this thing that you love so much.


    1. There’s a certain disconnect there. I become about LoGH because I blogged it, yet I don’t actually feel that I’m about LoGH. Reading other blogs, it always seems to feel like I’m not really adding to discussion, or my comment just gets passed over without reply. I sort of see that as a failure as a commenter, but perhaps I’m far too much of a perfectionist when it comes to many things.

      1. Oh oopsies… I missed a word there. Silly typo.

        I don’t mean to say you’re about LoGH. Rather, you’re *right* about LoGH in that it’s a niche series. It’s too long and too old/obscure that it might not “help.”

  5. There’s nothing wrong with not taking advice. That only means you have something else in mind that you want to do but can’t put your finger on. That in turn spurs you to take other initiatives, some of them unpredictable enough to even surprise yourself as to why you did it. Then again, we rarely deviate ourselves from the beaten path, so we don’t usually get these kinds of situations often.

    Still, congrats on the 300th post. It’s a milestone well-achieved, no matter how you do your blogging.

  6. Congrats! I’m on my 22nd month according to Sea Slug’s metric thingy, but I barely have 100 posts. 100 doesn’t matter, though; it’s all about Post 159, which I’ll probably reach by my 3rd year… but anyways.

    If you need advice, YOU SHOULD COME TO ME; I’M THE ABSOLUTE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO ADVICE!! My advice is… BLOG COMEDY!!! You seem like a pretty straight-forward guy, which would make blogging comedy really interesting. At least I would think so! Have you considered Nichijou or Yuruyuri? I guess what I’m trying to say is step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If all else fails, just… just do something new! (CHALLENGE!!! VENTURE!!! NOTHING VENTURE, NOTHING WIN!!!)

    Running through a corridor to generic metal can be fun to some, watching it on the other hand…

    See? That was pretty witty, and I bet you didn’t even try on that one. It seems you have a knack for comedy! (I can feel it!)

    and forcing references for the sake of being fun

    EXCELLENT ADVICE!!! Though I’d ditch the football theme. I mean, seriously, football? Haha who does that?!?

    Oh, and here’s a little treat from a Jay to another Jay: *rates this post a 5* OH YEEEEE~ (/LuigiVoice)

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