Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Mutineer Episode 3

Kircheis ran out of gum to the dismay of his subordinates

The 3rd episode of Mutineer sees the conflict between Beltram and Reinhard reach a conclusion, but not without consequence. Beltram goes to the two highest ranking officers remaining on the ship with a plan of his own, but not to rescue them at all. Fearing for their lives, Kircheis is dragged in and he is forced to try to rescue Reinhard. After getting some help from the other sailors, Reinhard is able to take control of the ship, but Beltram is able to recover in time to force a standoff where he reveals his own motivations. Then, the captain reappears from sickbay to ultimately decide a matter that had already gone too far.

The episode begins with Beltram talking to 2 other officers about the situation; they could fix the engines, but they wouldn’t be able to accelerate fast enough to escape. He had decided that they would self-destruct to protect any intelligence they had on board, and he needed the approval of the 2 highest remaining officers. The 2 officers were hesitant, and Beltram tried to appeal to them by saying it would show the honor that commoners had on the battlefield. No decision was made though.

I demand you allow me to blow us all up

One of them immediately ran off to meet with Kircheis and informed him of Beltram’s intent while adding that he thought he was too caught up in class. He said that he and others would support Reinhard if there was a mutiny. Kircheis said it would require some forceful action, and though the security officers were his subordinates, they would be more loyal to Beltram. The two quickly went their separate ways as Beltram ordered two men to watch Kircheis.

Those men quickly lost track of Kircheis who went to talk to Rolf’s brother. Kircheis attempted to get him onside with the mutiny, but Reinhard’s lack of experience both in space and serving with him made it hard for him to betray Beltram. Kircheis then asked for him not to interfere before running off.

That feeling when you know you have to do something for someone out of respect? He has that.

Kircheis arrived at Reinhard’s quarters where he immediately ordered the security officers to let him in. They would not do so, and they also said that Beltram had ordered him detained if he had made that ordered. Kircheis then fought with the four men who surrounded him, and eventually with some help from the four sailors they freed Reinhard.

The group then rushed to the bridge where they took control of the situation right in front of Beltram. Dewling said he supported Reinhard because this was about survival, before quietly pointing out that Reinhard’s family situation would allow them more favorable treatment. The rest of the officers on the bridge stated they would continue their duties before Beltram was escorted back to his quarters by Rolf’s brother. Kircheis was pulled away by Reinhard, who told him that he needed someone to protect his back.

Now firmly in control, Reinhard quickly set about enacting Schmitt’s plan to utilize the nearby star. Even though the engines wouldn’t be fixed by the time they would have to start the plan, but Reinhard decided they would go through with it anyway. The officers who supported Reinhard in the mutiny had their doubts about the plan, but Reinhard said that in order to fight a war, one had to trust their subordinates.

Meanwhile, Beltram received a communication from another officer who told him that Reinhard was going through with Schmitt’s plan. He was convinced Reinhard wasn’t up to the job, so he got some assistance from some of the men still loyal to him and headed up to the bridge with Rolf as a hostage.

At that moment, Kircheis began transmitting what was said in the bridge to the rest of the ship. The two argued over their plans and whether expertise is more important than rank. Then, the sensors picked up Alliance ships approaching, which entrenched Beltram’s position that they shouldn’t move, but Reinhard said they would be discovered anyway.

The rest of the sailors then arrived on the bridge led by Rolf’s brother who claimed Beltram was betraying them. Beltram said he was betrayed by them. Then, he went off on a diatribe about how rank was all that mattered and subordinates should not think when it came to orders issues from above since they were losers in the military structure.

Beltram then pointed his gun at Reinhard and demanded he give over command, but Reinhard refused because he thought he had the best interest of the ship in mind. Rolf then pleaded with his brother to help Reinhard regardless of what would happen to him.

Having lost face with the other commoners, Beltram goes to his last resort.

The other officers and sailors began stating their support for Reinhard before Beltram angrily fired a shot at Reinhard. However, Rolf had jumped in the way saving Reinhard in the process. Rolf said with his dying words that Reinhard would have made a good drawing subject and he would have wanted him to be his model.

Tensions ramped up as all parties pointed their guns at each other, then the captain arrived. He apologized for putting everyone through this situation since he was wounded before officially handing command over to Reinhard because of his judgement and desire to save the ship. Beltram silently accepted the order just as the captain collapsed again.

With new found respect for the captain, Reinhard and Kircheis along with the rest of the crew now set about getting themselves out of their predicament.

Thoughts: It’s pretty obvious that Reinhard is going to lead them out of this, but what will happen after this? Court martial? Getting his own ship? It still leaves open what the hell Beltram was doing with some of the stuff he did. Surely being in unofficial command as he was before would have made him seem as arrogant as he was when he tried to get official command back from Reinhard.

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  1. This episode kind of reminded of a film called Crimson Tide. Kind of similar problematique. A ranking officer accusing the younger of mutiny and the crew turning on each other. hardly a new concept, but I wonder if it influenced the writer.

    1. I had sort of forgotten that movie. I think that is a common theme in some films, the young officer going against older superiors to do the right thing

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