Pointless Debate #21: The Suggestion Box

Will this cake make up for what follows?

It can be said that using something like a mailbox for a post is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. In that spirit I have grabbed a spoon and am prepared to dive right in on various topics that were sent in over the last day or 2.

The influence of post-modern reinterpretation of traditionalist metaphors on the evolution of the magical girl genre as exemplified in Suite PreCure –Chronolynx

I’m obviously not the best resource to come up with PreCure based traditionalist metaphors with post-modern reinterpretations. I mean honestly, there’s probably some mention of it in here. As that doesn’t really answer the question, here’s a picture of a Fresh PreCure poster I saw in a shop window in downtown Los Angeles.

Ok, so not Suite PreCure, but close enough? (not really)

Emperors? Valence

I can’t say much about Emperors that isn’t already common knowledge to everyone in the world. I do know that Akihito is the only man in the world with that title legitimately, unlike myself who masquerades with that title as an inside joke. So in an attempt to make this comment longer, I’m going to talk about Emperor Palpatine.

The guy who played him in the films, Ian McDiarmid, got to play the young Palpatine in the second trilogy after having played him old in Return of the Jedi. The character himself abolished the Imperial Senate as soon as he took command, much like another emperor in a different series I may have written about once or 130 times. I’m still not convinced that he really warranted the role of pure evil in the films. I think there are a number of scenarios you could come up with where a team of Jedis could defeat him before hand.

1,000 reasons why we need a second season of Giant KillingHanners1979

As much as I would like to give 1,000 reasons for it to be given a renewal, I’ve pretty much consigned myself to it never happening. For one, there’s no fangirl mob all over it like Inazuma Eleven. Then there’s the fact that the plot itself features a team aiming for lower mid-table in the thinly veiled J. League. Generally stories of teams work out better over a shorter length of time. Devoting 52 episodes or however long it would be to completing one season just doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense.

That said, there is an easy way to make this happen. And it will only cost hundreds of millions of yen to do so. Basically it involves buying about 100,000 of these. That’s right, for a mere £1.2 million per volume, you can save Giant Killing from being forgotten forever.

Gino is not happy at your financial commitment to Giant Killing. He shall be tweeting about it between quoting Orwell and Nietzsche out of context..

Js? flomu

I hated JavaScript so much when I was a college freshman. I got through the class fine, but it turned me toward the subsistence living I now enjoy live. But I don’t think you really want to hear about that at all. So on a tenuously related note, I can talk about a certain coffee shop that has featured in Nichijou lately.

Yukko had the experience of ending up with a tiny amount of espresso when she wanted something else simply because coffee shops decide to be creative with their sizes and names. That’s perfectly fine if you’ve bought into the evil post-Starbucks culture like Mio where you know everything. But I can identify with Yukko more because if I want a medium sized coffee, I will order a medium size coffee.

That's my expression after drinking coffee.

The shittest character in LOGH Scamp

As much as people would like to think there aren’t many, there are actually tons of shit characters in the series. Take Andrew Fork who plots his revenge on Yang only to get blown up on the way there. But what really takes the cake for me is a certain Maximilian von Kastrop.

Merely a rubbish character

He decided to take his outpost and suddenly turn it into something resembling the Roman Empire, only he somehow managed to get the money to pay for what turns out to be one of the worst defense systems in the universe (destroyed easily by Kircheis then Yang). Then when it all goes to hell, he has to die in true Caesarean fashion, stabbed to death by his own man. A truly woeful character in an episode that had later importance long after the fact.

Follow your haaaaaaato~mefloraine

I tried putting that into Google Maps and after some spell checking which removed some As, it gave me an ice cream shop in Singapore. While I’m sure it’s delicious, I can’t really afford to follow it. That seems kind of sad, doesn’t it?

What it feels like to have nothing you feel compelled to write about. – Anya

It’s not a particularly bad feeling if I’m being perfectly honest. It frees up time for other passions, but enough about me.

No, but my writing is banal, but I forge onward – togainunochi

That’s the spirit, keep writing even if it is the most banal in the world. Scamp in particular loves the banality of the everyday world, so let him know on twitter.

I don’t know about being compelled, but perhaps the 70’s animu, Anne of Green Gables?DonKangolJones

So what can I say about a show that finished nearly 4 years before I was born? It was part of that World Masterpiece thing that has a whole bunch of adaptations of Western literature that no one in the blogosphere (almost certainly not true, ed.)  has seen, but many love anyway.

The only one of those I managed to actually watch in its entirety was Romeo’s Blue Skies. That was tempered by the fact it was my freshman year of college and the only year I attended the anime club at university. The story from what I can remember was fairly satisfying, with the protagonist taking over after his friend’s death to learn from books and pass on that knowledge to children in the future. Actually, my biggest memory was attending with someone who loved Japan so much he spent almost all of his money eating out at various Japanese restaurants throughout the city while carrying that day 3 con stench all the time.

So thinking about Anne of Green Gables, has completely put me off eating for a while as a result of recalling that memory.

The sorry state of the anime industry and how all anime fans do is eat up terrible plotless moeshit ani- wait a sec. -Arkaether Avalon

Here’s what I wrote on this topic while I was stuck in a terminal at LAX for FIFTEEN hours:

I think it’s probably safe to say that the industry is down from its peak of several years ago. In the West, I simply do not see potential for expansion. The leading companies are turning to cheaper distribution channels as they struggle for cash or are flogged for pennies on the dollar to maintain shareholder value. This has been great in many ways for North American fans who can get disposable product for free online. In Europe, not so much.

As a pop cultural object, its time has passed. Now it has to settle for a place in the pantheon of nostalgia, along with things like 80s movies, as something that may pop up on Family Guy for a few seconds. Can tiny distributors expand on that? Let’s just say I’m skeptical.

As far as what fans eat up, if they want to eat up plotless moe shit, they will eat it up. It’s really up to the creators to deliver something that is a reaction to this, and sells well. Do I see this happening soon? No. In the long-term, it should happen.

Watching anime in a cold, rainy Tuesday night in Stoke.Asraful

It’s pretty much an accepted fact that Leo Messi and the rest of the Barcelona team would suffer a heavy defeat at the Britannia in such conditions. If even arguably the best team ever to play the most popular sport in the world can’t work under those conditions, how could anyone watch anime.

I’d imagine it would work like this. I would start watching the episode and 10 seconds into the OP, Andy Wilkinson would put in a reducer on me. After the referee simply warns him, I would get back to watching. I would then spend the first third of the episode with my neck suffering from a strain as a ball passed over my head repeatedly without ever touching the ground. Then, at the commercial break, I would take an elbow to the face from Robert Huth. Now spitting blood, I would get back to the episode under heavy aerial assault from some Rory Delap throw-ins. Then finally, with 3 minutes left in the episode and tired of Kenwyne Jones and Jonathan Walters grabbing and shoving me as I tried to watch the episode I would give up on finishing.

2 hours of this every time the ball goes out of play.

And that is watching anime on cold, rainy Tuesdays in Stoke comes down to.

How do you feel about being an anime fan now and how did you feel starting out?eeeper

How I feel now can best be described as jaded. It’s probably been the best part of 15 years, but there’s always been some company or someone who is responsible for anime being on the decline. Whether it was the fault of a Japanese company not licensing past a certain episode of a popular series or the US company making edits to make it family-friendly was a debate that was going on when I was younger. Nowadays there are many more debates simply because everything has grown in complexity. These all seem to forget the fundamental logic that accessibility should be the primary objective of trying to get these shows to fans. However, it’s always seemed to come down to playing defense.

Basically I now take the position that the system is fundamentally broken whereas before it seemed like such an easy thing to fix even if it was naive.

Pick your preference: a show that’s sweet with frail personal issues, or salty with globally social concerns. –kadian1364

I’ll take the latter every time. Part of the reason I don’t like the common Hollywood blockbuster is the fact that everything is catered to not offending the largest number of people. As a result, we get bullshit endings like in American Beauty. While personal issues may appeal to the public in general, the real works that challenge the viewer express larger social concerns. Hell, the best works are able to do both, but those usually don’t sell too well.

Anything you feel like writing.Seinime

Yup…these are my readers. I’ll think about it someday.

7 thoughts on “Pointless Debate #21: The Suggestion Box”

  1. I’d totally write one of these posts if anybody would reply if I asked them that.

    That said, this has so many misaki vibes with the tangents you keep on going. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it sorta pales compared to his. Oh well.

      1. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the blogosphere needs more posts like this. Rather that having a little fun with a post can be good from time to time

  2. I for one enjoy reading your posts.

    Just wanted to commiserate with you on the troubles of being an anime fan in Europe. With most of the content from American streamers blocked, it’s hard to watch up to date stuff legally on this side of the Atlantic. And the amount of anime that is actually licensed and released over here is negligible, the only exceptions perhaps being Italy and to a lesser degree Spain, where they have a couple of distributors that are doing a good job.

    And surely Stoke City’s participation in the Europa League will now take up even more of your rainy tuesday’s at the expense of anime?

    1. I’ve heard the stories about how Europe is treated in the licensing games. For the Japanese companies, the EU probably lies just a step above the label of countries that are too poor or would pirate the hell out of it anyway. Another possibility is that they simply don’t want to have to deal with so many individual countries. That Spain and Italy are going a decent job strikes me as funny simply because of the shapes of their economies.

      Also about Stoke, I’m hoping Barcelona drop out of the group stages of the Champions League just so we get that dream Stoke v. Barcelona tie at the Britannia in February.

  3. All I can say is Giant Killing deserves a second, third, fourth, (you get the picture) season(s). I hope that the manga gets brought over, but I’ll probably be dead before that happens. It’s too bad Giant Killing has a small audience(your & me) because it is an example of the very best anime can be.

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