Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Dreams of the Morning, Songs of the Night Episode 1

He was dead before he hit the ground

The next story arc begins with a detective story which provides the foundation of corruption within the Imperial Police. Reinhard and Kircheis are between assignments on Odin as they visit their old academy. While taking in a lecture, Reinhard’s desire to bring change to the Empire grows larger. While looking into the military police, they are called in and asked to investigate. Despite Kircheis’s protestations, Reinhard takes the assignment.

The episode begins on Odin at the military academy Reinhard and Kircheis once attended. The students chasing a reserved spot gather as the class rankings are revealed. Moritz von Hase, a quiet loner takes the top spot; Johann Gottholp von Bertz takes 2nd spot with the final spot on the podium going to Erich von Belburg. The latter 2 discuss the results with Karl, who finished 36th, who wants one of the reserved seats, but not Hase’s. After Hase leaves the room, the three friends talk about Reinhard’s exploits with the assistance of Kircheis since they happen to be visiting the academy on this day. Though Bertz points out his relationship to Annerose, Belburg is quick to state that Reinhard has accomplished much already.

Reinhard and Kircheis arrive and talk to Admiral Steger, who runs the academy. Steger was pleased at Reinhard’s record progression to captain. Reinhard quickly got to the issue at hand. Neither of them had an assignment at the moment and they chose to observe a military prep school as part of their duties.

Warning: This man is about to speak a load of nonsense

They then attend a lecture where the subject was Rudolf’s eugenics policies. As the lecturer praised the policy for creating a society free from genetic diseases and weakness, Reinhard grew visibly angry. He and Kircheis later returned to their room where Reinhard exclaimed how ridiculous that lecture before Kircheis told him to stop so he could check the room for bugs. After Kircheis gave the all clear, they talked about the need for reformation and Reinhard’s hatred for everything in the Empire being determined by family lines. They are interrupted by a call which informs them that their next assignment will be at the regional Military Police office. Reinhard is disappointed with that assignment, while Kircheis thinks that Reinhard takes it for granted that the two of them will be assigned to the same location all of the time. He worries that if no one is between Reinhard and his surroundings there will be conflict.

That night, Karl gets his dinner from the cafeteria and sits with Hase. He complains that the food doesn’t match the budget, at which point Hase informs him that the people in the cafeteria are selling resources on the black market though he says it is just a rumor. That angers Karl enough to go investigate the warehouse where the food was stored. He broke in and after being frightened by a mouse is struck down from behind by someone keeping watch.

The next morning, his classmates search for him all over campus until his body is found in the warehouse. Steger arrives quickly to see what happened, and is informed that it was almost certainly a murder since the weapon was also missing. Steger has the students sent away and investigators summoned.

The hero of a different story, but not to be forgotten

Meanwhile, Reinhard stumbles upon an interesting story while researching the military police. A woman who had lost her sons in battle was arrested for stamping on portraits of Rudolf and Friedrich IV after being spotted by a neighbor. She was ordered to be tortured as that was considered a sign of treason. However, an officer stepped in and arrested the neighbor using the logic that he should have stepped in and stopped her immediately rather than calling the police. He even went as far as to say he would be an accomplice to her crime. The authorities relented on the punishment as a result. Unfortunately the story didn’t end well, the woman ended up dying as part of a hunger strike while exiled, and the officer, Kesler, would be stationed out in the frontier for challenging authority. This again motivated Reinhard to change the Empire as quickly as possible.

Their time at the office ended when they were summoned to see the Chief of the Military Police. When the Chief arrived, he informed them of the details of the murder and the sensitive information about Karl’s family being important and the affect it could have on the other noble families. He then asked Reinhard to lead an investigation because of his accomplishments on the battlefield and because his age was close to those at the academy. The Chief the intimated that he could assign someone else to the job if Reinhard didn’t feel he was up to the task. With that provocation, Reinhard accepted the assignment.

With that look, Reinhard basically says "I have this covered."

After they left, Kircheis was upset at Reinhard for falling into a detective game. Reinhard said that he could not back down from this assignment, even as Kircheis told him he did not have to be good at everything. Reinhard understood, but he said it was because no part of the military wanted him for very long because he posed too much of a risk because of his sister’s status should something happen to him. Finally, he ended the conversation by telling Kircheis they had never lost and that they will never lose. Kircheis remembered that Reinhard would never back down from anything.

Thoughts: As alluded to in the comments last week, this is another dialogue heavy story arc. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it is done right. I probably should have caught onto this by now, but the pattern of Reinhard coming across 1 or 2 of his future admirals in each story arc. Finally, I am pleased to have finally returned to the first Gaiden series and its lack of budget cutting animation.