Blogging Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Dreams of the Morning, Songs of the Night Episode 2

I'd imagine this was a high scoring game seeing as they are playing with goals that are 12 feet tall.

The 2nd episode of this arc focuses on the beginning of Reinhard and Kircheis’s investigation into the murder of Karl Reifeisen. They tour the grounds of the academy and talk to a few people. After asking Hase about Karl, Reinhard finally came to a conclusion for why they were assigned this job.

The episode begins with a dream sequence of Reinhard remembering the events of his military career up to that point before being woken up by Kircheis. They then went and observed the morning ceremonies at the academy before talking to Steger.

This ending to Golden Wings worked better than the original simply by not being camp.

Steger had an interesting theory that the Alliance was behind his death, but Reinhard sarcastically said that they would have invented time travel for that to happen and that they would really target the Ministry for Military Affairs. Steger was understandably upset, and Reinhard continued by saying that they really should look for corruption internally that may have been uncovered by Karl. Steger doubted he would find anything of that sort and suggested questioning the students. Reinhard had been under the impression that the students did not know it was a murder, but Steger said the rumor spread fast. To that end, Steger later spoke to the students and told them to overcome the terrible event and press on with their studies.

They then went to the warehouse where there was little to indicate that a murder had happened apart from the chalk outline of Karl’s body. They quickly left to check out the MPs reports, but only after one of the officers at the academy said it could be a curse from a student who had died in the past or devil worshippers. They talked some more on the way there, first about Reinhard’s need to build blanket fortresses as a child. They walked some more and talked about how the authority figures seemed to blame enemies who would never be involved going back to the blame given to the Alliance at the beginning. Reinhard responded with what he really wanted to say, that if the Alliance were capable of doing that they would have gone to the Neue Sansouci and killed the Kaiser in his sleep. He was well aware that no one was around to hear that either.

There's a lot of this sort of thing in the episode, walking and explaining the plot.

The two then went back to walking around campus some more. They walked past a biology lecture where Reinhard observed that teaching was more about maintaining tradition which Kircheis said meant that the education was about maintaining order over making something new. They walked out to a courtyard where they reminisced about the fights they had with the always larger groups of students. Reinhard said that if it were not for Kircheis he would have gone to hell 5 or 6 times, but Kircheis said he didn’t have a ticket to enter since he was not permitted to die yet.

They then found a tree to sit under near a group of students playing a football match. They thought out the motives for Karl’s death. He wasn’t an especially good student and it was curious that he was even there, but only if all students followed the rules. Reinhard criticized some of the dumber rules at the academy, before Kircheis turned the conversation back to food since Karl often complained about the quality of the cafeteria food. Reinhard was sympathetic since the food was terrible in his own opinion and Kircheis imitated Steger when remembering the lectures about food he gave them as students. Reinhard then expressed his own anger at high ranking people ordering conservation from those below them since they never did so themselves. Rudolf promoted a lean diet while suffering from gout, the previous principal had wine and caviar hidden and there was little reason to doubt Steger was doing something similar.

Reinhard is deadly serious about Rudolf's gout.

They tried to get back on topic, but Hase ran over to be questioned by the two of them. Hase gave distant answers which reflected badly on Karl. Kircheis thought that Hase was just giving answers that they thought they wanted to hear. When a goal was scored in the game below them Kircheis asked who scored, and Hase replied that it was the team not in yellow. With that answer Reinhard sent Hase back on his way, then told Kircheis that he was fairly useless. Kircheis said that Hase probably saw reality in numbers and theories which got him to the top of the class, but that made him useless in a real battle in Reinhard’s opinion and proved that grades were not an adequate measure. Kircheis pointed out the obvious hypocrisy of that statement coming from someone who was top of their class.

The conversation finally turned back to the investigation and the motives for the murder. Reinhard thought it out like a battle with negative and positive motive and in the process realized the real reason they were assigned this job, to lure the culprit into a false sense of security. Reinhard judged this based on hearsay that Steger was furious that the investigation wasn’t being taken seriously because they were assigned. Kircheis hoped the culprit would make a mistake as they got up and walked on to the next part of their investigation.

Thoughts: Not really a strong episode here if I’m being totally honest. The first episode of this arc didn’t fill in the details between and the Valley of White Silver episodes, so they had to do it in the dream opening this episode. All in all, it was just a case of walking from point to point explaining the plot to each other really. Hopefully, the resolution to this crime story will be interesting.

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  1. Oh, wow. I totally forgot about the dream sequence at the start. Its really cool how they went to the trouble to show the Golden Wings events in the canonical (IMO) style.

    1. It’s almost like taunting everyone who watched Golden Wings. They animate it in canon style for those few seconds to show that they could have done it that way if they wanted to. Well, that was my reaction anyway.

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