Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 02 – Games and Failing At Them

This is all you get of the manga art style.

So last week didn’t go well. Not the episode itself rather the post. So I’m going to give this another shot since wasting time and effort chasing after the impossible is one of my specialties.

So this week there was games, and more games. As it would in real life playing these games, no one comes out of it really good.

The first part is devoted to playing a Monster Hunter clone, which is one of those adventure RPGs that I never actually play in real life. Though I was impressed by Sena’s total commitment to hitting the level cap in the space of a few days. I usually get that feeling very rarely like once a year when Football Manager is released (FM 2012 out in 1 week). The bags under the eyes develop in the early hours of the morning but you can always go one more turn or match in my case.

I don't think he left Japan for the poverty and despair of Blackpool, but they have a nice tower

Kodaka’s character choice in the game was interesting in my case. I personally never create anything resembling myself in a game because it’s a fantasy after all. I can’t run across vast landscapes hunting monsters, play in the NBA or convince people to do my bidding in a post-apocalyptic world, so I make ideal versions of people. Surely I’m not the only one who does this?

Then there was also the player killing between Yozora and Sena. While it wouldn’t seem realistic for that to be included in co-op play, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same myself. As one of the worst FPS players known to man, I usually have to resort to means other than trying to kill the intended target to find some enjoyment out of that kind of game.

Screw realism, Kodaka wants his character to spend time on the side modeling.

Finally for that part was Kodaka’s attempt to seem normal to 2 classmates who also played the game. It went about as well as a certain writer’s personal experience as calm in the head suddenly turned into generic failing protagonist when trying to socialize.

The second half of the episode was devoted to a Tokimemo clone and it was inspired bringing in Kawasumi Ayako to voice Fujibayashi Akari. I mentioned in an earlier post that while not terribly realistic, dating sims have to have some sort of foundation in real life to have a modicum of appeal to potential buyers. Unsurprisingly, the 2 girls absolutely fail when they objectify one girl and call the one who is actually friendly to them a bitch.

Lost in this bit of fun is the fact that Kodaka is actually holding the instruction manual to the entire world.

The interesting part of all of this comes at the end when Sena had clearly spent way too much time clearing all of the stories. The irony is that when she dealt with the game like she would in real life, she absolutely failed. When she plays it like a game trying to complete routes like mad then she succeeds in finding out about all of the characters.

So onto the next episode and the mysterious figure stalking Kodaka at the end of the episode. I already know who it is, but what the hell, a socially inept trap character who looks up to someone socially inept because they seem manly is exactly what’s needed.

Potentially me in 3-4 days when this all goes bad.

15 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 02 – Games and Failing At Them”

  1. Oh Haruhi, it’s funny (and a little sad) how these three utterly failed at the games they selected. Hilarity aside, how could someone fail so BADLY at Monster Hunter?

    Also it’s becoming very clear how these three seriously have no clues about how to go about inter-personal relationships. And they want to learn how to make friends with other people? They have to survive each OTHER first, which is going to be hard given how Yozora and Sena seem to be inimical to each other.

    1. Never played Monster Hunter myself, but it seems like they failed at something where the social aspect is important, as they should. Surviving each other is an interesting way to view friendship though.

  2. I can’t run across vast landscapes hunting monsters, play in the NBA or convince people to do my bidding in a post-apocalyptic world, so I make ideal versions of people. Surely I’m not the only one who does this?

    That’s basically me on twitter-I MEAN… everybody does that! If possible, I play as a girl to adjust the camera to her panties, but also because male characters give you FREE ITEMS. it doesn’t work anymore since everyone plays as a girl…

    But yeah, despite the PooStation overdose, this episode was a whole lot of fun! I’m surprised you didn’t take any booty-shots, which we’ll discuss later on twitter :3c Btw, do you play visual novels?

    1. That’s weird my blockquote didn’t work… let me try again:

      I can’t run across vast landscapes hunting monsters, play in the NBA or convince people to do my bidding in a post-apocalyptic world, so I make ideal versions of people. Surely I’m not the only one who does this?

  3. Good God, I couldn’t fail that badly at game if I tried.

    This was a great episode, and it almost got me interested in Tokimeki Memorial, somehow. And because I can’t say it enough, I want Yozora’s weapon!

    1. That was surprisingly eventful for a few people sitting around playing games all day. I don’t think I could fail at something like Monster Hunter, but a dating sim I would be too concerned with the stats over the interaction. So basically a genius athlete with lots of charisma and no friends.

  4. Man, I was dying at Yukiko Nagata; I’m way too easy when it comes to referential jokes like that…

    But I think it’s interesting that they picked a TokiMemo clone, since in a lot of galge, from my limited experience, ignoring every girl except the one whose route you’re trying to get, like they were doing is a fairly valid strategy; the first Tokimeki Memorial seems to have been notable for the “bomb” feature illustrated quite nicely in this episode. At least, there are a lot of games where focusing on too many characters at the same time (trying to go the “harem” route) will end up with a bad ending where you get none of the girls. So in that manner, I guess they picked a good game as a model for real life?

    But yeah, looking forward to episode 3!

    1. They definitely picked a good basis for a visual novel in which they could fail. I mean there was one that I tried where all I did was let the decision menu time out each time and I still ended up with a good ending. I guess there is a reward in never having to make a decision.

  5. I don’t get how Monster Hunter is so popular in Japan. Well, it is available across all platforms, so there’s fun to be had in it. But 53 hours…man. But I do admit, any game with friends is fun, no matter how boring it can seem playing solo.

    I usually try to make the character look like myself or something. Maybe I just don’t have a creative personality or the such. That or I get the feeling that I relate to the character more than another generic fantasy character. But that’s after having played so many games…anyways, the quest ending was hilarious. PvP is fun…in moderation.

    On galges, I found it interesting that if you ignore a character, it affects your ending. Usually I just go for a girl while being neutral/formal to all the other characters, but that gets me the normal ending each time instead of the route I wanted. Totally unintentional. Other times you ignore a girl a few times and she never appears again in the story (poor Nagisa…). I guess visual novels adding some aspects of reality is a bit good thing.

    1. That’s like 53 hours over a weekend, which I haven’t done in a long time if ever. Gaming with others isn’t really something I’ve had an opportunity to do very much of, and it’s hardly ever co-op like this.

      On the galges, I never really have much of a strategy. Click an option and hope for the best. Actually, that’s a pretty accurate assessment of my social life. So neutral or bad endings it is.

      1. Co-op is fun. It isn’t really the “we must play as a team and dominate at this game” factor, but the “hey, let’s just screw around and have fun while chatting” factor that I enjoy. A shame that my friends just invest in single player games mostly…

        And same strategy for galges, which is why I need a walkthrough. No walkthrough for life, woe is life.

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