Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 04 – When Harry Met Sally…as Harem Anime

Tsukimi is disappointed in your choice of jellyfish

The 4th week of this little story of the misadventures of Hasegawa Kodaka focused on the introduction of the remaining side characters. That would be a 10-year-old sister wearing an outfit straight out of the To Aru Majutsu no Index, the most sexually-confused character this side of Wandering Son and a refreshingly open fujoshi character willing to speak the audience’s darkest inner thoughts on what they are watching. Alright, it wasn’t exactly the highest quality piece of work, but it sets the stage for what lies ahead.

Meeee...actually that's pretty tired already.

So let’s start with Maria, the 10-year-old nun character who lowers the bar for gullibility. Regardless of one’s views on the topic, one could probably say that she pretty much falls for everything if someone says it came from God. Alright, she’s 10 and can’t really know every interpretation of the Bible, but it seemed strange that someone in her situation would lack skepticism.

Kodaka yells furiously at his concubines..well that's how it looks to everyone bar these 3.

Then looking at Yozora’s manipulation of her, I actually found this pretty realistic. How she gets her to do things is classic manipulation of a child’s desires. Maria wants to be seen as an adult and she gets that first by having her own room to sleep in, but that allusion is shattered by the thought that only adults can serve as club advisors, whose duties Yozora manipulates to her end. So in the end, she takes a worse position because she thinks she’s seen as an adult with adult-like responsibilities though no one else ever sees her that way. Isn’t that how it always seemed to work out as a kid?

Yukimura just oozes manliness. Oh who the hell is anyone kidding?

Yukimura’s angle isn’t as interesting at a larger lever, basically he serves the role of the male version of a maid character. I did find his view of bullying interesting. Because of his appearance, he’s excluded from day-to-day activities by his male classmates. This actually has a lot in common with Kodaka’s problems relating to other students. They both appear different and some of the same biases kick in to exclude them from the group. It’s clearly more active in Kodaka’s case though. I can’t say I expect much from Yukimura though.

Just open this book and you'll enter a magical world of mecha adventure

Finally there’s Rika, a fujoshi who carries around literal mecha porn. I actually found it refreshing to have a point of view. There’s something about the way she sees everything in purely sexual terms that’s intriguing. It’s like a study of sorts of the problems one could have after exposure to too much porn. Personally, I can’t see how anyone could be so focused on it that everything potentially turns into something they’ve read from a doujin manga.

Yozora firmly disagrees with I'm not exactly what.

This in turn leads to another one of Haganai’s trademark “shocking Yozora revelations” in this episode there were 2. The first was her protestation at being characterized as a bully by Kodaka. The better one was after Rika’s insistance that men and women cannot be friends without sex getting in the way. This went very much against the core of Yozora’s character as the secret childhood friend.

An orgasmic conclusion to the best mecha battle I've seen this season. That's not saying much is it?

It also gets to the center of what’s the real story of this series. How far can friendships in this group develop with a man at the center. It’s very much When Harry Met Sally as harem anime. That said, I’m not expecting anything like that particular film (though there have been 2 fake orgasms to date) . Actually considering the genre, I probably shouldn’t expect a conclusion should I?

8 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 04 – When Harry Met Sally…as Harem Anime”

  1. “Personally, I can’t see how anyone could be so focused on it that everything potentially turns into something they’ve read from a doujin manga.”

    Oh God. If you ever met me… I identify with Rika on many levels. I think she just stole the entire show, with her dramatic reading.

    1. I found her refreshing, with her unfiltered enthusiasm for mecha porn. I think I’m going to advocate that dramatic reading being made canon from a ZZ point of view.

  2. Yozora’s the secret childhood friend? :v

    Anyways, are your analyses about the anime, or about Sukunai? Seems to me the only real things to think about are things that were already present in both the light novel and manga, with the anime not doing anything at all. Your thoughts on that matter?

    1. Haven’t even seen the light novel or the complete manga, so it’s hard to really judge on that. Plus, I’m not really into the business of tearing into something for not including everything from the manga. Ultimately things have to be cut out.

      1. I was implying the opposite – the anime doesn’t seem to include anything that’s not in the manga. If it’s the exact same as the manga, why bother watching?

      2. Not that I’m opposed to watching, but when the media is so similar to the manga, without using any of the effects or strengths of anime as a medium…

        Feels like a waste of effort, doesn’t it?

      3. Not necessarily. I think there’s a larger audience for TV than there would be for the material that’s being adapted. If you are advocating taking things in a different direction from the novels and manga, I don’t disagree with that at all.

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